Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone…

How are you this fine time of the year? I am still alive. Alive and slowly recuperating from being totally snowed under and stressed out with all my work! This week was much, much better. I had to retrain myself on how to relax, enjoy the day, sit down with the kids, pick up a book or  even how do the dishwasher before 5pm. Things were bad. I forgot how the house will actually stay a quite clean if you do a little maintenance all day long, rather then letting things fly at 9pm. I think we’re a happier family with the Mom a little less stressed. Yes, I do believe things are looking up.

Now for a good Christmas weekend, a week off school, some family time, a little kick-back-and-relax time, and we should all be feeling good again.

If you have facebook, you’ve seen these so just skip this post! 🙂 This is for my non-facebook friends and the ones not on my Christmas mailing list. (and everyone else who reads this dry blog)

My baby and his Daddy. He’s starting to prefer Daddy over me. (and I love it)  🙂

This morning I sneaked Dakota’s favorite blanket in the washer cause he chewed on it after eating something orange. It was all fine and good, he never missed it till he saw me throw it in the dryer. He reached in to grab it and pulled it out. He felt it, looked at it and then started to cry. It was just too much to put it back in the dryer and close the door. Mean thing to do when he doesn’t feel good already. His ears are bothering him again and he had a slight fever this morning. Praying that he’ll get better. fast.

Reagan is roaming the house talking to herself. She passed me a little bit ago and she had an icecream bucket with a flash light, a magnifying glass, a stuffed dog and a high heeled shoe in it. She’s a detective on a hunt to see if anyone strange has been in our house. Not sure what the shoe had to do with it!

Found Dakota’s long lost shoe in the freezer the other day. ? I know. the freezer. I was almost ready to throw the one we had away. Guess it went in with the groceries cause it was in a walmart bag.

I think I need a new header. My children are looking a little chilly up there, especially the one without clothes!

Anyway, that was a few random things happening here. I’m ready to blog some more when I get home. Right now I need to go keep an eye on my camera I’m selling on ebay.  Yes, that was a very long time ago that I said I needed to do that, I know. Go bid on it if you read this in the next 15 minutes. 🙂

Wishing you and your family a Blessed time together! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too!  We’d been having the relatively nice life until about two days ago and whazoom, it feels like everything is falling apart.  I do not like this. not one little bit.  Happy for you to have a break … sounds like you need one!  


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