Hello and welcome.
I’m Shannon, wife of Eric and mom to 4 kidlets
who are quickly becoming more my size all the time.

-I am simple, down to earth, common, just like you.
-I am a follower of Jesus.
-I find myself fascinated with simple decor,
farmhouse tables, and the color black.
or is it green? or maybe just gray. I hate deciding things.
-I detest ticking, tapping and annoying noises.
-Days and days at home is my choice of place to be.
-I can not spell. cannot. Thank you spell check for saving me.
-I like to stay up late at night after the kids go to bed.
(I also eat ice cream at that time of the night while I write.)
-I do not like to cook but I often blog recipes for some unknown reason.
-I taught myself to like coffee because I wanted to be a social drinker.
-I like people. I like silence and alone time.

4-18 (7)

Some days life can be wild and exciting around here, who knows what will happen next. Other days it seems like I just plug along in the day to day grind, repeating everything I did yesterday. Then I remember no matter what is happening, it’s not about me, it is about Him, I do this for Jesus. I do this for my children. I do this for my husband. Tomorrow I’ll have to remind myself all over again, it’s not about me, it’s about them, it’s about Him. It is for His glory.



On Oct 7, 2015, my brother passed away during the night due to a heart attack.
He was only 32 years old and left a wife and three children behind.
We will always miss him.
His story is part of my story. I will always talk about him.

– – – – –

4-19 (6)

I am not a great writer, grammar is not my strong point, so give me grace while you read. Just imagine it’s a chat over the kitchen table with some coffee instead of each of us hiding behind our screens in pajamas.
Stay awhile and leave a comment, I love to hear from you.

And should you ever chance to meet me somewhere, stop me and say hello. I love to hear from people who read here.


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