Little Ones Moments

Backing up to the first of March,
we were in Florida over Spring Break.
I figured since Kennedy had just turned 2,
I could take her 2 year picture quite easily down there.
This mother forgot to take into consideration
the simple fact that she was dealing was a 2 year old.

I won’t even tell you how many pictures I took that night,
and not one was a nice, “Look at me and smile” photo.
So, we used what we had and you could just
call it, “A typical 2 year old photo shoot.”
Summed up nicely into one word
it would be called, “RUN!”

Even though she was less then cooperative,
I don’t want to forget those moments,
how she ran, wouldn’t look, ignored me,
but boy, did she enjoy herself!

FL (25)

When we would go to the beach during the day, she hated it!!
Sat on a chair or towel under the umbrella almost all the time.
In the evenings, she was a different child, she loved it.
We have since figured out, she dislikes anything hot.
The sun was hot and so she sat.

FL (22)
{May I never forget this soft little hair}

FL (26)
Oh, the sea weed, how she loved that stuff.

FL (28)
She found a little pile and played for a long time.
Her Daddy checked on her….
FL (29)
…and she would have been happy to share.
FL (31)
When I asked her about it,
I got a very real smile, seaweed, gum in her mouth and all!
This was the only picture with a genuine smile.

Right now she stands behind my chair yelling,
“That’s me, Mama! I have yuckies.”

FL (33)

She loved to run, so when he offered, she was willing.
If the water got to close, she was running the other way.
She had an awful fear of the water.

FL (34)

She stopped often to check out shells in the sand.
Thankfully she doesn’t want to bring them all home. {yet}

I wanted just 1 picture of all 4 of them…
FL (12)
…but every few seconds she would turn around and yell,
“Waa waa is coming!!”
She was so scared that water was going to get her.

FL (38)

She found a sand castle someone had made.
After sizing it up for awhile,
she destroyed it in a grand 2 year old fashion.

FL - Daddy's hand

And when she thought she was left behind,
Daddy was there to take her hand.
She licked her tears and felt safe holding his hand.

I pray she puts as much energy
into Jesus someday as she does into life today!

Question of the day:
Doesn’t this make you want to have a 2 year old?

The Beauty of Spring

Springtime always brings gifts that some
may call small pleasures.
Not so here.

blog 4-21-15 (8)

When you live anywhere in the northern end of things,
these little buds are not small gifts, they are big gifts.
They tell the story of life, of warmth, of sunshine.

blog 4-21-15 (3)

We are always overjoyed to see new blooms popping up.
First it’s the little green stems sprouting their heads,
next there is a bud and the kids watch them closely.
Finally the first one pops open, followed by more and more.

They speak life into a winter weary soul.

Another big gift of Spring is going outside.
Or rather, sending the kids outside.

blog 4-21-15 (1)

I love to see them “want” to go outside these days.
In the winter it takes multiple layers of clothing,
in the summer they are sooooo hot,
having already forgotten all those layers of clothes.
In the Spring, it’s new, it’s exciting,
there are so many things to see and explore.

blog 4-21-15 (10)
These 2 created their own little hut of some sort.
Since their dad hangs seamless guttering for a living,
they promptly installed some of their own.
I’m sure he wouldn’t approve of the quality
so it’s the thought that counts.

blog 4-21-15 (9)
What one wears, the other one must wear. always.
She insists on following him everywhere he goes.
Most of the time he’s ok with this
and it’s fun to see them interacting more since she’s a little older.

blog 4-21-15 (11)
This fever also hits both old and young alike in the Spring.
The wife, not so much!
Eric thinks I should learn to golf and go with him.
I laugh and asked, “Have you seen me just mini golf?”
Then he laughs and we drop the subject.
Maybe I could drive the cart.

blog 4-21-15 (12)
There are little grubby hands full of gifts in the Spring.
If it isn’t flowers, it’s acorn tops filled with leaves.

We have multiple little bouquets sitting around here,
daffodils, elephant ears, weeds and all kinds.

blog 4-21-15 (14)

Spring is for thunderstorms, wind and rain,
for sunshine, beauty and new hope.

Gift - download

Don’t forget the gift each day is.
Click on the picture and download it for yourself.
The download pin is in the bottom right corner.

Go and enjoy this day.

The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day he created Spring.

How Did This Happen?

Do you ever look at your kids and think,
“How in the world did this happen?
I am too young to have kids this age!”

Or this one,
“There is no way my child is old enough to do this,
she was only born yesterday!”

blog 4-15 (6)

My mind says,
“I have 4 kids? How can this be?
Am I not still 21?”
Brain is lying, “Yes, of course you are 21.”
Body is yelling, “NO!”

One minute I’m all like,
“Child! You are quite old enough to learn to do this on your own.
Buck up and pull your weight around here because you can!”
And the next minute it’s,
“What? No way, you can’t do that.
You aren’t nearly old enough to be wanting to do this!”

What has happened to me when I wasn’t watching?

And now I hear the chorus of older moms chiming in and saying,
“We told you this would happen!

I look at the Mom with her little firstborn and I want to say,
“Love every minute, they’ll be 10 tomorrow.”
But I don’t because I hated that line.
When you said that to me I thought,
“Really, you just forgot how long a year is with a newborn!”

blog 4-15 (2)

The things I thought would never happen to me,
are happening as we speak.
I used to look at Moms and think,
“How can you not know your kid came to church
with 2 different colored socks!”
Now I’m like, “Hey, he has socks on, that’s all that matters.”

Once upon a time I saw a kid with jelly smeared all over her mouth
and was like, “Don’t you ever look at your kids or clean them?”
Now we go somewhere and I finally look at my child and hiss,
“Oh. my. word. you didn’t brush your teeth.
Here, scrub them with a Kleenex!”

blog 4-15 (5)

When we moved to OH from MD we lived beside a young family
and they were our source of (great) entertainment!
(we didn’t get out much)

The kids would run around most of the day wearing big floppy T-shirts,
eating egg sandwiches whenever they wished,
hair flying everywhere, driving 4 wheeler or crawling a tree.
I would think to myself,
“Of all things! How can she not have time to get her kids dressed!”
Now. Oh seriously, help me.
blog 4-15 (4)
Look whose kid is playing in the mud in his pajamas,
at 11am, none the less!
Sure enough, it’s mine.
Mine are now behaving just like the neighbor kids!

Don’t laugh at my kid though, it will come back to haunt you!
I should have never laughed when I watched
all the wild things those neighbor kids did.
Thankfully they all seem to have turned out fairly well,
so there may be hope for my crew yet.

But really, how in the world is this happening to me?
I’m an not old enough or mature enough to be raising this tribe!
Sometimes I look around and wonder whose children these are anyway?
I thought people were usually old and mature
by the time they got to this stage of life.

Thankfully, they’re all alive and well so far.
True, they may need counseling some day because of their Mother,
but as far as today goes, they all seem quite happy
and I haven’t lost my mind yet trying to catch up.

I’m still stuck here wondering how my daughter
can be 11, almost 12 and if the next few years go this fast,
she’ll be almost 21 next year.
I will not be doing the math on my age
at this speed of light we’re living in.

blog 4-15 (3)

 I hear that chorus again singing,
“We told you so, oh we tooold you so!”
And so you did.
Go ahead and remind me again, but tell me this,
Is this just a phase you hit at this point in life
or will this state of mind continue forever?

March – April 365

I’ve been lax on posting my 365 pictures.
I do post them on my Photography site on FB so you can see them there
or if you don’t have Facebook I am uploading them to a flickr account
that you can find HERE if you are so inclined.

Just a few of my favorites from the last few weeks.


3-23 Little girls with bedhead spooning cereal


3-24 A chilly walk home from school


3-27 “I put pennies in mine piggie bank.”


3-28 A Saturday morning waiting on waffles.


4-1 A lovely morning with family


4-4 She saw the dog killed a mouse so she took it and skinned it with her pocket knife. She was quite pleased with herself.


4-5 He is RISEN


4-8 Long days of painting and late one night I was finally done.


4-10 Would you like a piece or 2?


I’ve been seeing these around blogs and they look interesting.
I’ll give it a shot…

Reading: A devotional by She Reads
Here is a paragraph.
Jesus meets me right where I am and changes the way I walk through my days. He gives me the compassion to love when I’ve been hurt by a friend and the courage to confront injustice when I’m faced with the worst of the world. He gives me comfort in my grief and rest as I put my head on the pillow. In short, Jesus just shows up, and when He does, it changes everything—it changes me.

Playing:  The last game was a round of memory with the son.
But I play memory every day in my mind.
“Now what did I come back here to get?”

Watching: The trees blow in this wild wind today.
Hopefully drying things out a bit.

Trying: To convince myself I’m not tired of painting,
that I should properly finish the kitchen make over.
But it’s not working, not working at all.
2 days of painting have done me in.
I have sore muscles in places I didn’t know I had muscles.

Cooking: As little as possible.
Which is why it’s nice to have an 11 year old girl in the house.

blog 4-10-15 (3)

Eating: leftovers from last night.
We had a good meal, I need to post about it,
because you would probably like it too.

Drinking:  Water.
Because I went to look in the coffee pot and it was dry.
Only 1 other person here who drinks it so I blame him.

Calling: No one at the moment
but Mom or Sarita would be a good guess.

Texting:  a friend from church. She makes me laugh.

Pinning: Anything and everything to do with this.
Painting kitchen cabinets
It remains to be seen whether I will actually tackle it or not.
I know I should, I know I should.

Tweeting: Nothing. Nada. Not any.

Crafting: Does this say crafting? Do they mean me?
Let me think. Craft?
Does sewing a new cover for a pillow count as a craft?
We’ll go with that. We now have Chevron covers.

Doing: Typing obviously.

blog 4-10-15 (2)

Going:  to work at our school benefit supper in a bit.
So why am I sitting here typing instead of finishing my work?
Who knows. Surely I don’t procrastinate. Who? Me?
I was actually over there most of the morning and did a lot of my work,
now I’m home for a bit and Little One snoozes.

Loving: Warmer weather.
So nice to ship the kids out the door these days.

blog 4-10-15 (1)

Hating: Mud.
Our main door comes right into the dining room.
So does the mud on the shoes, boots and everything else.

Discovering:  or rather re-discovering that I don’t like to paint.
enough on that subject, huh?
But it’s taken over my brain so what should I do?

Enjoying: silence. and a bit of kid chatter. no fighting.

Hoping: for a fun summer,
one where the Mother does not stress out
and peace reigns among the tribe.

blog 4-10-15 (4)

Celebrating: Spring. Birds. Blooms. Green. Sprinkles. Warmth.

Smelling: Nothing. Wishing I were smelling coffee.

Thanking: God for my children,
alive, healthy, and well.

Considering: I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m considering, other then selling the dog. Yes, that’s what I’m considering. seriously.

Finishing: this post right quickly here!

Starting: to realize I’m gonna be late if I don’t get moving.

What’s happening in your life?


Spring means dripping rain, buds on trees, flowers,
all things fresh, new and pretty, right?

Or does Spring mean cleaning to some of you?
That drive to wash down walls,
clean windows and tear into spiders?

blog 4-6-15

Here is a piece written by a friend of mine.
She is currently serving as a missionary in Haiti,
but planning to return home soon.
(posted with her permission)

I read, “In Jesus I have everything. In Him I am complete.
My capacity to experience Him is
increasing through His removal of debris and clutter
from my heart.”

That got me to thinking……..
Housecleaning has been on my mind recently.
I need to go through my kitchen cupboards.
My shelves & drawers. Remove all those things that have
accumulated over these past 2 years.

That empty bottle that I thought I might need.
Outdated pills or dried up seasonings.
Old papers that will surely be good for something.
Lids that no longer have a container.
Pens that don’t even work.

Then I thought of my heart……..
It too needs to be “house-cleaned” at times.
Am I willing to let Jesus come in
and do a thorough cleaning?
To check out all those nooks and crannies
that hold grudges. Ill feelings. Anger.
Bitterness. Pride.
Am I stale? Hard? Empty?
Insensitive to the needs of others?
Do I cling to things that are useless.
Cluttering up my life. My heart.
Hindering the ability to reach out to
those around me.

Am I willing to allow Jesus in with His scrub brush
of TRUTH. His cleanser of the HOLY SPIRIT.
His polisher of PRAYER.
Sweeping away all the debris that has
accumulated and be painted clean
and white by His blood .

As you clean your house this Spring, allow
Jesus to also clean your heart.

-written by: RuthAnn Shenk

Life ’round Here

Beautiful, bright and shiny,
that sunshine I see.
The warm air, or what we call warm,
feels marvelous.
Has Spring come to stay?
I sure hope this sunshine burns up some germs
we have floating around here.

blog 3-31 (6)

The other day Kennedy and Dakota were on the floor playing
and she started with a coughing spasm.
He backed up a bit and said,
“PLEASE! Get her out of my space!”

That’s how we all feel about these illnesses.

blog 3-31 (4)
D was to the Dr yesterday so I hope we’re all on the mend.


blog 3-31 (7)
When the Mother tries to do a bit of cleaning
they all swoop in and make a house out of everything.
Why yes, I flip my chairs over every week.
You mean you don’t? :P
ha. please don’t stop in unannounced.

blog 3-31 (9)
When you leave for 20 minutes and come home
and find the need to google,
“How do you get dry erase marker off carpet”
Maybe this is why I needed to flip over furniture.


Madison is on a baking spree.
She comes home from school and says,
“I am going to bake and bake and bake today!”
I say “Fine!”

Most of the things have something to do with chocolate.
I think she’s getting her chocolate fix now
because her Mother rarely bakes anything chocolate.

blog 3-31 (2)
{Her Chocolate Crinkle cookies}

Last night she made a Texas Sheet cake.
All went well and after supper she made the frosting.
She called me over and said,
“This stuff is so runny it probably won’t even stay on the cake!”
Sure enough, it was fairly dripping off the spoon.
I asked a whole lot of questions,
yes, everything was in,
yes, she followed the recipe,
yes, she did everything right
(given that there were no directions beside the ingredients.)
Finally she started reading the recipe,
listing all the amounts she had put in.
Butter =  3 and 1/2 STICKS
Her Mother yelled, “WHAAAAAT?”
She shrugged, “But that’s what the recipe says!”

Now this Mother had made that recipe lots of times
and she knew good and well it had always turned out before
and she had NEVER used that much butter in the frosting.
She whipped that card out of the daughter’s hand
and prepared to read it correctly.
Lo and behold, sure enough it said,
1 and 3/4 c butter.

I groaned.
In all the times I made the recipe,
I never noticed that little c that I had mistakenly written down.
I always knew it meant 1 1/2 sticks.
Well, score 1 for her, she was obviously following directions.

On to the next problem.
We were almost out of powered sugar
and we had already borrowed all of the neighbor’s cocoa powder,
so we weren’t gonna go asking again.
I dumped half the soupy frosting in a bowl
and added the rest of the powered sugar to the other half
and all was well!
They ate up the cake with lots of frosting.


blog 3-31 (1)
When you take them to Home Depot and you think
pushing one of those huge dumb carts will help entertain.

blog 3-31 (3)
He loves to play Memory and will play with anyone that is willing.
She is willing because she is always the winner,
showing no mercy at any point in the game!
I guess he is a glutton for punishment
because he’ll always play another game with her.

blog 3-31 (8)
Those lazy Sat mornings when they all watch You Tube videos
and laugh and laugh and laugh.
Those are good times to watch.


On my last post about comparing,
I was also thinking about the flip side.
Do I degrade people in comparison to myself?
Do I judge them?
Do I think less of them than myself?
Sadly, sometimes, yes.

This quote by C.S. Lewis says a lot:

“Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man… It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone.”