Late Night Rambles

When life gets exhausting and there are too many things screaming for my attention, I feel this pressing urge to sit down and type. Get the stress or whatever it is, out of my system, venting by the pounding of the keys, you might say.

It’s times like these that it is very dangerous for me to write late at night and post it. The next morning when my regular, coffee-hyped brain is back on duty, I will be shocked with content of my post and wonder how in the world my stressed brain allowed that on the www. It is much safer for me to open Microsoft Word and start venting on that clean white sheet, instead of airing all my dirty laundry here.

The last few weeks have been full!
My mind almost goes in panic mode sometimes when I start thinking about how soon school will be starting. Who in the world invented these short summers anyway? I declare it was only a month ago that school ended. I was wondering what I am going to do without “the help” around here all day, but came to conclusion that with three of them gone all day, the house will should need a little less picking up. hopefully.

8-4-16 (3)

Last week Madison baked cookies for days. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies, intended for someone else, turned out so well that this gang wolfed them all down.
So, she had to make another batch. She made a double batch of Chocolate crinkles and Mr. D was almost besides himself with wishing to eat them. She baked a few other kinds too, but most of these cookies went out the door to other hungry people in case you are wondering if we are waddling yet.


8-4-16 (4)

I made a trip to the big valley to photograph a wedding over the weekend. It was a two fold reason because I really wanted to see a dear friend who lives out there! It was worth the drive to spend time with her, although that drive by myself was no hardship, I tell you.
Peace and quiet for 5-6 hours?!
“Yes please, and I’ll have a coffee on the side, thankyouverymuch!”

8-4-16 (1)

Lois and I go back to the teenage years and no matter how much time we spend apart, we pick up right where we left off. We talked as fast as we could and didn’t nearly get caught up! We have a lot in common, a lot of good memories and have plans to make more memories together.

8-4-16 (2)

This little lady and I became friends right away and she was just the sweetest. It may be the fact that she is the only girl with 3 brothers to keep up with or she may just take after her mother.  She is one week younger the Kennedy and one week older the Kennedy’s best friend Josie. At any rate, Kennedy thought I should have brought her home with me!


8-4-16 (5)

A stroll on the bike path was in order one evening.
Madison is at camp this week so these kiddos thought we needed to do something a little bit fun while she was gone! That may be due to the fact that their work load has increased with her being out of the house.

8-4-16 (6)

Her latest thing is, “Mom, take a picture of us!” and so we do!


8-4-16 (7)

Any donation, large or small would be acceptable after this trip!
I think we spent about two and a half hours in here filling tiny teeth and we are nowhere near done. I will be selling their teeth on eBay as soon as they fall out.

Please tell me my children are not alone in this matter of teeth. We brush, limit food groups and all that good stuff, but so far it has not helped on one single child of ours. In fact, the smallest child has the most cavities right now, an alarming amount actually.

8-4-16 (8)

This brave one took a chance and went without being numbed while they fixed three small cavities. She said it didn’t hurt. No, probably not because my teeth were over here hurting for her.

Mr. D loves the dentist. No really, believe me when I say, he loves to go to the dentist. He had to have a tooth filled and 4 sealed on this trip. Reagan tried to convince him of all things bad, but he was quite sure about being happy to go. She even whispered about getting a s-h-o-t, but he calmly said, “So! It doesn’t even hurt!”
While he was stretched out on the chair, I heard the nurse say, “Dakota!” and I asked what was wrong? She laughed and said, “I think he was falling asleep because his hand slipped off the armrest and his head started to nod to the side!” This is the 2nd time he fell asleep while having a tooth filled.

I wanted to call Tris on the way home so badly. One of the things he hated the most in this old world, was going to the dentist! It was a literal terror for him to have to sit on that chair and have a tooth filled. I could only imagine his response to Dakota falling asleep. I’m happy for Tris that he no longer needs to face the dentist chair!


8-4-16 (9)

A long river ramble was good for the soul one day.
If your kids are about to drive you out of the house or make you wish for school to start, find a river and turn them loose for a few hours. They will think you just spent a hundred dollars on them!

Are you ready for school to start?

Morning edit: not too bad for so late at night!:)



Oreo Cookies

There are few things in life that can fix common problems like a good cookie.
Add a cup of coffee, and it’s even better.

When it’s a kid with the problem,
they are always happy to have a cookie to help the hurt!

When it’s me, with or without a problem,
well, I am just always happy to eat!

Oreo Cookies (1)

My Mom found a recipe for homemade Oreo Cookies
and they have been a hit around here.

We like them tiny, you can eat more that way.
We started scooping them out
and than cutting each scoop in half to make them smaller.
It makes more cookies and they are so cute!

Oreo Cookies (2)

About two or three bites and it’s gone
and you can justify eating another one because they are so small!

Oreo Cookies (3)

Oreo Cookies

2 boxes Devil’s food cake mixes
4 eggs
1 1/2 c Crisco

Mix together.
Bake the cookies for 8 minutes

(time may differ with ovens)


8oz Cream cheese – softened
1 stick of butter – softened
2 tsp vanilla
4 c powdered sugar

Beat the cream cheese, add butter and mix.
Add vanilla and powder sugar.  Mix until creamy.

Place a spoonful on half of the cookies.
Top with the rest of the cookies.
Taste a few while working.

Oreo Cookies (4)

I experimented with different brands of cake mix but this one turns out the best. The cookies are a little flatter with the Betty Crocker brand and work well to put filling between them. When I used another kind, they were more like fat little nuggets.

vanilla cookies

We did try other flavors too.
These are butterpecan, but I wasn’t so fond of them.
My sister tried a yellow cake mix and said they were good.
I guess your options are only limited to all the kinds of cake mixes.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.



When Family Visits

Once upon a weekend, my family came to visit.
We don’t live that far apart, so we travel West quite a bit, but to have them travel East is newsworthy! Almost everyone came, a few stayed home for various reasons and we missed them.

Of course we missed Tris, we wished for his loud, in charge voice to keep things rolling. We missed him in our late night laughs and hearing him loudly sip early morning coffee. We wondered what he would have done when all the other guys were on the roof because he hated heights. We missed him crashing onto the recliner with a thump. We knew he would have loved our weekend and we pretty much just missed him all the time.

7-16-16 family (1)

On Friday we all loaded into an RV and headed North. My Mom’s family lives in Holmes Co and we have spent our entire life visiting there. Our one in-law in particular had never really played “tourist” around there, so we gave the grand tour. It was fun, all packed in together, keeping the kids in line, stopping to see things and people.

By way of the rumor mill, we heard that Wal-mart sells cool Ozark Trail tumblers that are (almost) as good as Yeti. “Hey, we’ll go past Wal-mart, let’s stop and check.”
The guys and I made a mad dash in to see who could find them first and they proceeded to buy half the stock! We then spent the rest of the day complaining that our water was gone and the ice wasn’t melting and we had nothing to drink! Isn’t this what we wanted?

7-16-16 family (2)

We met some family for lunch and had a short little catch up session. We needed much more time than we had, but it was good to see them for a bit.

7-16-16 family (3)

My Aunt Irene wasn’t able to come to our lunch gathering, so we stopped to see her. It’s a rare occurrence for all of our gang to be together at her house, so rare that I thought it was photo worthy!

7-16-16 family (4)

Another stop here and there, to see this and that,
and then a visit with Ruby and her girls finished off our day.
whispers: We were feeling a little bit Amish
with the way we kept stopping to see all our relatives.

7-16-16 family (5)

When we are at Mom’s, this guy drives the dirt bike in the front door and out the back. When he is here, he just revs it up and drives right up the steps onto my front porch. I should have made him scrub the black marks off the concrete.

7-16-16 family (7)

Grandma spoils her babies!
They say, “Can we watch something?” and before their mom can open her mouth, Grandma says, “Sure, just use my phone!”
They may have been taking a selfie too, her grandkids taught her how to do that.

7-16-16 family (8)

These two! They have a love-hate relationship. He teases her, she pretends to hate it, but I think she really loves it. Before they came, we would ask her who was coming and the first person on the list was, “Max’s Dad.”

7-16-16 family (6)

Cousins and friends. They can spend hours together coming up with all kinds of things to do and daydream about. If they run out of things to do, they can always read!
We all love to see Katelyn wear her Daddy’s hat!

7-16-16 family (12)

Saturday the guys spent most of the day working on the garage.
The ladies… we did what all ladies do. kid care. food prep, fixing and eating. more kid care. talking. coffee drinking. more food and kids and lots of crowd control and clean up!

7-16-16 family (9)

A porch pow-wow with the kidders.

7-16-16 family (10)

This chunky monkey! He is only 5 months old and growing like crazy!
Other people’s kids always grow faster than mine do!

7-16-16 family (11)

We set up the teepee and the gang moved down there. Reagan organized them all and pretty soon she had her camp up and running.

7-16-16 family (15)

 Since it was warm and the guys deserved a break, we headed for the beach late afternoon. We had a hard time getting the kiddos out of the water when it was time to leave. Sun, sand and water, add kids and you have a good combo!

7-16-16 family (16)

This goober. He buried himself. ugh. I feel all gritty and dirty just thinking about it.
Later that night he wondered why there was sand in his ears?!

7-16-16 family (17)

This was the best! He needed help covering his arms so we were scooping sand all over him. He had his eye closed, so he never saw this coming, but here comes Nick with his little offering of sand to finish covering up his Dad!

A good time was had by all. (I think)
If you get to spend time with your family,
let them know how much you appreciate and love them!

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” » Lisa Weedn












The Telling of Memories

Do your children know stories of your childhood?

Do they know what you did on hot summer days when you were a kid?

Have they heard about your school days and your classmates?

Do they know how Grandma and Grandpa met?
How their Mom and Dad met?

Do they know your stories?

Since Tris passed away, this has become very real and important to me. He was a story teller and the stories he knew are gone with him. His children sit with me now and say, “Tell me a story about my Daddy!” They are thirsty for more about him, they drink in every story I can remember and always want another one. When my brain is dry, they say, “Tell me this one again!”

 My own children listening to these stories have found out more about my early years in the last nine months, then they have their entire life. Sometimes they are amazed, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they are horrified.:)

I have dug deeper in my memories then ever before and just when I think I have told the very last story I have, something triggers in my brain and I can tell a new one. They don’t all have to be exciting happenings, every day stories about how life was back in your day interest them too.

Tell your children your stories or they will never know them.


This would be a memory that was created for me, not one I remember on my own since I am the toy chewing little baldie in the photo. I do have lots of good memories of times at Grandpa’s with my cousins.

Grandkids barbies

Going to Grandma’s was a highlight in itself, but being able to go upstairs and dig out the Barbies just topped it off. Most of the clothes had been sewn by Sandy, so we had lots of options as you can see. Usually it was just the girls in the house playing with them, but on occasion, when the boys were bored, we got them to help too.


Grandma was a firm believer in a morning break. Around 10 o’clock she pulled out the Pepsi and usually had something to go with it. If you were lucky, she made homemade donuts. She would take the snack out to the guys in the shop and feed any grandkids hanging around.

Grandma Shannon Tristan

Grandpa and Grandma always had all kinds of feathered fowl running around the place. There were chickens out back in their little cages, others were in the old barn laying eggs. There were pigeons in the top of the barn, peacocks roosting in the trees and guineas pecking at the ground.

The peacocks were Grandpa’s pride and joy. If the family was down to the farm in the evening, we kids usually played on the front porch. When it was getting close to sunset, Gramps would open the window and yell at the kids to go play in the backyard so the peacocks can roost! The peacocks had chosen the tree in the front lawn to roost in and if we were running around there, they were scared to fly up and get settled for the night.

Leonard Shannon

From little on up, we were raised on 3-wheelers and dirt bikes. Before I was able to drive I went on rides with my uncles, but it didn’t take long for me to be begging to learn to drive by myself.

(I added a few pieces from stories I wrote for the kids.)

    Sometimes when our 3-wheeler didn’t run or something, we would have to ask Ern if we could take his for a drive. We were always scared to ask him.  One time we were at the cabin and Miriam and I needed to go to the house to get something. We bravely asked Ern and he let us drive his 3-wheeler. On the way back, we tried to go up a big hill and tipped the 3-wheeler on the side. I’m sure you can imagine how scared we were to have to tell him about that!

kids - dogs

Beside driving ATV’s, we always had pets around. I can’t remember a time that we were without some kind of pet. We had big dogs, little ones, puppies to play with and a multitude of cats. We had a racoon that we raised from a baby. Once he was grown he left, but he would come back occasionally to visit. I can’t remember his name, but our cousins had a coon called Dune Buggy that used to run around inside the house. Thanks to Mother, our coon had to live outside.

    After while, Mom quit raising plants in her greenhouse. I guess she thought she had enough work without that. Since the building was empty, Dad decided he should make use of it. He bought 3 fluffy Pomeranian dogs and they lived in the green house. These dogs all had baby puppies and my oh my, did we ever love them. We would always go to the greenhouse with Dad and help take care of the puppies. Sometimes we had to give them milk from a tiny little bottle. When they were old enough we would bring them up to the house and play with them on the porch. Of course, we let them come in the house too.  They would always sneak under the couch and hide all the way along the back so we couldn’t reach them. We had to move the couch and try to catch them or use a yard stick and dig them out. We always had dogs running around outside somewhere, just like Grandpa does now.

Grandkids & Wilbur

Our cousins also had a goat named Wilbur, of which we were very jealous.
Who wouldn’t want a goat for a pet? (besides our Mom!)

      We liked to be at Clyde’s when the milkman came to pick up the milk. He always had some kind of candy or gum for us in his truck. We would watch him hook up all his hoses and move the milk from the bulk tank to his truck. Sometimes he would let us flip the switches on his truck to get things started.

      We also liked to be at Clyde’s when the veterinary came. Dr. Beard was his name and he would stop in to check on a cow that was sick. One time he had to have surgery on a cow’s stomach and Miriam and I were watching. He had us hold the light for him while he did the surgery. We were sure we were the best help he ever had. I’m not sure if he agreed. 


Back in 2008, my aunt and I had a brainstorm. We needed a family book, a book full of old pictures, stories, things written down to preserve memories. I tackled the project of putting it together and she started calling people asking for stories and photos.

Stoll's - Owen

Each child of the original family had a page with a piece they had written. Each family had a page also with memories from the grandchildren. Other pages were photos and stories of pets, old places, corn days, the cabin, waiting on Dad, the cane mill, a tribute to the parents of this tribe, memories from their Aunts and many more stories. I scanned hundreds of old pictures and put page after page together. Since there are 13 children in this family, the book got bigger and bigger. We ended up with a 50 page book.

Stoll's - Memories

Stoll's - Pets

We inherited the pet thing honestly! Our dogs and cats were tame compared to the animals they drug in and kept.

Stoll's - O family

Today my kids like to get this book out and read through the stories of their great Aunts and Uncles. I know these stories now because they took the time to write them down and preserve the memories!

Shannon Sam

    When we were little, Grandpa and Grandma Stoll would come driving up in their truck. There would be fishing poles sticking out of the back and we knew what that meant. We would hop in the back and away we would go to the cabin. Grandma would get all the fishing stuff out and haul it down to the pond.

     Grandpa would start putting worms on all of our hooks and then toss his own line in the water. Grandma would arrange all of her stuff and settle down in a lawn chair or on a bucket close to the water. We baited and tossed lines all night and I don’t remember if we caught much or not, but Grandpa and Grandma always did.

Write down your memories.
Dig out old pictures.
Preserve history.
Take new pictures.
Make new memories.
Your children will thank you some day!





June Days

Is it getting close to the end of June already?
I’m afraid I’ll wake up one of these days and school will be starting next week. Some days I would welcome it, I tell you. The amount of noise and squabbling  around here is deafening. Advice welcomed on this issue.

Other days, this summer life is quite nice.
I have lots of help, but the poking, prodding and prompting to get the jobs done swallows up all the extra time I should have from them helping. Other days with the promise of a beach trip, they can whip things into shape quickly.

TLOFM June (1)

//- This child keeps life interesting. Her emotions are all over the place in true female fashion. We go from falling on the floor howling over the smallest thing (yes, my kid does that sometimes) to catching, holding and laughing at her favorite animal!

TLOFM June (2)

She was very impressed with this guy!
“I found a new fwiend. He’s my biggest fwog.”

TLOFM June (3)

//- A few weeks ago we met and spent hours eating and talking.
It was the best of times and just what I needed.
It’s been long enough that I now I need another night like this.

TLOFM June (7)

//- On one of those beach trips …
these two, they rarely fight, are always so glad to see each other, but this day, this day they fought. They fought over the absolute, most ridiculous thing to fight about at the beach. Sand! Yes, sand. They fought over sand!

Aren’t our “adult fights” usually over trivial issues too?

//- The other days Reagan says, “I would kind of like to learn to mow.”
My reply, “The thought of you on the mower makes my liver quiver!”

However we did give her a few driving lessons in the lane.
Nothing close to the house though, to be sure!

 TLOFM June (4)

//- The garage … is coming along at its own pace. It’s a little farther along then when this photo was taken, but it’s the last one I have. This is the only time the kids helped since the roof was fairly flat back here. Me on the other hand, not much help at all.

I will not be disappointed if this project is completely finished in the next 5 years, or maybe I should put that out to 8 or 10 years. I am not complaining, just telling you so you don’t expect it to be done in 2 months.

//- Swimming classes every morning for two weeks. The son/fish is the only one in class from this family, so it is going well. Most of the time he doesn’t hear what his instructor is saying because he’s under water doing donuts .

TLOFM June (5)

//- When you are traveling and come around the corner to this!
And then you look out to your right and see this!
TLOFM June (6)
Most of the traffic was parked along the shoulder and all the passengers had their phones out. I joined them.

//- This house of mine. The insane amount of clutter that can build up in no time flat is simply amazing. Who are these people that drop it and where in the world does it come from? It seems like I could spend hours every day putting stuff away. Or if I had my wish, throwing stuff away. sigh. We have too much stuff I do believe. What is your clutter spot? Or shall I say “spots” because we have a lot more then one here. The end of the table, the island, the desk and every end table in the living room.

After the Rain

//- It stormed one evening a week or so ago. Eric left when it stopped raining and texted to tell me to go look at the sunset. Going to look at the sunset here does not meaning stepping out onto the porch, it means leaving our circle of trees. So, I grabbed my camera and drove down the road … it was worth it!! While I sat there and watched, it was constantly changing, the clouds, the colors and the beauty.

It has a profound meaning for me after thinking about the last eight months we’ve been through. Will there be beauty after our rain? It doesn’t seem like it is possible, but God has a way of doing what we think impossible.

TLOFM June (10)

//- Most of the time when you have a birthday, you want someone to bake you a cake. Not so here. She couldn’t wait for this, or decide which cake to make for herself.

TLOFM June (12)

We have a teenager in the house.
I distinctly remember her being born yesterday!

Look closely, the braces worn for three years are now gone!!
I told her that was her birthday gift.😀
Happy girl, even happier Mom!

TLOFM June (14)

The chosen cake was not of my choosing, to be sure.
Chocolate fudge with coffee, chocolate cream cheese filling,
topped off with cool whip and a splash of coffee stirred in.

TLOFM June (13)

//- Mothers of sons… a question. The teasing, tormenting, aggravating, pestering, laughing, wrestling and picking on sisters … will it ever end?
If you say it will continue to get worse, I may just leap out of the screen and grab you!

His quote of the day a few weeks ago.
We were traveling and he was B O R E D again.
I asked if he had looked at all his books?
“Y E S – Y E S –  Y E S”
said in his best robot voice.
“Did you find everything in your I SPY books?” I asked.
“Yeah, but they forgot to put some stuff in!”

TLOFM June (9)

//- Life lately … let’s just say there are okay weeks, and then there are ugly weeks. We are on an ugly stretch right now. The struggle is real. It is daily.  The waves come and go but the surf never ends.

Grief is like the ocean;
it comes in waves,
ebbing and flowing.
Sometimes the water is calm,
sometimes it is overwhelming.
All we can learn to do is swim.
-Vicki Harrison

Father’s day weekend spent with three fatherless children is tough. There just isn’t much more to say about it. It brings a heartache like I’ve never felt before.

At times like this I just want to go out and scream, “WHY?” I know in my head that I need to be okay without knowing why, that God’s way is best, but it’s just taking my heart a lot longer to get to that point.

TLOFM June (15)

Part of my problem right now may be due to the fact that I have a birthday coming up and I am kicking and screaming on the inside at the thought of having a birthday without him. I have had a few without him, three to be exact, but it was the three I don’t remember. All the other years he was around to help celebrate or give me a call.
He would call and after my hello, he would clear his throat and begin his wild amazing rendition of “Happy birthday!” No matter how much you interrupted or tried to get him to stop, he continued belting it out all the way to the very last note, and then he would laugh and want to know what’s happening today!
I will miss that this year.


You can’t stop the waves
but you can learn to surf.















Of Words and Grief

Tris was a quote collector.
His phone was full of all kinds of screenshots, photos, memes, quotes and you name it. Imagine everything from serious to funny and he had it saved.
I can still hear him laugh when it was a good one.

Since October I have screenshot, scribbled down and saved more things then ever before. Words that jumped out at me from a book, something that helped right at that moment, or something that was sent to me in the mail or by text. I was looking through them and the vastness was overwhelming for a post, so I just picked out a few that I have saved or created lately.


Without this promise, there would be no hope.
Grief-walking is a sad and lonely road, but Jesus never leaves our side.


A beautiful word picture I never tire of reading.

Family grief

We’ll send the rest of our lives missing him.

Christs Holds

There are days when everything would just swirl down the drain if it weren’t for Jesus.


Never assume a grief-walker is really okay just because everything looks okay.
They may laugh and seem to have a good time, but underneath they are paddling with all their might to keep their head above water.


It changes you alright.
It changes so much about you, sometimes you don’t even know who you are inside anymore.
It changes the way you look at life, changes your perspective.
You become a different you.

Helen Keller

This is not a family any of us wish to be part of, yet as we are ushered in the door, we are surrounded by loving, caring and concerned grief-walking members. They come with open arms, understanding hearts and many tears, for our pain and their own. They know how we feel because they’ve walked this road of grief. It is ugly to relive grief, yet they allow that pain to wash over them again and again, just to walk along side the next person coming through the door. And so we are family now, no matter how much we dislike it, we are part of this grief walking family, for the rest of our life.


Even the tiniest sliver of light can be seen on the darkest night. hope.

I need help

Hope Heals - Katherine Wolf

This one is hard. I read and re-read and shake my head and wonder how it can be true.

notions of grief

If only grief were five tidy steps we could process and be finished.

Isaiah 4110

Robert Rogers - Into the Deep

This! This sums things up very well.

waves of grief

 These waves have the strangest way of catching us when we least expect it. I was at a garage sale the other day and there sat a Jeep in the drive. It was one of those waves and I just couldn’t stop the tears. I have wanted to call him so many times to tell him about something I saw, something interesting or something that would make him laugh.

you will grieve -reality

You will never be the same, all the price of loving someone.


We cannot lose hope;
without hope, we have no reason to go on.

He has achieved

This best described him. This is who he was.








That Time We Cat-Sat

Once upon a weekend, the little owner of Miss Kitty went on vacation with her family. Since kittens do not do well when left alone for a long period of time, we were called upon to cat-sit. When asked, this Mother replied, “Not a problem, as long as we don’t have to get a cat till the weekend is over!” And so Miss Kitty came to stay a few days.

Cat 6-2016 (1)

The Little One living here was suppose to be the cat-sitter … but, well, that didn’t go so well since she was quite frightened of the little fur ball. Miss Kitty seemed to know it too, because the little claws came out every time Kennedy tried to hold her. When asked, Kennedy would say, “I can’t hold her, I don’t have my jacket on.” meaning she needed something to protect her arms. So, Mr D and Reagan took over, quite happily.

Cat 6-2016 (2)

No sooner then Miss Kitty was here, Reagan ran down to the sewing machine and whipped up a little “mouse” for her. Stuffed with batting, it even had little ears and eyes, which Miss Kitty promptly tore off from all her swatting. She also made a little pillow and stuffed it with cat food so Miss Kitty would have something good to smell while she slept.
Hmmm, what can I stuff my pillow with to sniff while I sleep?

Cat 6-2016 (3)

Miss Kitty had quite the adventures while staying here. She played with her mouse for hours, she toured our entire house and had to be dug out from under Mr D’s bed. Reagan fixed up a ‘cute’ bed instead of her old box, which you can see behind her and Miss Kitty kindly obliged by napping in it frequently.

Cat 6-2016 (6)

When I say ‘toured our entire house’ I do not mean that lightly. She was even placed on Kennedy’s bed, but Kennedy was quick to rescue her precious blankie before the Miss Kitty could even sniff it.

Cat 6-2016 (4)

Cat 6-2016 (5)

Having a little chit-chat about the claws she likes to use.

Cat 6-2016 (7)

Kennedy finally got brave enough to carry her to the back yard. I felt sorry for Miss Kitty when I watched them go for it was not a cuddly carrying, but she didn’t seem to mind.  The dumb brave little cat just sat directly under the swing where she was placed, more then likely too tired to move.

Cat 6-2016 (8)

Miss Kitty was also given multiple rides down the slide. I wish you could have heard her laugh. The girl, not the cat. I fear Miss Kitty was not laughing in the least until it was over. No cats were injured during this affair. She just has mad jumping skills that caused the laughing.

Cat 6-2016 (9)

After all that exercise, she was ready to sit and let Kennedy pet her, claws in.

Cat 6-2016 (10)

Mr D even sat and held her for awhile so she could take a nap.
(I didn’t know he could sit still for that long)

And when Reagan finally finished her work, she took over cat duty.

Cat 6-2016 (11)

Out came the pillows, pink and all things fluffy. One would have thought this was a princess instead of a cat.

Cat 6-2016 (14)

They happily laid out in the grass together.

Cat 6-2016 (12)

Reagan amused herself by turning Miss Kitty into other animals??
This was a mad, crouching Bobcat.

Cat 6-2016 (13)

A dog? A bunny? I’m not even sure.

Cat 6-2016 (15)

As you can she was given the royal treatment while residing here. She even dined on steak scraps one night, but we skipped the wine and opted for water to go with her meal.

Miss Kitty was finally returned to her rightful owner and things calmed down around here. I am now able to get something done other then being called to come see what Miss Kitty did now.

And now, I know what you all are thinking.
No, we don’t need a kitty.
We have one.
Old stray Jack makes a lovely, lazy mouse catcher!
We shall keep him and be happy indeed.
At least I will.