Ethan & Melissa

The long awaited wedding weekend finally came.
For the Bride and Groom and our kids
it was like, “How much longer do we have to wait?
It’s sooo long until the wedding.”
For the rest of us it was like,
“Oh my word, the wedding is next week?
I still have so much stuff to do!”
Ready or not, all at once it was here.

This post is going to be picture overload so get ready.
E&M wedding (1)
All the decor going up.

E&M wedding (2)
He thinks he’s really getting away with things.

After so long, the work starts getting to you …
E&M wedding (3)
Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3.

E&M wedding (4)
Aunt Ruth made the cute little cake.

E&M wedding (5)

E&M wedding (6)

Stringing the lights.

E&M wedding (7)

The groom’s family having a pow wow.

E&M wedding (8)

These ladies critiquing things and give their opinion.
They had some good ideas.

E&M wedding (10)

They also make beautiful bouquets.

E&M wedding (9)

E&M wedding (12)

We liked it but thought that ugly brown behind the table needed a face lift.

E&M wedding (13)

So later that night we covered it and were much happier with the results.

E&M wedding (14)

E&M wedding (15)

E&M wedding (16)

These two were more then ready for this day to come!

E&M wedding (17)

“How do we do this now?”

E&M wedding (18)
“Start about right here, but don’t go galloping down the aisle!”

E&M wedding (19)

And the Father of the bride steps on the groom’s toes and whispers,
“You better take good care of her! I know where you live!”
(or not!) :)


And then suddenly day they have been waiting for is here.

E&M wedding (20)

E&M wedding (21)

My sweet loving little Miss Thundercloud
was in the worst mood that morning.
At home, all was fine.
She was so excited about wearing her “wedding dress!”
We get there and she decides not to smile.
Nothing, nata, not a thing would make her smile.

E&M wedding (22)
Josie and Jasmine were happy.

E&M wedding (26)

We forced her to stand there,
but nothing would force a smile.

E&M wedding (53)
“What do you think you’re doing reaching for my hand?
I’m here to be mad, not play!”
Ugh! This mom just wanted to bury her head in the sand.
No sand? The Olaf blanket will do!

E&M wedding (24)

“Let’s be friends even if she won’t play with us!”

E&M wedding (23)

Carrie was feeling a bit chilly
so Olaf to the rescue!

E&M wedding (25)

Brooklyn, Reagan and Aunt Bethany

E&M wedding (27)
Josie and her Mama

E&M wedding (28)

Our wonderful Mama Carol.
She holds the family together and we all love her!

E&M wedding (29)
A picture with dad? Sure.
A smile for the picture? No, thank you!

E&M wedding (30)

“Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”
He was kept busy keeping everyone warm that morning.

E&M wedding (31)

These 2 pretty ladies needed an escort and Mr D was happy to oblige.

E&M wedding (32)

All of us!
And I really like us!

Little Miss Thundercloud was back there happily frowning away.
After this she was sent off with Lisa for a bit of a distraction.
It worked. No attention, something else to think about it
and sure enough, she cheered up.
The more you ask something of her,
the less likely she is to comply.

E&M wedding (33)

Siblings of the bride.
The groom declares himself a bit special to be included in this photo.
We know. We agree.

E&M wedding (34)

Nieces and nephews of the bride.

The Queen decided smiling and being happy was fun!
(Or her big sister may have bribed her with gum)

E&M wedding (35)

Pretty ladies all in white.

E&M wedding (36)

E&M wedding (37)

And smile she did, but only when she felt like it.
She’s sitting on my lap right now and she says,
“I not wook so gwouchy!”

  • Now taking applications to deal with a strong willed child.

… off to the wedding …

E&M wedding (38)

E&M wedding (39)

E&M wedding (40)

E&M wedding (41)

E&M wedding (42)

We had no idea love was in the air!

E&M wedding (43)

E&M wedding (44)

Cupcake goodness!

E&M wedding (45)
Mr. Liam and his pretty Mama

E&M wedding (46)

E&M wedding (47)


E&M wedding (48)

E&M wedding (49)

Although we are not related by blood, it has been said we look alike.

E&M wedding (50)
pretty cousins

E&M wedding (51)

They were ready to be off …
but I think their truck was too full for them.

E&M wedding (52)

And they lived happily every after!

“Some people are worth melting for!”
-Olaf the snowman

Simple Things

Simple things in life are the best.
They don’t have to be grand,
it’s the little things that make us smile.

blog 1-28-15 (4)

-a warm chocolate chip cookie
– reading a book
-the smell of fresh cut grass
-good company
-coffee ice cream

It is the sweet simple things in life
which are the real ones after all.
-Laura Ingalls Wilder


-the smell of fresh bread
-a cup of coffee
-a flower
-a clean bathroom
-sparkling eyes

Everyone can do simple things to make a difference,
and every little bit really does count.
-Stella McCartney

Simple Things (8)
-dresses that twirl
-taking a nap
-a smile
– a cold drink
– a text to ask, “How are you?”

Find JOY in the ordinary!

Simple Things (6)

-listening to the rain
– little giggles
– a cool, foggy morning

It’s the small things that make life BIG.

Simple Things (5)
-having your very own rake :)
-wading in the creek
-jumping in a leaf pile
-swinging high

Simple Things (2)

-laundry on the line
-fresh clean line dried sheets
-a clean kitchen
– a hug
-a beautiful sunset
-making someone smile
-someone to love

“Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance, and it allows us to appreciate their true value.”
– Rafael E. Pino

Simple Things (4)

-the last of the flowers
-crunchy leaves falling
-having someone believe in me
– letters in the mail
-not having to leave the house for the day

Simple Things (7)

-when children nap
-5 minutes alone
– being a mom
– a whispered encouragement
– a verse from God

Simple Things (1)

-pulling your first tooth
-when Dad comes home from work
– stories of school
-seeing them learn
-watching them play
-little blonde curls

Make time to enjoy the simple things!

Simple Things (3)

-“When I can do the mouse all by myself!”

What are SIMPLE THINGS you enjoy?

Titles are Overrated

…meaning I can’t think of a good title this late at night.

There is a niggling in the back of my brain,
words that want to come out.
I start questioning my sanity
if I am mentally (or verbally) writing a post
while I scrub the tub.

Speaking of scrubbing, this house, the poor thing.
Should you stop by you might see quaking and tremors,
such as one might have when going through withdrawal.
The house’s withdrawal in this case is
from dust, spiders, webs and all such things.
The house had become quite comfortable
with the extras hanging around
and felt a bit uncomfortable today when I lit into it.

blog 9-18-15 (4)

Now the main floor may be clean,
but that does not include the upper or lower level.
The lower level is unfit for human eyes,
considering the toy box threw up all of it’s contents
along with everything else that got dropped
in places it didn’t belong the last few weeks.
The upper level. 3 words:

I did not come on here to bore you with cleaning details.
I came to tell you how busy I’ve been.
Oh, you mean you have been too?
Well then, there is no need to compare lists,
we’ll just assume all things are equal on that level.


The kids are all vegging out in the living room at the present,
two big ones watching their thing
and the two littles watching theirs.
A few minutes ago I hear this:
“Hey girls, you guys are just hogging all the internet!
Mine just says loading, loading. (long pause)
FINE THEN! If you are gonna hog all the internet,
I’m just gonna hog all the SOUND!!!!”
I  was beginning to wonder if I was missing the modern day
lingo on how to “hog sound” when it soon
became apparent on how he planned to do that.
Over his roaring volume I heard,
“Hey Dakota! TURN IT DOWN!!!”


Lots of days of this when he is sooo b o r e d.
I’ve banned that word.
If he says it, he gets a job!
One day he came and wiggled around for awhile
and asked if I had finished all my work for the day.
“No, never. Why do you ask?”
“Because I have something I want to tell you,
but I want to know if you have all your jobs done first!”
Ha. Not a chance Mister, I am wiser then you believe me to be!

blog 9-18-15 (3)

On one of those b o r e d days I filled the little pool.
He played for 4 hours.
He would fill plastic bags with water and sit on them.
Free entertainment,
the only bad part of the deal was carrying
the four 5 gallon buckets of hot water he required!

blog 9-18-15 (2)

When he was done in the pool,
there was a feet washing ceremony!


Our summer was extra crazy
and the camper we own was feeling a bit left out.
We remedied that … in the rain!!!

blog 9-18-15 (5)

Not only the rain, but add the cold and we were quite miserable.
A few loaded on the layers of clothing when they got there
and didn’t take them off till they went home.

blog 9-18-15 (1)

It’s a good thing the company was stellar
because some were threatening to go home early!

blog 9-18-15 (6)

We had good food too, that helped.
Contrary to what it seems, I do think of a few things other then food.


blog 9-18-15 (7)
Upon being questioned as to her position, she replied,
“I am doing my home work and it goes into my brain better like this!”

blog 9-18-15 (9)

Maybe Madison needs to try a few of Reagan’s tricks for homework.
She was frustrated with hers this week.
She inherited her mother’s weakness in Math!

blog 9-18-15 (8)

An abnormal position for them.
Usually he has her stuck under the basket
and he’s rolling on the floor laughing.


And here you read this to find the wise words of wisdom
niggling in the back of my brain.
Sorry to disappoint, but
the brain is currently closed for the night.
There were good things floating around earlier,
but that’s all for another day, another time.

An Instagram post from this week.

blog 9-18-15 (10)

This child. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She wakes up early and stays up late. She talks all the time at home, but completely refuses to talk to other people. She has the strong will of a mule, but melts my heart when she gives me a hug and says, “I wuv you.”

Of Miller Camping

There are all kinds of Miller families in this world,
but there is only one of kind of these Millers.
These Millers do life well.

They cook with gusto.
Two girls and six boys in the family
and almost all of them love to cook.
When we get together, there is no end of food.
They inherited this love of cooking from their mom.
Sometimes its comfort food they call “Miller food.”
Sometimes its exotic things from other countries.
At any rate, there is always plenty and it’s always good

This gang can tell stories with the best of them.
Well, some of them can,
the others are generally part of the story being told.
Frequently you will hear one brother say,
“Hey, let’s tell (insert brother’s name) stories!”
Tall tales can be spun in no time at all and well told they will be.
Next year they are told again,  only a little better then before.

These Millers are self-proclaimed rednecks.
Old trucks and tractors, 4-wheelers,
dirt bikes, motorcycles and much more.
A ripped up shirt is a fine thing and a bandanna or a bill cap will work
to cover the facial features that rival Duck Dynasty.
There are boats, jet skies, kayaks, canoes or a plane.
How about a Miller-built raft that floats on metal barrels,
run with an outboard motor and even sports a live well.
If it can be built, they will build it,
whether it looks good or not,
they will proclaim it good and be quite proud of it.

These are people who care,
who invite you to be part of the family,
whether you are family or not.
A friendlier group you will not find,
they will pull you in and surround you.
Within minutes, they will be asking who you are related to,
who your parents are and your grandparents, and in no time at all,
they will either be related to you or know someone who is.

There are those who will tease you mercilessly, laughing all the while.
Some can talk like the wind, entertaining for hours.
You have the quiet ones in the background, picking up the slack.
There are the singers who will strum a guitar around the fire,
waiting for someone to sing with them.
Some are game-players, gathered around a picnic table for hours.
There may be laughing and talking over the game,
or a heated competition to win.
There are those who think deeply and bring thought provoking
conversations to the table.
And any one of them is ready and willing to lift a hand,
any time you need one.

This family has fun together and enjoys each other.
They don’t always agree, not by a long shot,
but they do life together quite well.


Every year for as many years as I’ve been around,
they’ve been gathering to camp for a weekend.
Lately it’s been Labor Day weekend on the farm.
It’s very much looked forward to by young and old alike.
To prove my point on friendliness,
I can’t remember a camping weekend in the last five or more years
that someone hasn’t brought a friend along to camp.

Miller Camping (1)
A few years ago they put in a pond
and it has gotten many, many hours of use since.

Miller Camping (2)

Every year the old red and white tent goes up.
Most years it drips rain on us, but this year was nice and hot.
We gather under it for the best of food and conversations.

Miller Camping (3)

Speaking of food, I mentioned that these guys like to cook.
Usually it isn’t something simple and
this year we had a menu of a wide variety.

Miller Camping (4)

The first night we had food from all the countries we represent.
Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, and Brazil.

Miller Camping (5)

Sunday morning Grandma and some granddaughters made her specialty,
home-made donuts.
There are none better to be found.

Sunday lunch was Miller Soul food.
Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and noodles, salad and dessert.

Miller Camping (6)

Sunday evening was seafood, representing our Florida family members.
Sam brought a sword fish along and they grilled it.
It was quite delicious.

Miller Camping (16)
They also had bacon wrapped scallops
and an assortment of other things to go with it.

Monday morning was more comfort food of biscuits and gravy.

Monday afternoon our meal was southern redneck, Sackett style.
The Sacketts are characters in the Louis L’Amour books this gang has all read.
Not that I knew that, I had to ask since I’m not an original of the family!

Miller Camping (8)

Timmy took on the challenge of making root beer using dry ice.
I don’t think the Sackett’s had dry ice in their time,
but this worked and it was declared quite tasty.

Miller Camping (7)

For the main course of the Sackett meal, we had a hog.
It roasted since late Sunday night and
was a mighty fine piece of meat till it was done.

There really is more involved to our weekends then just food,
although that is a big part of it.

Miller Camping (9)

This year was Human Foosball.
Tim built a game and it was in use most of the time.

Miller Camping (10)
If you played with guys, you were likely to have
bumps and bruises of all shapes and sizes.
When the ladies or kids played, it was much calmer,
but just as much enjoyed.
At least I think so, I actually didn’t play
due to not having a desire to be kicked in the shin or hit with a ball.

Miller Camping (11)

Monday there was even a round of tournaments
which brought out the spectators.

Miller Camping (12)
The pond was put to use by the little kids and big ones.
They had tubes, boats, jet skies and the works out there.
You can see a bit of the previously mentioned raft here.

Miller Camping (13)

The little guys were water logged and sun burnt until the weekend was over.

Miller Camping (14)
And a few of them were well covered with mud.

Miller Camping (15)

These Millers are night owls, hanging out until all hours.
There will be good conversations, there is probably food,
and there may even be a Foosball game at 1am.

Now that  I’ve convinced you that you would rather like
to be part of this Miller clan,
you are welcome next year about this time, down on the farm.
We are always up for a friend or three to join us for some fun.
There will be good food, of that you can be sure.


Maryland Mountains

This past weekend was the wedding of
Eric’s cousin, taking place in western Maryland.
If you are not familiar with the layout of the state of MD,
this is the little piece that squeezes in between WV and PA.

It is a beautiful part of the country!
Mountains, hills, rivers and valleys,
caves and caverns, trails for hiking all around.

MD (3)

We lived in MD, high on Backbone Mountain, when we were first married.
We worked for Choice Books and spent our days on the road.
I loved coming home to that area, except. for. the. snow!
They get so much snow up on the mountain in the winter
you wonder if you will live to see spring.

MD (4)
I loved coming back this weekend,
feeling of the mountains around me again,
reminiscing and remembering the good times.
Our kids said we sounded like old people saying,
“Ohhh, remember that? Remember this?”
It just felt like coming home.


MD (10)
Saturday we drove down Blue Ribbon Road,
our old road we traveled so often.
Coming down the road and seeing this farm house
made me start singing,
“Country roads, take me home!”

MD (11)

Paul and Naomi lived across the road from us
and became our family while we lived in MD.
It was wonderful to see them for a little bit again.


We attended the beautiful wedding in the afternoon.
It was good to see friends of days gone by.
I don’t want to say, “Old friends” because what does that make me?

MD (5)

Janell and I went to Bible school together back in the day
and everyone thought we looked so much alike.
She lives in the MD/PA area and when we lived out there,
people would see us together and
would always comment about us looking alike.
Now years later, people at the wedding were still staying the same thing.
Maybe it’s the actions as much as the looks. :)


One thing about MD  is the lovely summer weather.
It rarely gets hot, just nice and warm
and cools down again in the evening.
We enjoyed that evening air Saturday night on Jevon’s porch.

MD (6)

Tall tales being told.

MD (7)


MD (8)

Sunday was lunch with some more friends.
This group of people took us under their wing back in the day.
They showed true hospitality and welcomed us right in.
Don’t expect to leave after only a few hours spent with them,
“Just plan to stay all day!” they would say.
Sometimes we would come home from Sunday morning church
at 8 that evening.

MD (9)

We had such good times this weekend it makes me wonder
why we don’t go back to visit more often.

I was quite disappointed to realize
I had forgotten to take a picture of our host and hostess.
It was worth the trip, just to spend time with them.
Lots of good times and late nights laughing, while the kids ran wild.
Let’s do it again.


The Tent House

When we were at Grandma’s house for a week,
we wanted something simple to entertain the kids, preferably outside.
Grandma suggested making a tent for them,
I had noticed one along the road just a few days before,
so combining our ideas, the tent house came to life.

tent (1)

Mom has a 3 stranded wash line so they hung the sheets over the lines
and clothes pins worked great to hold it together.
They even used an extra sheet and added a porch.

We thought we were building it for all the kids,
but the two hippies kind of moved in and took over.
They hauled all kinds of paraphernalia from one house
or the other, and filled the tent!

tent (2)

The other kids stopped in to take tour of the place.
One tent dweller willingly hopped off her chair to open the door,
the other happily stayed right where she was.

tent (3)

Their vehicle was usually parked close by
so the walk was not a one strenuous when they left home.

tent (4)

After awhile they announced, “It’s time for you kids to leave now!”

tent (5)

“These guys are a little strange!” he thinks.
But they don’t mind being thought of as strange,
life is good.

tent (6)

Whew, back to relaxing now that the visitors have all gone home.

tent (7)

Eventually they ventured out to find some food.
This picture sums up their relationship quite well.
One does something strange, while the other watches with interest.

tent (9)

Unknown to them, when the hippies are away, the mice will play.
While they were out getting food and playing some games,
two visitors sneaked in and took over the tent house.

tent (8)

These two are the best of friends
and quite enjoy their time together
when we are at Grandma’s house.

Build your gang a tent house,
it creates hours of fun.