This Week and More


Why is it when I have 100 things to do today,
that I sit down and do something else.

When I need to pack to travel,
I sit at the computer and work on photos.

When I need to clean for company,
I sit at the sewing machine and work on a project.

When I should get the laundry started,
I fiddle around doing this or that.

My tooth chipped 6 months ago.
I called the dentist yesterday.
(I hope she doesn’t read my blog)


But when it comes down to the wire,
as in, the last hour, things can really fly,
I mean, stuff gets done!
Who can call me a procrastinator when I’m always
ready and waiting when it’s time to go?

I didn’t know I was a procrastinator.
I guess one never really likes to admit ones faults.
Maybe owning up to it will help.
Probably not.

I compare myself to other “real” procrastinators
and think there is just no way I could call myself one of them.

Well apparently I am, because here I sit blogging.
And I have 100 things to do today.


On to thing more fun to talk about.

Our youth were over the other night.

I miss them since we aren’t on the committee anymore.


We had a fun night out on the porch.
I seriously thought we had a huge porch
but after we stacked 50 people on it,
it felt a tad small.


We served soft tacos with bottled pop and Gina brought a bunch of good dessert.


The had a road rally that night so they didn’t all show up at the same time.
If you want more info on a road rally, ask.
I think they had a lot of fun.



My $.25 yard sale lights doing their job.




It was such a fun night.
They need to come again soon!


This summer is using me as a bowling pin.
I thought it was going to be a relaxing, not much happening summer.
Not so.
I think out of June, July and August
We have one or two weekends that are totally free.

I am the only home body in this family.
The rest of the gang is more then happy to be busy.
I was just wishing the other day for an entire week
to stay home every single day and catch up.
I probably would never catch up
because I would find other things to do
instead of what I should be doing. 🙂


Don’t remind me of how soon school starts again.

until then…
have a coke, relax and enjoy what’s left of the summer.

Of Our Youth

 I have been thinking about teenagers, youth, early 20 yr olds,
the younger side of life.
Although I still feel that age, I am often reminded that I most assuredly am not!
But I do vividly remember being that age.
The fun times, socializing, energy, late nights, laughs, and people who know you.
The questions, the hard times, wondering, trying to figure out where you are in life,
what you want, where you want to go, who you are…
With the help of parents, church and stable people,
life evened out and a lot of those questions were answered for me.

Today I am blessed to be part of a church with a wonderful group of young people.
We were privileged to spend the last year with them
and I am so thankful for this gang.
They have spirit, they love life, and most of all, they love Jesus.

(Calmly handling a bus breakdown and then burning energy climbing!)

Planning activities, spending time with them, working, playing,
socializing, volleyball, softball, Bible study, long trips, and much more.
Watching them grow, change, mature, become someone better.

Untitled-1(They are usually good sports!) 🙂

I saw their fun side when they laughed and played games.
There was a serious side when we sat down to study God’s word.
There was the the ever enduring good nature when we packed
40 people on a hot bus for long trip.
They kicked in and worked hard when we hosted youth meetings
this summer for 200+.


They were there and willing to help when we had a work night for someone.
Their friendly spirit came out when we hosted another youth group for a day of fun.
When younger ones started coming along, older ones
were there to welcome them.
They put up with our kids, played with them, teased them and loved them.

Thank you for being someone my kids can look up too, for being a good example.
Thank you for leading the way for the younger ones coming on.
Thank you for putting your heart into your youth group,
these will be your people for the rest of your life.
No one can replace the memories you make with this gang.


You are unique!
There are the teasers, the jokers, the pranksters.
The serious and mature, prim and proper ones.
There are lovable blondes, and beside them the cool, calm and collected ones.
We have some that laugh, long and loud and some that just smile.
We have actors and characters and quiet demur ones.
The happy-go-lucky and those that have known hard times.
We have steady, dependable, always there.
There is the critical pessimist and the encourager, side by side.
This makes a youth group, you need them all.
Who would you be with out each one?
You are unique!


We love you guys and are so thankful for each of you!
Laugh. Have fun. Pray together. Seek His face.
Keep chasing Jesus. Grow. Love each other.
And most of all, enjoy this time of your life.
You only get it once!