Of Christmas and Random Musings

  • Every year around the first of November I will start feeling the urge to listen to a Christmas carol or two. I generally resist because it is too early and will wait until close to Thanksgiving. After the first song, it is full steam ahead with Christmas music.
    And then, around the week leading up to Christmas, I have had enough. My Christmas music cup doeth overflow and I am done. That very week, of all weeks, I should be listening to it and I just can’t, not one more carol. I really need to change this pattern. Next season I resolve to hold off until 2 or 3 weeks before the 25th and then merrily carol my way all the way through.

12-17 (1)

  • Call me the Grinch, but is Christmas decorating worth it? 1 month or less, and we’re packing everything away that we just hauled out. Along with that thought, I want to pitch almost all of my ancient Christmas decor. (but I can’t let my kids see me do it)


  • The best honey mustard dipping sauce: equal parts of mustard, honey, and mayonnaise.
  • My gang thinks the best addition to a soft pretzel is a block of cream cheese to swipe it through.
  • One of their favorite snacks is a chopped apple and a sliced banana mixed with granola and drizzled with honey.

12-17 (4)

My Mom made a comforter for all the grandkids for Christmas. That was the extent of Christmas gifts this year with our family. It was quite stress-free. You wouldn’t believe how much fun they had and how long they played with them. Then on the plus side, they took them home and can use them every night. Wonder how many years we could do this until the kids or Grandma refuse. 🙂

12-17 (5)

Tyson made Dad a tractor for Christmas.

12-17 (6)

From scratch, by hand, welding pieces of metal together until a tractor appeared.

  • Do you all have a 2nd story in your house? If you do, tell me about the stairs. How do you keep them cleaned off? Three of our kids sleep upstairs and I am telling you, half of their belongings are forever hanging out on the steps. Well, maybe not quite half, but at least 1/3. Books, socks, a sweater, a pair of sandals, and the list could go on and on. They race right past it every time they go up. How do I get them to carry at least one item up each time and therefore we would no longer have the issue?
  • I am a list maker. I love a good list of things to do, even if some of it’s irrelevant. Sometimes I will write stuff down that I’ve already completed just so I can cross it off. That makes me feel like I got a lot done. My girls would insert an eye roll here.


  • Too many days at home without productive anything at all to do makes Jack a very bored boy. (and the rest of us about to pull hair) What are things for boys to do in the winter? He does go outside some but there is a limit to that. There is basketball in the garage at other times and then he roams around teasing girls.

12-17 (10)

  • How would you build/arrange/create space with wooden lockers in a mud-room? I am scoring Pinterest for ideas but thought maybe one of you would have a tip that must be used.

12-17 (11)

  • I introduced my crew to omelets a little while ago. In my mind they were always a mess to make, so many ingredients and all that. I have figured out that if I get everything else ready ahead of time, it’s really not that much work. I fry the sausage, bacon, chop the ham and veggies, and anything else before. If they are for breakfast I’ll do it the day before. If we have them in the evening, I’ll do the prep in the afternoon. Then it’s easy-peasy and once the egg is done, just load it up.
    My crew will then ruin it by putting ketchup all over it before consuming. I add a bit of salsa to mine for an added flavor, much better than ketchup in my mind.

12-17 (9)

  • I’m thankful for the wind in the windchimes a few times lately. Ours don’t chime often so when they do, even just a little, I stop and take notice. They always remind me of Tristan. We all got windchimes from different people after he died so now when I hear the chimes, I think of him.  It is amazing how often they will chime just a little at a significant time. It feels like God acknowledging what we’re feeling.

Winter Days

News from around the farm…
Well, not really because we have no animals other than our fat cat named Jack, who is always free to a good home since he’s not technically ours but rather the neighbor’s, but I would give him away anyway!  Now wasn’t that a great run on sentence to start out with?! As far as news, I don’t know… January was fairly relaxed and rolled into the next month that has the weirdest spelling. This month has been crazy. All kinds of things happening at the same time. Too many things.


Monday was butchering day… does that interest any of you? 🙂
I know some people just perish at the thought of butchering, but it really doesn’t bother me. It was something we did every winter when I was a kid so it has good memories.


Food wise around the farm….


Madison continues to bake.
Not everything turns out perfect and this was one of those times. 🙂
The macaroons were not growing feet! ??
Don’t ask me.


This stuff.
Oh, my word. Make it. Eat it.

It’s called Honey Dutch Blend. It’s not my recipe, it comes from my friend Anna and I think it came her way from someone in our big Miller family, never the less, make and eat. If you are a health nut, just skip over this recipe and keep reading. If you appreciate all things sticky, ooey, gooey and good, just turn a blind eye to the ingredients and enjoy it. 🙂

Honey Dutch Blend

1 box Honey Combs – 1 box Rice Chex -1 box Corn Chex – 1 bag of Pretzels
Mix together in a large bowl.

1 c. Honey
1 c. Karo
2 1/4 c. Brown Sugar
4 sticks of Butter
Bring to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes
Add 1/2 tsp baking soda
Stir and quickly pour over cereal mixture.
Spread on wax paper until dry.

It makes a huge batch and it can be cut in half if you wish.

We also made Mocha Brownie dessert the other night.


This has got to stop, though!
When there is all this good food in the house I have no self-control. none.
Thankfully, we took this to a family gathering and only had half of it left to tempt me. With a crew like mine, that was only enough for one round of dessert.


Do your kids like to listen to stories?
Go HERE and listen to the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.
Reagan loves them! I think she was born in the wrong era.


School Days for the kids…
Our teachers do a great job keeping the winter months exciting. Every week there is one or two days with something happening.

They had “clash day” in January but those pictures make me shudder!
One day was “Missionary Day.” The top activity for that day was when the kids smuggled Bibles into the school and hid them. The teachers spent quite a lot of time searching and declared that next year they will bring in reinforcements because the kids are getting better at it every year.
There is cozy-day, popcorn day, exchanging lunches, snack day and more. One day every family is supposed to bring a gallon of milk… hot chocolate day?

Last week we celebrated 100 days of school. They were supposed to dress like a 100-year-old person. I wasn’t home that morning but they needed very little help! One of them especially loved this day.

I told Dakota to just wear sweatpants because if I were a 100-year-old, I would sit in my chair all day like that. 🙂
Reagan happily dug through a box of old lady dress up clothes I had for other occasions.
Madison didn’t know what to wear so I told her I would stop at Goodwill. I did, and there it was in all its glory for only $4. I took it up to check out and the two little old ladies working the register picked it up and started exclaiming. I opened my mouth to tell them why I was buying it when one says, “This is just beee-u-tiful!” I quickly closed my mouth without speaking and left grinning.


Yesterday we spend 3 hours on the tubing slopes with the honor roll kids. It was a lovely, bright and sunny day and the kids quickly warmed up! To say they were hungry for lunch after 3 hours of this was an understatement.


The princess and I have been busy.

Her room was always just leftover colors from Dakota and she dreamed of having a pink room. Well, her mother is not a lover of all things pink, but oh well, it shouldn’t be too hard to repaint when she is done with pink.

I did my usual painting thing. Started the day by planning to clean the room. Oh well, may as well paint a coat of pink, ah shoot, while it’s drying we’ll do a little gray. Hey, the pink is dry, let’s give it another coat, and by now I would hate to mess up another day, let’s just finish it all! And so by 4:30 we were done. She says, “I didn’t think we were going to do it all today!” Well, neither did I.


She was happy, happy, happy that night!



When you have a birthday and can almost not get to your gift because everyone else wants to see it too.

The princess has a birthday coming up too. She is all concerned about me going to town alone sometime or else she won’t have a gift for her birthday!
Unknown to her it’s already in hiding.



Psalms 91:1-2
Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty… He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I am trusting in Him.

What do we need in a storm?
shelter. rest. refuge. safety.
Where do we find that?
In Jesus.


Kicking January Blues …

… along with other nonsense.


The month of snow, when there is very little of the white fluff.
I am quite okay with that, though.

We are currently staying home a lot and I am happy with that. That is the one thing I love about winter time. There is a constant stream of projects and jobs to be done around here, most of which I seem to never even start.

But January is whipping my tail and I’m not sure what to do about it. Usually, the sunless days and endless clouds don’t bother me, but this year it is. At the risk of offending a winter lover, I will say that I am thankful for the bits of warmer weather we have been having. The cold and I do not get on well.

Maybe the answer to my problem would be to start listening like my Dad does. At 60 some odd years of age, he is a guru of the mp3 world. He has an iPod and ear buds that are ever present. At first glance, one might think he is a teenager that needs his constant music, but no, he listens to messages from God’s Word. I do the downloading for him and one of us loads the player and he is set for a few weeks. It doesn’t take him long to consume an inordinate amount of sermons.

This just might be the answer to my winter blues … start listening. Eric would probably tell me to start with, “Likewise ye wives, be in subjection” that is downloading as we speak.

On the listening note, if you are a Mom of littles, how do you do it? There is constant noise and needs around here. I’m pretty sure I could never concentrate on what was being said, or wear ear buds for that matter! Because, horrors, what if Mom couldn’t hear the many, many questions being asked of her?



In other news, we have recently introduced ourselves to a new food item, not that it’s new to anyone else, we had just never made it before. Crepes, we have come to find, are quite delicious.


Not a new food item, but one that this boy loves.
Madison loves to bake but she sure wishes that her Dad and brother liked to eat something besides plain old, boring, chocolate chip cookies.



Anyone else out there with a first grader in the house? His teacher is keeping track of how many books they read. Oh, the stress of sounding out all those words just to get one more book on his list.

My big question of the day is this:
Why does listening to a first grader read make you so sleepy and in need of a nap?


Others in our house have no such problem with sounding out the words and will willingly read all the time. Day or night, whether there are jobs to do or not, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or hiding in a closet, ever present is their book. If the youngest two take after the oldest two, in a few years we shall have a quiet and peaceful house. (but only after a trip to the library)



Mom made this for me when I was her size.
It may or may not have taken a hefty bribe to get her to put it on and take a picture.


If she isn’t plastered to my side, I might want to check around for her.
This day she bathed her cloth baby doll. A little time spent hanging by the wood stove solved the problem.



“Christ was the home of his thoughts.
Whenever his mind was free from other matters
it would turn to Christ.”



Use your words. They are powerful.
Most often you have no idea how much your words are worth to someone.
To know that you care, that you are thinking about them, to know that you took the time to say something or write a note, even the smallest gesture holds worth.


Use your words!
(even if you are just encouraging a cousin
who has been in the bathroom a really long time)

Be powerful with your words today and that might help kick your winter blues!






Of October’s Days


October showed off in spectacular colors this year.
It was amazing to drive around and just fill your eyes with God’s finery.

October was also filled to the brim.
Birthdays, outings, parties, photo shoots, editing, school functions, a funeral, family get-togethers, traveling, and stress. And after all of that, add all the usual “mom things” to fill in the cracks and there were days when I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed.

But I made it, but here is hoping for a calm November.



A reason to celebrate in the Hostetler family is when someone turns 60. If it is a sibling, the siblings and spouses all spend a few days together. If it is a sister-in-law, just the ladies get together for a few days.

Now you can all play the Mennonite game and say,
“Oh my word, I didn’t know you were related to them!” 🙂


The one having the birthday is allowed to invite her daughters and in-laws, so we were privileged to spend a few grand days with them because it was our Mama Carol’s turn. We missed Melissa since she was unable to be with us.

Try this sometime.
Gather up your sisters and your Mom and spend a few days together doing a lot of nothing but eating and talking.
Or spend a few days with your Mom and her sisters.
Or even with your husband’s Mom and sister in laws. 🙂
It will be time well spent.



We were in IN one weekend.
They say pictures never lie, well I should beg to differ, but doesn’t this look like the most well behaved little gang of grandkids you’ve ever seen? 🙂


This little man is about as cute as they get!


One morning we had Grandma’s specialty, sugar donuts as we call them, on the back porch. They were for special occasions when we were kids and now the grandkids still get them sometimes. Deep fried biscuits rolled in cinnamon-sugar, if you wondered.


Tim, or rather Reagan, cooked a pot of ham and beans one night to go with our cornbread. She was in her element, as you can see.


Not all little boys are privileged to have a Grandpa like this guy does.
They have a special bond.


Our school children took a trip to an Amish farm last week.


When I walked in and saw this,
I sank into a deep, dark depression
at the thought of all that canning.
I will never let them see my canning shelves.


I don’t do a lot of selfies, but when you have a friend like this begging for one with you, you must simply oblige. And the light was bad and is making my hair much more colored than they actually are, just so you know.


We saw and fed a lot of animals that day and the kids loved it.
This is kind and gentle Sammy and he will always be remembered by me. To make a wild story short, he was a little over-eager to get to his food and he managed to get his curled horn around my leg at one point. 10 days later, I still have a rather significant bruise in memory of him.



This night was just what I needed in the middle of everything else.
These kind friends blessed us with a concert and dinner.
This song spoke to me that night.



Leaves, leaves and more leaves.
My neighbor man says to me, “I heard you blowing leaves more than once, you know that’s useless, right?” My reply to him, “If I wait until they are all down, we would never be able to get through them!”


If you live in a flat, open, tree-less property and are pining away for a leaf or two, come on over and we’ll fill your cup!


Get started writing your thankful list!
Good day to you!

Late Night Rambles

When life gets exhausting and there are too many things screaming for my attention, I feel this pressing urge to sit down and type. Get the stress or whatever it is, out of my system, venting by the pounding of the keys, you might say.

It’s times like these that it is very dangerous for me to write late at night and post it. The next morning when my regular, coffee-hyped brain is back on duty, I will be shocked with content of my post and wonder how in the world my stressed brain allowed that on the www. It is much safer for me to open Microsoft Word and start venting on that clean white sheet, instead of airing all my dirty laundry here.

The last few weeks have been full!
My mind almost goes in panic mode sometimes when I start thinking about how soon school will be starting. Who in the world invented these short summers anyway? I declare it was only a month ago that school ended. I was wondering what I am going to do without “the help” around here all day, but came to conclusion that with three of them gone all day, the house will should need a little less picking up. hopefully.

8-4-16 (3)

Last week Madison baked cookies for days. The first batch of chocolate chip cookies, intended for someone else, turned out so well that this gang wolfed them all down.
So, she had to make another batch. She made a double batch of Chocolate crinkles and Mr. D was almost besides himself with wishing to eat them. She baked a few other kinds too, but most of these cookies went out the door to other hungry people in case you are wondering if we are waddling yet.


8-4-16 (4)

I made a trip to the big valley to photograph a wedding over the weekend. It was a two fold reason because I really wanted to see a dear friend who lives out there! It was worth the drive to spend time with her, although that drive by myself was no hardship, I tell you.
Peace and quiet for 5-6 hours?!
“Yes please, and I’ll have a coffee on the side, thankyouverymuch!”

8-4-16 (1)

Lois and I go back to the teenage years and no matter how much time we spend apart, we pick up right where we left off. We talked as fast as we could and didn’t nearly get caught up! We have a lot in common, a lot of good memories and have plans to make more memories together.

8-4-16 (2)

This little lady and I became friends right away and she was just the sweetest. It may be the fact that she is the only girl with 3 brothers to keep up with or she may just take after her mother.  She is one week younger the Kennedy and one week older the Kennedy’s best friend Josie. At any rate, Kennedy thought I should have brought her home with me!


8-4-16 (5)

A stroll on the bike path was in order one evening.
Madison is at camp this week so these kiddos thought we needed to do something a little bit fun while she was gone! That may be due to the fact that their work load has increased with her being out of the house.

8-4-16 (6)

Her latest thing is, “Mom, take a picture of us!” and so we do!


8-4-16 (7)

Any donation, large or small would be acceptable after this trip!
I think we spent about two and a half hours in here filling tiny teeth and we are nowhere near done. I will be selling their teeth on eBay as soon as they fall out.

Please tell me my children are not alone in this matter of teeth. We brush, limit food groups and all that good stuff, but so far it has not helped on one single child of ours. In fact, the smallest child has the most cavities right now, an alarming amount actually.

8-4-16 (8)

This brave one took a chance and went without being numbed while they fixed three small cavities. She said it didn’t hurt. No, probably not because my teeth were over here hurting for her.

Mr. D loves the dentist. No really, believe me when I say, he loves to go to the dentist. He had to have a tooth filled and 4 sealed on this trip. Reagan tried to convince him of all things bad, but he was quite sure about being happy to go. She even whispered about getting a s-h-o-t, but he calmly said, “So! It doesn’t even hurt!”
While he was stretched out on the chair, I heard the nurse say, “Dakota!” and I asked what was wrong? She laughed and said, “I think he was falling asleep because his hand slipped off the armrest and his head started to nod to the side!” This is the 2nd time he fell asleep while having a tooth filled.

I wanted to call Tris on the way home so badly. One of the things he hated the most in this old world, was going to the dentist! It was a literal terror for him to have to sit on that chair and have a tooth filled. I could only imagine his response to Dakota falling asleep. I’m happy for Tris that he no longer needs to face the dentist chair!


8-4-16 (9)

A long river ramble was good for the soul one day.
If your kids are about to drive you out of the house or make you wish for school to start, find a river and turn them loose for a few hours. They will think you just spent a hundred dollars on them!

Are you ready for school to start?

Morning edit: not too bad for so late at night! 🙂



Of Busy May

Is it just me or is the month of May a wee bit crazy?  Never failing, there are too many things for me to do during this month. School events and school ending, Mother’s day, Graduations, weddings, reunions and on and on. I want to sleep for a week.

Warning: long picture post!

5-2016 (1)

I was on the way home one evening and noticed this sunset. As soon as I could, I stopped for a photo. From our place in the woods we aren’t able to see a sunrise or sunset, so if I am out and about, I watch the sky. I always wonder what it looks like from Heaven. If it’s this pretty here, it must be more then our eyes can imagine there.


Remember that picture I showed you of my horrendous looking flower bed?
To refresh your memory, you will find it here.
Now I am not a green thumb, not even a brown one, more along the lines of a black thumb. All I can grow are weeds. It seems like plants see me coming and take cover or they debate among themselves and say, “It’s your turn to go with her, one of our kind died last year at her hand!” I thought and wondered and whined about how to begin to plant this thing, not having a clue what kind of plants to buy.  So, I just didn’t do anything about it and let the weeds happily keep growing.

Now there are people in my family who thrive on gardening, flower beds and all things involving dirt. I think that picture must have given her goosebumps and she quivered a bit realizing that if it was that bad in a photo, how much worse it must be in real life! So one day Berneice stopped in and dropped some plants off and said she’s coming over to help work on the flower bed later! I heaved and breathed a sigh of relief. Or rather I forced Eric to at least till it up so she wouldn’t have so much work.

5-2016 (2)

She came and she brought even more plants! A friend of mine had sent her money to buy plants for my flower bed in memory of Tris. I may have felt like crying when I heard that. She looked around and started digging holes and in no time it looked beautiful!

5-2016 (3)

A few weeks and a lot of sore muscles later, we had the mulch down and now I need to go buy a few annuals to stick here and there. It feels so much better to go out and see this instead of my weed garden! Thanks Berneice and Karisa.


Many moons ago we moved in here and said to ourselves, “We’ll build a garage in just a few years!” And so it was that one thing led to the other and at last, 13 years later, we are building.

5-2016 (5) kids

Some people asked why we waited so long… I don’t really know, but it may be due to the fact that I have never had a garage my entire life, so I don’t know what I’m missing!

5-2016 (4)

5-2016 (5)

The Queen Bee took it all in with her curls and glasses!


5-2016 (6)

Mother’s day happened and was a hard day for me. Not due to my own children, but rather thinking about hard things. So many women out there who wish for children of their own, others were missing the children they do have, and too many were mourning the loss of a child. There were children missing their parents, wishing for one more Mother’s day together. So many hurting hearts.

5-2016 (7)

My flowers arrived that afternoon by the hand of my children’s father.
I loved them.


5-2016 (9)

Now somewhere around this time in life, this cookie dough eating child got up very early one morning, before her Mother wished her to. She crawled into bed beside her half dozing Mother and played with the Mother’s phone, unknown to the half dozing Mother. All at once she squeaked, “Mom, there are check marks on all your pictures.” The Mother shot upright and grabbed the phone and through her bleary eyes saw that it was too late. All her photos had been deleted by this small cookie dough eating child.

Take a lesson from a bear. Back your photos up.

5-2016 (10)

Combine all the rain we’ve been having with the construction around here,
and you have a happy little kid with pink gum boots!

5-2016 (11)

Since I knew this would happen whether I wanted it to or not,
I helped her put her boots on and went along.


5-2016 (13)

School ended with the usual water fight! Rain or shine, hot or cold, they stand in line for many, many minutes waiting for a little bit of water to throw on someone else. I watched Reagan and the three times she was able to fill her bucket, she completely missed the person she was aiming for and all her water landed on the grass! Somehow someone managed to completely soak her or she volunteered to be soaked.

5-2016 (14)

We took a trip to Africa one day. Long tiring day.

5-2016 (15)

It may have been to the local zoo with the school kids,
but my unconditioned legs felt like we walked to Africa and back.


5-2016 (16)

Saturday was cold, frigidly cold, rainy and ugly, but Eric had planned to set the trusses on the garage and men poured in to help! We feel very indebted to these guys for giving up a Saturday to help us do this.

Some asked how soon we expect the garage to be done … many years from now if it takes as long to finish as it took to get started.


church family

Since Sunday was our last service in this church house, we took a photo of our church family in front of it. It was home to many good times for many years.

The building is set for demolition this week and we’ll begin building a new one. An old building, not handicap accessible, plus many more reasons brought about plans for a new place for worship for this group.

5-2016 (18)

Mr D. graduated from Kindergarten Sun night.


5-2016 (19)
Monday was our first day of summer vacation and these 3 had a picnic in the garage.
It was not quite as cold as the Eskimo would have you to believe, almost though.

5-2016 (20)

While they partied the day away, my baker got busy doing her favorite thing!
She wishes she could do this every day, all summer. We would be rolling instead of walking, if that were the case.

Now we’re off to the races to finish off this month much like it started.


Livin’ Life

In an effort to avoid mopping my kitchen floor, this post is was started. Procrastination is not my middle name for naught. True to my middle name, I quit working on it a few sentences in, to go do something else. So now, as a reward for finally cleaning my house, I’ll tap this out. It’s a random assortment of nothings so fasten your seat belt.


life 4-15-16 (9)

When I was a kid, going to Grandpa’s was a highlight. There were little games stored in all kinds of cabinets, corners and drawers. Marbles was a favorite. I wonder how many hours we spent on the game with cousins, aunts and uncles. We always thought we had the other guy beat until he managed to empty his side in one smooth move and we were left sitting with a whole roll of marbles.

I’m not sure where I found this game, but I taught my kids the old version I learned at Grandma’s house and now I watch them play. The noise level, the amount of yelling and rolling around on the floor tells me that I have some sore loosers too.

life 4-15-16 (3)

Speaking of sore loosers, she very clearly falls into that category. The blur of motion in the right hand corner would be the brother laughing in excessive celebration!


life 4-15-16 (7)

I would like to tell you that we remodeled and this is our new kitchen, but it’s not. We were just wandering around Keim Lumber the other Sat and being quite envious.

After strolling through the kitchens, we were looking at the gi-ro-normous showers that revel the size of our entire bathroom and Mr D comments loudly, “Wow, this one would be big enough for our whole family to shower at the same time.”
Umm, no thanks son, although the shower itself would be nice, I politely decline the invitation to make it a family affair.
Instead of showering together they decided to park a small car in it instead.

life 4-15-16 (8)

The history buffs discuss a chunk of tree and all the dates in its time.
I am of no help in this conversation.


life 4-15-16 (2)

Reagan has been perfecting her “cake in a cup” for an afternoon snack. She’s gotten pretty good at it, but don’t ask me for the recipe, I think it changes every time.

life 4-15-16 (5)

Speaking of food, Madison baked these the other night and I told the kids that the mom always needs to check a corner to make sure it’s fit to eat. Things may have gotten out of hand with the checking.

Marshmallow Crunch Bars

Marshmallow Crunch Bars
Bake a pan of brownies. When there are 2 minutes of baking time left, dump a bag of mini marshmallows on top and return to the oven for the remaining time. While they cool melt 1/3 C butter, 1 C peanut butter and 1.5 cups of chocolate chips together. Add 2 C rice Krispies and pour on top of marshmallows and pull your self control out of your back pocket. You will need it.


life 4-15-16 (4)

Kindergarten is still in progress so we are enjoying weekly grocery dates.


life 4-15-16 (11)

Early this morning I heard roaring and squealing outside and whipped the door open to find this! I couldn’t believe he pulled this off on his own, thankfully I saw his Dad waving from the shop! She was quite happy with her chariot.


life 4-15-16 (10)

I am blessed with many things inherited from my Mother but one things I missed was her green thumb. Oh my lands, there is nothing green about my thumb. In this photo, my friends, is suppose to be a flower bed we started last fall. If you can find it, let me know. Hopefully by tonight it will look different, but I am dreading the process.
Just keepin’ it real folks!


On a side note, if you aren’t friends with my on Facebook but would like to follow along with the blog there, I have created a page for it. Find it along the right side and click follow.


Life keeps moving, whether we want it to or not. People keep changing, events keep happening, we keep living one day after the next, but are we appreciating our days? We are blessed to have them, to live life with the ones we love. Do we appreciate it enough? I, of all people, should have learned this lesson, yet here I sit, grappling with life and feeling like I’m stuck in a rut of grouchiness and unappreciation.

life 4-15-16 (1)

These flowers kept speaking to me as I drove in and out of our lane the last few weeks. It was warm, it was cold, it frosted, it snowed, and then warmed up again, yet all the while they kept lifting their heads and blooming. In the morning they would be drooping, heads hanging low, but by afternoon, they were up and smiling again. What about me? Have I let the cold, the snow, the changing seasons of life get me down?
Did I give up or do I lift my head to bloom again even when things are difficult?