These are the Days

And then there was this one May we barely kept our heads above water but in the end, we did. Or I think we managed since we still have one more day to go.

I am always so ready for May. I imagine school functions, school ending, relaxed schedules, and warmth, but the craziness is almost more than can be handled at some points.

May 18 (1)

These are the days when:

  • There are appointments for this, that, the next and everything.
  • School consumes your every waking moment and then thankfully it is over.
  • You celebrate Mother’s day in a whirl and then again the next Sunday.
  • You sleep in every morning all summer. ha. Only in your dreams! 
  • You settle more fights then you eat bites of food in a day.
  • Your child smashes his big toe and you earn a medical degree caring for him.

May 18 (3)

  • Your family comes and you have fun together for three days.
  • You unintentionally recreate a Norman Rockwell painting at the supper table.
  • Everyone needs something. all the time.
  • Food, food, food is what’s on everyone’s mind. all the time.
  • You remember your serious diet while shoving a bite of cake into your mouth. too bad.

May 18 (2)

  • You send a child to the basement for french fries and she comes back with no fries but looking like a 99-year-old Grandma! (permission was not granted to share this photo)
  • You make a batch of protein balls and in a few hours, they have almost all disappeared.
  • You drill certain small persons on the etiquette of burping or farting and then laughing about it.
  • You write “Call the dentist” on the weekly to-do list for an endless amount of weeks.
  • You take a pair of boots away from Rocky the dog 98 times a day only to find out they were gifted to him that morning by a worker over at the shop! !!

May 18 (4)

  • You spend quality time involving food with your friends and youth group.
  • You go to the library and in so doing create quiet time and work for yourself. They will all sit and read for hours, but when you want them to get up and work….
  • You come home from town and write something on your grocery list for next week.
  • You set the grocery bags on the floor and they eat the food right out of them.
  • The strawberries you dreamed of all winter are ripe!

May 18 (5)

  • You stand beside Lake Erie and watch the sunset and wonder what it looks like from heaven’s side.
  • You look through pictures on Memorial day and remember.
  • You celebrate your husband’s birthday and are glad he was born.
  • You sit around a fire with family.

May 18 (7)

  • You mention something coffee to your daughter and it appears.
  • You stay up late even when you are dreadfully tired, just because the house is quiet.
  • The next day you consider going to bed early that night. but you don’t.
  • After approximately 325 days with paint-samples splashed about on the bedroom walls and no plans of picking up the brush, you finally paint it.

May 18 (6)

  • And then there was the weekend when you walked into your husband’s family reunion and 3 people said… Noooo, not “Hi, Shannon, how are you?” Nor did they say, “Hey Shannon, good to see you again!” Neither was it, “Shannon! So glad you’re here!” But rather their welcome greeting was, “Hey, how is Rocky?”
    After a momentary mental freeze at that question, the reply was, “The dog in question is lucky to be alive and doing well considering the fact that the kids left the front door open for 2.5 seconds and he ripped in, grabbed a pillow off the couch and went hauling out and around the house before he was caught!”
  • That is how Rocky the dog is.

These are the days!
They tell me I’ll wish for these days someday.

To Spend Time With Kennedy

A day in the life of Kennedy…

“Was that a noise?”
Opens one eye.
“Do I see a light in the kitchen?
Sure enough, Mom must be out there.”

She stumbles out to the kitchen and with her eyes half closed, pushes all the light switches up to flood the room and the proceeds to the recliner and crawls under a pile of blankets. Her head full of morning curls is usually all that is sticking out.

As soon as the kids come down, she is up and shouting orders.
“I want breakfast!”
“Mom, Dakota is chewing so loud!”
“I’m co-o-o-o-ld. I need a blanket to wrap in,” said in her best whiny voice!


She stirs her cereal, yogurt or whatever is in front of her.
She sips her milk, chocolate milk, with lots of chocolate, stirred only by her.
She eats one bite, slowly.
As soon as everyone else leaves the table, so does she.
She rolls around on the living room floor and talks to herself.

8:10 and the kids are out the door.
“Ahh, now I don’t have to share stuff!”
“Mom, can I watch something?”
No, finish your breakfast.
“But I’m not hungry!”


She then proceeds to follow me around all day, talking all the time.
“Can I change clothes?” (No, if I could stay in my pajamas, I would.)
“I want something to eat. You didn’t give me much breakfast.” (ha)
“Can I watch something?” (I already answered that)
“Do you know what Dakota said last night?” (Can’t imagine)


“Today I am going to visit my friends. My friends are Balerie, (Valerie) and Josie and sometimes Kiahna. My friend is also Siah, (Josiah) but Balerie and Josie say they don’t know Siah. I like to play with my friends. We are bestest friend.”


People who know her, do not believe us when we say she talks all the time. She comes across about as cold as the ice princess when someone speaks to her.
The other day when we stopped to talk with Rodney and Alanna, she just chatted away. When they walked away I exclaimed over the fact that she talked to them.
She replied, “Oh, but I don’t talk to real people!”


Let the questions of the day continue.
“Are we going somewhere today? I want to go to town.
When we are in town, I don’t want to go home. I want to eat somewhere.”
Yes always, she always fusses if we go home for lunch. She never wants to go home, even after we eat lunch. She knows her directions well and when you pull up to one particular stoplight, she’ll start yelling, “Mom, don’t turn, don’t turn, don’t turn! Go to another store, just go to another store. Don’t you need one more thing? Let’s go buy apples.” (Nope, not one more thing, in fact, I love going home!)

When we are in the vehicle, the temperature is never perfect. Too hot, too cold, too much air, too … whatever she can think of to complain about. The other day when she was hot, I opened her window because it was cooler outside. She was fine about that and soon I heard her window go up. Shortly after that, I opened mine a bit and she yells, “Mom, close yours! Our air is getting all mixed up and mine was just right!


Back at home, it’s time to switch the laundry and she is right behind me.
“The dryer, the dyer, I want to push the button.
Wait, don’t close the door, leave it open while I climb up!”
Once on top of the dryer she does everything and touches everything else in reach before pushing the button.

Since the laundry is next to the game closet, she digs for treasures in that disaster. Usually, she has the hall full of all kinds of things before she finds the one thing she wants. If we play Memory, no one is allowed to collect “the girl” pairs, only her. If we happen to pick them, we must switch with her as soon as she gets a pair she doesn’t want, as in a “boy pair.”


I heard her talking to herself.
“It stinks! ugh. I didn’t fawt! Coda did.”
He’s not even here, he’s at school.
“Well, he weft his smell in here because I smell it!”

I pulled the mixer out and she comes running.
“Oh Mom, I just wub this part, when the people go to school, and me and you stay home, and cook stuff and do stuff.”
Ya, it’s a whole lot of the dumping and pouring kind of help!


She soon gets bored helping me cook, water is more appealing. She squatted on the counter, playing in the water and said, “Oh wow, my brain hurts when I do this!”

We made cookies one day to take down to Eric’s Grandpas. He has multiple names, Dawdy, Candy Dawdy, Grandpa, but that day I called him “Great-Grandpa” for some reason. Later I heard, “Um, don’t you know, that time, that time, that we sang songs for Good-Grandpa.”


I caught her up on the counter with her hand in the bowl and I asked, “Are you eating cookies?” “Umm …. (long pause) … no. Crumbs.”

Multiple times a day I answer the question, “Is it time to go get the kids?”
“Not until you take a nap!” And oh the weeping and wailing that begin. I have never seen a child who needs less sleep than she does!

When we do go get the kids, it’s “all by myself!”
“I can open the door. I can get in my seat. I can do my seatbelt. I can shut the door!”
The next day, as I prepare to allow her the privilege of doing everything by herself, I am presented with crocodile tears because no one is helping her.
Is it a typical three-year-old, female drama, or a combination of both?


As much as she loves her siblings and follows them around, wants to play, wants to help, wants to be with them and do everything they do, when they come home from school …  let the screaming begin. It is such a weary struggle, mainly between the two youngest and mostly because he loves to tease. A good scream is his delight and she supplies him with many laughs.

She is fiercely competitive, taught by the one and only brother who races for everything he does. We have found that she can’t pick up any game, or toys or anything really, because weariness overcomes her. However, if you suggest that she picks up 2, and you’ll pick up 1, and then after a bit you mention that she is winning, wow, pieces fly!


When I caught her eating chocolate, we had a little chat about asking for permission before eating candy.  Her reply, “But then you’ll say no!”

Her favorite exclamation is, “Oh my word!” She can’t pronounce the r sound, so you hear the word ‘wood’ instead of ‘word.’ She gives it her own little twist by drawing out that last word for an extra second.

One Sunday we were sitting in church and she was starting to squirm. I leaned down and whispered sharply in her ear. Without missing a squirm, she whipped her head around and looked at me and said, “Oh my word! WHO is wearing a pamper?”
(oops, bad breath)

One Sunday in church we sang, “Faith of our Fathers.” Midway through the song she looked up at me and said, “Oh my word! Why are we singing about farters?”


She loves bread. She got that from her Uncle Tris, not her mother.

Pink is her color. She would wear it every. single. time she gets dressed.
She wants every article of clothing to be pink. She wants her bedroom to be pink. Just everything basically. everything pink. Take her to Hobby Lobby and she goes a little bit crazy picking out pink things to put in her groom. A girly girl, to be sure, no blue for her.

We don’t really give her hair a second thought. It’s wildly curly and just does its own thing. I comb it down into a little bit of order and as soon as it’s dry, it is bouncing around again. We were in town one day and two little old grannies stopped right in front of us and looked at her and grinned. One finally said, “Well, how much time does your Mommy spend curling your hair?”


She is feisty and sweet, she is shy but lively.
She is particular and a perfectionist.
She fights with vengenece, buts loves equally.
She is our toodles and we love her dearly.






Of Life

Another Saturday post.
It’s quiet here right now.
2 are sleeping.
1 just needs her afternoon nap,
the other is sleeping off a slumber party
and trying to recover from another week of sickness.
I’m hoping we finally kicked that bug.

blog 12-13-14 (1)
{guiltily hiding}

I am suppose to be studying my Sunday School lesson.
Instead I’m chatting with you guys.
Tomorrow morning when I wish I had studied more,
I’ll be counting on you to help me out.
My husband thinks I over study.
Guess we’ll try his approach.


blog 12-13-14 (2)
Last Sunday night we celebrated Liam’s first birthday.
We blessed him, and his parents, with many noisy toys.
If you are new here, read this post and you’ll
know why my inner happiness was just
off the charts to hear that Liam’s Mother
could sing the annoying turtle song in it’s entirety.


blog 12-13-14 (4)
We forked over a chunk of our salary here because of
swollen, red, hurting, shins from no apparent injury.
The Dr was of no help but things seem to be improving.
Thank you Jesus.


blog 12-13-14 (7)

While 2 of my kids were playing game after game, I over hear…
Player 1: “Let me interview you….”
(holds out pretend mic)
“So. How does it feel to loose so many games? I wouldn’t know.”
Player 2: {silence!}
Interview (and game) officially over.

If you are wondering, it wasn’t the 2 kids in the picture.

blog 12-13-14 (8)
I became all home-ecky Becky and made a batch of play dough.
It was actually easy to make and turned out pretty good.
If you can overlook the mess on the floor, it entertains for hours.


blog 12-13-14 (5)
“Do it myself”
are the new all time favorite words!
Not just for pudding. For everything.


“Mom, I know that wasn’t Grandma or Sarita on the phone because you had your person voice on.”
“Yeah, your person voice. Now don’t get me wrong you are nice and sweet, but when someone calls, you use this ‘person voice’ that is all really, really nice and stuff.”

Alrighty then, I guess the next time you call,
be expecting my gruff and tough parenting voice.


blog 12-13-14 (6)
If you are ever out on the job and don’t know where to lay your hammer,
try this.


blog 12-13-14 (9)
Sometimes you just have to sit down right where you are,
and hold them.


Give Away coming one of these weeks.
Check back.

(this ^^ was just to make sure I get it done) :/

Be blessed!

Because We Can

Do you ever want to do things,
just because you can?
Just for fun.
For no reason but to amuse yourself or someone else.
You don’t need a reason.
You have today to do it, why not?

Your children are only this age once.
Enjoy them. Tomorrow they will roll their eyes at you!

blog 11-5-14 (1)

What did you do with them today
that they will remember later?

(anyone see the ball of bread dough?)

blog 11-5-14 (2)

Our amusement for today was sitting on the living room floor,
eating ice cream out of the bowl, sharing one spoon,
just because we wanted to.

(dough boy/ball is now a pancake)

blog 11-5-14 (3)

We propped up the camera, set the timer
then watched and counted the blinks while we ate.
Just because it was fun.

(dough boy pancake on the move)

blog 11-5-14 (4)

He got the biggest charge out of running to push the button
and hurrying back to watch it blink.

(dough boy holding still, afraid of being squashed again)

blog 11-5-14 (5)

And even funnier was when he pushed the button and we weren’t ready.
You should have heard him laugh.
It was a great 5 year old belly laugh!

(I heard the dough boy hoarsely whisper his fear of that thunder thigh)

blog 11-5-14 (6)

Next he wanted to hold the camera and push the button.
“Now Mom, just lean over a little bit so I can see you in the picture too.”

blog 11-5-14 (7)“Oh, I didn’t know I missed your head.”
And he laughed again.

(squashed dough boy is sneaking for the couch of safety)

blog 11-5-14 (8)

It was then he realized that all the time he’s been pushing the button,
Mom is eating ice cream and if he wants any
he better take it from her or there will be none left.

So was the end of the ice cream eating party.
Now my coffee is ready
while my bread bakes
and the house smells great.
just because i can.

Do something today, just because you can!

Someone Little

Because of someone little,
we laugh a lot around here.

K (8)

Because of someone little,
we find our toothbrushes anywhere in the house.

We run out of ketchup quickly.
And ranch. And cheese. And anything to dip stuff in.

K (11)

Any water glass within reach is empty.

Because of someone little,
we find food from the pantry all over the house.
We put the candy and chips on the top shelves to keep them safe.

K (6)

We make fools of ourselves trying to get her to laugh.
Or talk.
Which isn’t working.
“Mama” or “Dada” is about as much as she’ll say.
She has her own version of  “All done!”
which we hear anytime she has to eat.

K (5)
When someone little falls asleep on her own,
(which is rare)
we tiptoe around taking pictures of her.
(because it is so rare!)
As I said, “Rarely ever!”

On laundry day,
we find dirty clothes all over the house
because someone little drags them along behind.
Like any good girl, she has a real love of clothes and shoes.

K (7)

They wanted her to hold hands with them for a picture.
She wouldn’t.
So they decided to say the prayer we pray at meal time.
We hold her hands when we pray and when she heard them pray,
she happily let them hold her hands.

K (9)

Because of someone little,
we laugh at monkey shines!
The more we laugh,
the more she performs.
We have a problem.

K (2)

Because of someone little,
there is a pink blanket and a nippy floating around all the time.

We have to sweep the kitchen floor many many times
after her demolition calling “eating alone!”

K (10)

Because of someone little
big sisters play with,  read to and love on her.
Big brother makes her squeal with all his teasing.

We deal with bouts of crying and wailing
then we find big teeth popping through
and we all feel sorry for her.

K (1)

Because of someone little,
we have lots of hugs and squeezes.
We sit and hold because she wants it.
We have lots of cuddle time.

K (14)

And when someone little squeezes you tight,
you want to remember that moment forever.