Someone Little

Because of someone little,
we laugh a lot around here.

K (8)

Because of someone little,
we find our toothbrushes anywhere in the house.

We run out of ketchup quickly.
And ranch. And cheese. And anything to dip stuff in.

K (11)

Any water glass within reach is empty.

Because of someone little,
we find food from the pantry all over the house.
We put the candy and chips on the top shelves to keep them safe.

K (6)

We make fools of ourselves trying to get her to laugh.
Or talk.
Which isn’t working.
“Mama” or “Dada” is about as much as she’ll say.
She has her own version ofΒ  “All done!”
which we hear anytime she has to eat.

K (5)
When someone little falls asleep on her own,
(which is rare)
we tiptoe around taking pictures of her.
(because it is so rare!)
As I said, “Rarely ever!”

On laundry day,
we find dirty clothes all over the house
because someone little drags them along behind.
Like any good girl, she has a real love of clothes and shoes.

K (7)

They wanted her to hold hands with them for a picture.
She wouldn’t.
So they decided to say the prayer we pray at meal time.
We hold her hands when we pray and when she heard them pray,
she happily let them hold her hands.

K (9)

Because of someone little,
we laugh at monkey shines!
The more we laugh,
the more she performs.
We have a problem.

K (2)

Because of someone little,
there is a pink blanket and a nippy floating around all the time.

We have to sweep the kitchen floor many many times
after her demolition calling “eating alone!”

K (10)

Because of someone little
big sisters play with,Β  read to and love on her.
Big brother makes her squeal with all his teasing.

We deal with bouts of crying and wailing
then we find big teeth popping through
and we all feel sorry for her.

K (1)

Because of someone little,
we have lots of hugs and squeezes.
We sit and hold because she wants it.
We have lots of cuddle time.

K (14)

And when someone little squeezes you tight,
you want to remember that moment forever.


Happy Birthday Little One

Today, 1 year ago we rejoiced at the birth of a tiny little girl,
today we celebrate her sweet, fun-loving spirit.

KGH (1)

My, how time flies.

She went from the tiny baby who slept all the time,
to a silly laughing girl who rarely sleeps.
And wants to put everything in sight in her mouth.

She went from sweet snugly baby who loved to be held,
to a fighting little toddler who hates to sit.
Why sit when you can run?

She went from squeaky newborn cries
to little girl chatter of “Mama and Dada.”
In the grocery store she yells, “Dada!” at every male she sees.

KGH (2)

She started out drinking 2 oz of milk a feeding.
She still doesn’t really like to eat.
A few bites and she’s done.
Don’t try to force food into her mouth,
she can spit with the best of them.
If the kids sneak her a bite of candy,
now that’s a different story.
She’s all for that.

KGH (3)

She loves to look at books,
to have someone play with her.
She loves to run,
to be chased down the hall.
She loves cleaning out cabinets,
carrying things all over the house.

KGH (4)

She is an early riser,
but she never gets up grumpy,
(unlike her mom!)
She’s always smiling when you get her out of the crib,
loves to play around with you before she is interested in breakfast.
I have probably slept less this year
then any other year of my life,
but I’m still alive. πŸ™‚

KGH (5)

This is her favorite blanket.
She plays with this edge while she falls asleep.
I put my other kids straight into bed and they would fall asleep on their own.
Not her, she wants to be rocked, walked, and held, to go to sleep.
So we cuddle.


Tonight we had a little party.
More for the other kids then her,
but she enjoyed the attention! πŸ™‚

KGH (6)

Dakota declared that pink frosting will not be good.
Strangely, he had no problem eating his later!

KGH (7)

She was so thrilled with her candle.
She can’t blow yet so they did the honors for her.
Licking. Tasting. Mmmmm this is good.

KGH (8)

“HEY, this isΒ  really GOOD!
And I can make a mess!!!”

KGH (9)

Face plant. {mmmm}
“And everyone is watching me and laughing!!
I love it!”

KGH (10)

“Oh man, I want to have a birthday every day!”

KGH (11)

After a bath, she unwrapped her gift with lots of help.
She was not all that interested in it,
just wanted to rip paper and put the doll’s nippy in her mouth!
Now after many meltdowns, she needs her bed.

Happy Birthday Little One.
We love you so!

Little One | 9 months

Little One is 9 months old.
That went fast!

Kennedy  (1)

She is the life of the party around here.
A lot of times she creates her own party at 4am.
Or any other AM number for that matter.
Sleep is at the bottom of her list of needs.
Why sleep when you can entertain people at all hours of the night?
Since when do babies need less sleep then parents?

Kennedy  (2)

The other kids get a huge kick out of making her laugh and playing with her.
It’s all jolly until she’s in a bad mood then suddenly no one wants her
and she wants no one except her mom.

Kennedy  (6)

She loves her Daddy.
When he comes home from work she laughs and makes a bee line for his legs.
“Why bother taking your shoes off Dad? Just hold me!”

Kennedy  (3)

4 teeth so far.
2 on the bottom, 2 on the top.
The 2 on the top are not the middle ones,
they are the next ones out on either side.
Fangs, you might say. πŸ™‚
Wish I could get a picture of them but she dislikes having us look at them.

Kennedy  (7)

Boy, can she move.
She crawls so fast I think she’ll take her time learning to walk.
It’s much slower to get around on your feet.
She does cruise along the front of the furniture,
pushes her little walking toy and any chair that will move.

Kennedy  (4)

All my kitchen cupboards get cleaned out on a regular basis.
Sometimes things are properly replaced,
other times it’s just jammed back in to await another cleaning.
The other day I caught her under the sink chewing onion peels.
She did NOT get that from her mother.

Kennedy  (5)

We love her so, even with her early morning rising wails.

Nick Robert

I would like to introduce to you the sweetest little nephew around.

Nick (154)

He’s the 3rd brother for his family
and the he evened up the cousins with 5 boys and 5 girls.

Nick (148)

He is sweet, cuddly and just as squishy as a newborn should be.
We held him, passed him around, wiggled him, and he wouldn’t wake up….
until it was time for pictures!

Nick (126)

{Baby yawns are so cute}

Nick (151)

Nick (129)

His Dad gave him the ear of corn!
A farmer to be.

Nick (122)

{Baby stretches}
How is it that babies can do all these things and it’s perfectly ok! πŸ™‚

Nick (160)

Snooze away sweet one, I’ll be back to hold you soon!

The Princess

At 7:45am, the Princess is back in bed.

In the wee hours of the morning I heard,
I groaned and cracked one eye open to look at the clock.
The Princess was awake.

Since no crying came from the crib, I let her talk.
And talk she did.
For 15 minutes.
And with her talking, she woke The Prince, who sleeps in her room.
“Mooooom, Kennedy is standing in her crib!”

I flew over there and sure enough,
my not quite 6 month old was standing in her crib!


What happened to my baby?
This child is crawling and standing, but just barely sitting.
Where is the baby that used to sleep all the time?
The child standing here needs less sleep then her mother it would seem!

We fed. We rocked. We held. We rocked.
All to no avail.
The Princess and the Prince were both very wide awake.
And so wake we did.

This very same child took only 4 20 min naps yesterday
and went to bed at 10:30pm!

That my friends is why the Princess is back in bed already!


She finds this whole process is much more amusing then her mother.


She is on the move in a big way.
She pulls herself around on her elbows and uses her toes for traction.
She can go anywhere she wishes.
Under the end tables, down the hall.
The other day she was yelling and I found her on the first step,
stuck trying to get up the 2nd one.
She ripped the cover off a book and proceeded to chew it to shreds.
She gags over peaches but eats bananas.
And only weighs 14lbs.
This is the child that will not be 6 months old until the 24th.


{Credits to Madison for this photo!}

She is not a cuddly baby.
The only time she lays her head down in when she’s sleeping.
This morning when I rocked her she went to sleep with her head up!
How? Can’t explain, but she did.
When she does fall asleep and cuddles down against you,
you just want to sit and hold her.
Sometimes I do but I know that in less the an hour
she will be wide awake again.


She has given us a run for our money already
but we love her!

Coffee refill, please!

Baby Talk

“Knock, Knock, Anyone there?”


“It’s me, just letting you know that I’m getting bigger.
I’m growing.
I know most of you are not happy if you’re growing.
Like if you’re gaining weight and that kind of thing.
Me? I’m happy to do that.
I eat all the time.
Every 2 hours I yell if Mom doesn’t get my bottle around fast enough.
I’ll eat till it’s all and most times I want more but she won’t give me more.
You know, belly aches, throwing up and that kind of thing.”


“Today I went to the Dr for check up.
They weighed mom and she groaned.
Then they weighed me and I kicked and smiled.
I weighed 10lbs and 5oz.
That’s pretty good for 2 months old, don’t you think?
I must have had a little bit of a slow start because my brother weighed 16 lbs when he was this age.
Just wait, I’ll catch up with him one of these days.”

“I am 23 inches long and my Dr said, “Wow.”
He thinks I’m gonna be tall.
Mom said she hopes not too tall.
I don’t really care, as long as I get food.”


“My sister took this picture. She thinks it’s fun.
I just wanted to be held.
It’s my favorite, next to eating.”

“I just drank another bottle and am ready for my nap now so I’m gonna go.”

This Moment

Inspired by SouleMama…

A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
{Or in this case, moments}

Sweet baby smells
Tiny cuddles
Soft blanket snuggles

Soft little snores
Smooth downy hair
Tiny little eyelashes peeking out

Fuzzy blankets
Long night time feedings
Rocking bebe in the dark

Tiny toes
Wrinkled little skin

Delicate fingers
Little hand holding my finger

Smooth baby cheeks
Soft little head tucked under my chin

Stretches and yawns
Squeaky little cries
Mad hungry cries

~Sweet Baby Moments
May I never forget!