Bedtime Little Boy

Oh the things a boy can do when it’s time to go to bed.

A drink he needs to quench his thirst.

On the way to get a drink he finds a toy airplane.
A fly by is needed.

Bored with that, he sits on the floor and picks at his toes.

Once cleaned, he ambles around and finds a book.
Lie on the floor and read awhile.

He hears Mom in the kitchen.
Oh yes, he’s hungry.
Is there a snack?
Munch. Munch.


Now, time for bed again.

Oh, he forgot about those teeth he was to brush.

Why walk to the bathroom?
Why not roll tonight?
Roll slowly.

And on the way to brush, tease a sister or 2.

Toothpaste, oh the joys of something so blue.
Check out the pictures on the tube.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
Oops, got some on the counter.
That’s ok, I’ll just play with it.

Oh no, the tooth paste slipped off the side of the brush.
Cry because it’s not on straight.
Straightness is a must.

Mom fixes it.

Finally brush, brush, brush.
Make some faces in the mirror.
Brush some more.
Spit some bubbles.
Left handed boys have a hard time getting all the corners.
Blow some bubbles.
Stick out your tongue.
Oops, dripped some.
Rinse, swish, spit, spit, spit.
Drink some more so we can spit some more.
Done with that.

Potty break.
Have a chit chat with yourself.

Throw pillows at girls.

Ask a bunch of questions.
“But what are we doing tomorrow?”
“Can we go swimming?”
“Why do cats need food?”
“Can I drive a jeep when I’m big?”
“I like when Kennedy squeals!”

Get a bedtime reminder.

Goes downstairs.
Chats with Dad.
“Is it to late for a Bible story?”

Read, wiggle and pray.
Time for bed.
Flip flop across the floor.

Arrange the pillow.
Straighten the blanket.
Oops, flip the blanket over.
The right side is a must.
Crawl in.
Fix the blanket.

Hugs and kisses goodnight.
Tuck Little Boy Blue in.

Sigh with relief.


Hear noises.
He’s fixing the nightlight.
Back in bed.

2 minutes later.
Pitter patter.
A drink is needed to quench his thirst.

Sleep on the Brain

There are the good mornings
when you feel like bouncing out of bed,
full of energy, ready to go….
What is this I speak of?
Not sure that has ever happened to me,
but I’d like to imagine it’s out there.

And then there are the mornings
that your eyes just won’t open,
your feet won’t move, your head is swimming,
and you just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.
No, it’s not a hangover like it sounds,
it’s a chronic disorder of sleep deprivation
called Children.

They are either night owls,
prowling around the house late at night,
wanting food, things to do,
reading, playing games,
Or they are early birds,
up at the crack of dawn, full of energy,
happy, happy, happy.
When you have some of both,
as I do at the moment,
there isn’t much of a time space between those two.


The little one, it seems, is the happiest when she gets up early.
Wide awake, smiling while she drinks her bottle,
laughing at me while I sip coffee.
I can’t help but smile back,
even when it’s way to early for my liking.
She coo’s and laughs while she lays on the table.

The next stage is unpredictable at best.
Some mornings Mr D gets up and is happy and raring to go,
the next morning there are bear like features in place for an hour.
If we’re going somewhere and he’s excited about that,
he’ll hop right out of bed, no questions asked,
gobble down his breakfast,
smiling, talking, and all is good.
The next morning, don’t even think of crossing his path,
let alone asking what he wants to eat.
Just don’t talk to him for awhile and things slowly will improve.
(that’s his mom coming through)

Then we hit the oldest kiddos of this household,
the age where they like to stay up till all hours of the night.
The next morning it’s like pulling teeth to get them up at 10.
I’ve heard it gets worse the older they get
and we haven’t even hit the teenage years with this yet.
It really is hard to believe it could get worse.
Groaning and moaning from under the blanket.
“It’s coooold in here.”
“I don’t want to eat!”
“Just let me go!”
The word “Hurry!” is not part of their vocabulary
at this time of the morning.
The more you push them, the slower they go.

How do you get the best of both worlds?
I don’t know.
Maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll get in-sync and
we’ll all like staying up late
and sleeping late…
But I’m afraid by then, I’ll be so old
I’ll be the one waking up at 5 and not able to go back to sleep.
I can hear the people that know me saying,
“That will be the day!”

Until then, the battle continues
and the mom is left hanging in the middle
with less and less sleep in sight.

This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by: Soulemama

In other news… this little boy has trouble staying in bed.
Night after night after night.
Nap after nap after nap.
In bed, out of bed, back in bed, out of bed.
Cry. Pee. Drink. Play. Sing. Pee. Cry. Sing. Drink. Play.
No. No. No. No. Noooooooooooooooo
As you can see it’s not because he isn’t tired. I found him here at 11 one night, sound asleep.
I have exhausted my brain for methods of keeping him there.
Nothing works.
Any ideas?