Ethan & Melissa

The long awaited wedding weekend finally came.
For the Bride and Groom and our kids
it was like, “How much longer do we have to wait?
It’s sooo long until the wedding.”
For the rest of us it was like,
“Oh my word, the wedding is next week?
I still have so much stuff to do!”
Ready or not, all at once it was here.

This post is going to be picture overload so get ready.
E&M wedding (1)
All the decor going up.

E&M wedding (2)
He thinks he’s really getting away with things.

After so long, the work starts getting to you …
E&M wedding (3)
Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3.

E&M wedding (4)
Aunt Ruth made the cute little cake.

E&M wedding (5)

E&M wedding (6)

Stringing the lights.

E&M wedding (7)

The groom’s family having a pow wow.

E&M wedding (8)

These ladies critiquing things and give their opinion.
They had some good ideas.

E&M wedding (10)

They also make beautiful bouquets.

E&M wedding (9)

E&M wedding (12)

We liked it but thought that ugly brown behind the table needed a face lift.

E&M wedding (13)

So later that night we covered it and were much happier with the results.

E&M wedding (14)

E&M wedding (15)

E&M wedding (16)

These two were more then ready for this day to come!

E&M wedding (17)

“How do we do this now?”

E&M wedding (18)
“Start about right here, but don’t go galloping down the aisle!”

E&M wedding (19)

And the Father of the bride steps on the groom’s toes and whispers,
“You better take good care of her! I know where you live!”
(or not!) ๐Ÿ™‚


And then suddenly day they have been waiting for is here.

E&M wedding (20)

E&M wedding (21)

My sweet loving little Miss Thundercloud
was in the worst mood that morning.
At home, all was fine.
She was so excited about wearing her “wedding dress!”
We get there and she decides not to smile.
Nothing, nata, not a thing would make her smile.

E&M wedding (22)
Josie and Jasmine were happy.

E&M wedding (26)

We forced her to stand there,
but nothing would force a smile.

E&M wedding (53)
“What do you think you’re doing reaching for my hand?
I’m here to be mad, not play!”
Ugh! This mom just wanted to bury her head in the sand.
No sand? The Olaf blanket will do!

E&M wedding (24)

“Let’s be friends even if she won’t play with us!”

E&M wedding (23)

Carrie was feeling a bit chilly
so Olaf to the rescue!

E&M wedding (25)

Brooklyn, Reagan and Aunt Bethany

E&M wedding (27)
Josie and her Mama

E&M wedding (28)

Our wonderful Mama Carol.
She holds the family together and we all love her!

E&M wedding (29)
A picture with dad? Sure.
A smile for the picture? No, thank you!

E&M wedding (30)

“Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”
He was kept busy keeping everyone warm that morning.

E&M wedding (31)

These 2 pretty ladies needed an escort and Mr D was happy to oblige.

E&M wedding (32)

All of us!
And I really like us!

Little Miss Thundercloud was back there happily frowning away.
After this she was sent off with Lisa for a bit of a distraction.
It worked. No attention, something else to think about it
and sure enough, she cheered up.
The more you ask something of her,
the less likely she is to comply.

E&M wedding (33)

Siblings of the bride.
The groom declares himself a bit special to be included in this photo.
We know. We agree.

E&M wedding (34)

Nieces and nephews of the bride.

The Queen decided smiling and being happy was fun!
(Or her big sister may have bribed her with gum)

E&M wedding (35)

Pretty ladies all in white.

E&M wedding (36)

E&M wedding (37)

And smile she did, but only when she felt like it.
She’s sitting on my lap right now and she says,
“I not wook so gwouchy!”

  • Now taking applications to deal with a strong willed child.

… off to the wedding …

E&M wedding (38)

E&M wedding (39)

E&M wedding (40)

E&M wedding (41)

E&M wedding (42)

We had no idea love was in the air!

E&M wedding (43)

E&M wedding (44)

Cupcake goodness!

E&M wedding (45)
Mr. Liam and his pretty Mama

E&M wedding (46)

E&M wedding (47)


E&M wedding (48)

E&M wedding (49)

Although we are not related by blood, it has been said we look alike.

E&M wedding (50)
pretty cousins

E&M wedding (51)

They were ready to be off …
but I think their truck was too full for them.

E&M wedding (52)

And they lived happily every after!

“Some people are worth melting for!”
-Olaf the snowman

Someone Little

Because of someone little,
we laugh a lot around here.

K (8)

Because of someone little,
we find our toothbrushes anywhere in the house.

We run out of ketchup quickly.
And ranch. And cheese. And anything to dip stuff in.

K (11)

Any water glass within reach is empty.

Because of someone little,
we find food from the pantry all over the house.
We put the candy and chips on the top shelves to keep them safe.

K (6)

We make fools of ourselves trying to get her to laugh.
Or talk.
Which isn’t working.
“Mama” or “Dada” is about as much as she’ll say.
She has her own version ofย  “All done!”
which we hear anytime she has to eat.

K (5)
When someone little falls asleep on her own,
(which is rare)
we tiptoe around taking pictures of her.
(because it is so rare!)
As I said, “Rarely ever!”

On laundry day,
we find dirty clothes all over the house
because someone little drags them along behind.
Like any good girl, she has a real love of clothes and shoes.

K (7)

They wanted her to hold hands with them for a picture.
She wouldn’t.
So they decided to say the prayer we pray at meal time.
We hold her hands when we pray and when she heard them pray,
she happily let them hold her hands.

K (9)

Because of someone little,
we laugh at monkey shines!
The more we laugh,
the more she performs.
We have a problem.

K (2)

Because of someone little,
there is a pink blanket and a nippy floating around all the time.

We have to sweep the kitchen floor many many times
after her demolition calling “eating alone!”

K (10)

Because of someone little
big sisters play with,ย  read to and love on her.
Big brother makes her squeal with all his teasing.

We deal with bouts of crying and wailing
then we find big teeth popping through
and we all feel sorry for her.

K (1)

Because of someone little,
we have lots of hugs and squeezes.
We sit and hold because she wants it.
We have lots of cuddle time.

K (14)

And when someone little squeezes you tight,
you want to remember that moment forever.

Family Vacation

Aww a good Monday morning to you!
No, I am not normally this chipper on a Monday morning. It’s just a good one cause the bread is rising and as of 9:12am, my baby is still sleeping! THAT is rare, indeed.
And the fact that it’s at least 60 degrees outside helps too!

Of family vacations and such… it was good.
My sister came too. (and her husband cause Eric needed someone to golf with) ๐Ÿ™‚
We laid on the beach and warmed ourselves to the bones.
We relaxed. We didn’t cook. We ate out.
We just enjoyed ourselves.
We didn’t even have to chase D.
He just sat there so happily with his little shovel and pail.

He didn’t even taste much sand to my knowledge. ๐Ÿ™‚
He loved the water, surprisingly!
The girls played in the sand, buried themselves, swam in the ocean.
Awww it was good.
(except for the grumpy boy evenings from to much sun and lack of sleep)

We golfed.
Or they did.
I chased D with his golf club and ball!

His Daddy gave him a few pointers from time to time.
(when he could catch him)

We swam in the pool.
D was happy to splash and float.
The  girls turned into wrinkled prunes.

We had a picnic on the beach one night and took a few pictures.
The kiddos would have rather run and played in the sand then cooperate.
Actually D didn’t really cooperate. at all. ๐Ÿ™‚
But that’s normal.

I love my girls.
They are as different as day and night.
One cries all the time. Nothing makes the other one cry.
One loves to read. The other loves to dress up and whisper secrets to her imaginary Indian friends.
One is ever so careful, cautious and soo sensitive. She cries for everyone else’s hurts.
The other waltzes thru life without a care in the world and could care less about anyone around her.
How do I learn to relate to them both? How do I know how to take care of 2 people so very different?

I love my little family.
Some days I could scream and run for cover.
But then I look at these pictures and know that someday down the road I’ll look back and just wish for this time!
Some day. One day.
Some day when they are teenagers and trying my patience I’ll wish for the days when I could boss them around.
Some day when they are grown and gone I’ll wish for the days of little hugs and goodnight kisses.
But today, I’ll just try to keep from screaming and running for cover!
And love them.

Eric and I had our 11th anniversary while we were on vacation.
I used to think that people married over 10 years were old.
They aren’t anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚
We’ve had good times, hard times, but over all, it’s been a wonderful 11 years.
I hope there are many more years.

Tim and Sarita came down for the week too.
I was so glad they could come.
You know how some people are just so comfortable to be around.
A sister is one of those people. Probably the best of those people.
It was good. Fun talks, laughs, walks, and she helped with child control!
I was almost 11 years old when she was born.
I remember thinking that I was cheated out of having a sister to do things with.
I thought I would never get to have fun with a sister like all my friends did.
She was so little, so much younger and just not on my uppity level at all!
But, I wasn’t cheated, now we’re on the same level and we have all the good times you could wish for with a sister.

And my buddy boy!
He totally ran wild that night.
And we let him run.
He would just go for it, running as fast as his pudgy legs could carry him.
He’d look back to see if someone was chasing him, only to trip and eat some sand.
In no time at all, he was back up and running again.
I wonder what I did all the time before I had him!
(He’s still sleeping, by the way. And it’s 10:10am)
We wouldn’t want to imagine life without him!

This has turned into a sentimental post that I was not planning to write, but I’ll go with the flow and let it be what it is.
Enjoy each day, vacation or not, because some day down the road….