Life of Late

The mind whirls, the brain spins,
yet nothing intelligent comes forth.
Is that anything new?
I would like to think so,
but then again, I wouldn’t know
because it seems this brain has taken
a siesta from it’s body as of late.

Funerals attended.
A week in Indiana.
Good times with family and friends.
A health crisis with Mom.
A wedding.
Back home.
Calling hours of a friend’s Mom.
A bridal shower.

And in between all that,
there is all the usual here at home.
I felt the lawn tickling my knees
while tomatoes call to me through their rotten spots.
Zucchini the size of pumpkins crawl from the garden,
begging for attention. I am deaf to their cries.
Girls continue to grow, with no concern for what they will wear.
Photos cry from their spot, hidden away in Lightroom.
People continue to send wedding invitations,
all pretty and pleasing to the eye.
I gaze longingly and wish to attend, relax amid the beauty,
and maybe take a nap while I’m there.
Children continue to roam freely,
building towers of toilet paper rolls, while chewing 5 pieces of gum.

These are the days, they say.
You will miss this some day, they say.
Until then, here’s a few of my Project 365 photos of what’s been happening.

I did attend to the zucchini’s cries one day
and chopped it into relish.

This my friends, is the newest leg killer in town.
It is out to get you, just begging to be climbed.
Not hard at all, just a few 200+ steps.
5 days later the legs were still swearing on the way downstairs.

“How many pieces of popcorn can you catch with your mouth?”

“I think I can, I think I can!”
And he did.

Watching Grandpa’s new Tv in their tent!

Visiting Grandma in the hospital after her heart attack.

We were reminded to cherish each day with our loved ones.

My quiet traveling companion.

There was no time to drink coffee that morning,
but whooo could resist drinking with this guy.

We celebrated the pretty bride to be.

And one last shopping trip with this gang.
All the school supplies are collected and waiting for next week.

School and next week should never be in the same sentence,
especially when it feels like it is still July the 4th.

Wild Weeks of Summer

Sometimes summer life gets so crazy,
you just long for those boring days of winter.
Did I just say that?
No, I’m not wishing for winter by any means,
just a little less on my agenda
and a little longer summer.

This summer has just been knock-me-out busy!
I am not one that does well with this kind of life,
so after a few weeks of constantly running,
I am getting snappy, as my family can attest to.
Don’t stop in until I’ve had a few days to recuperate.

Once upon a time, a long time ago,
we manged to hit the beach for a day.
Cousins and friends and all kinds of good fun.

We stick Madison in her happy corner
any time we are home for a bit.
She is now taking donations for a Kitchen Aid.
I don’t know why she thinks she wants one,
we have a perfectly good Bosch.

Life takes unfair and unexpected twists sometimes
and we got the call one evening that Eric’s uncle had passed away.
Since we were heading West for this,
we made a pit stop at Mom’s to drop off the kids and help with corn day.
There were 3! Yes 3! trucks beds full of corn.
We thought we would never get done.
500 some bags later we finally did.

8-4 (3)
On the way home from MO, in the blazing heat,
something quit on the truck.
Thank you Jesus for Auto Zone and brothers that stop to help!

The day we arrived home,
our future brother-in-law’s Dad passed away.
One’s family should never be left to grieve alone,
so we made plans to head south.
We had a few days at home between trips to smash some things in.
8-4 (4)

Such as, tormenting small sisters.

Hitting the library.

A Dr visit for some out of control poison ivy!

The south gave us a warm welcome indeed
after many hours of sitting.

8-4 (5)
We may or may not have made more than one a pit stop here
in the 42 hours we were gone.

8-4 (6)
And these guys solved the worlds problems
while we drove and stopped and drove and waited,
stopped, drove, stopped and drove.
Suffice to say, until all the traffic jams were conquered on the way home,
the “two round fleshy parts that form the lower rear area of a human trunk”
were quite numb!

Thankfully Grandma was stopping in for the night
and rounded up the tribe before we got home.
8-4 (7)
Of course she brings things like chocolate cupcakes for kids.

8-4 (8)
She says it was quite good.
I will let her be the judge of that.

8-4 (9)
Mom also brought gorgeous flowers from the wedding they attended.
They were begging to be photographed.

8-4 (10)
Little One came by for a sniff test.
She said, “Deese smell nummy!”

8-4 (11)

So what do her hair remind you of? 🙂
This morning the horns would have been quite appropriate.

8-4 (12)
Late at night, she ate popcorn to put off bedtime.
Of course the entire bag got dumped and I made her sweep it up.
That turned out to be quite a lot of fun she thought,
much more fun than sleeping.

Quote of the day:

“Oh my word, Mom, look!
A Mommy ice cube is gonna pop out a baby ice cube!”

Of Summer Flying By

I thought it was going to be a lazy summer.
I thought we wouldn’t plan much and just enjoy down time.
I thought we would hit the beach and pool frequently.
I thought … I thought … but it was not to be.
I am still planning for it to happen, one of these days,
whenever I catch up around here.
Let me know if you ever catch up and want to go along.

As for life around here …
lots of things are happening.

There is nothing more pleasing to a boy’s ears,
then the resounding screams of sisters.

July 7 (4)
We hosted a celebrity one night for supper.
We still used paper plates and drank chocolate milk.

We went to Grandma’s house one weekend..
(more on that in another post)
This was early in the morning and she marched out saying,
“I all ready to go to Gamma’s house!”

There were endless days of swimming classes the last few weeks,
squeezed in between rain showers and a few rays of sunshine.

July 7 (1)

This was one morning at class.
Jackets, sweaters and coffee, yes you are seeing right.
It was also 8am!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this,
I had another birthday!
The age will be undisclosed,
it’s a matter of the age of the mind from here on out.

I was gone for a little that morning and Madison was home.
I figured she was baking a birthday cake
because a few of her questions gave it away.
When I came home, she opened the door.
She was grinning and said,
“Come in and look at your cake!”
I couldn’t believe my eyes to see her laughing when I saw the cake.


She had been carrying it to the table right before I came home
and somehow, she’s not sure what happened,
it all slid off and landed in a heap on the table.
She had the grace to pile it back on the plate
and laugh about it when she gave it to me.
We put it in a pan, poured the caramel sauce over it
and feasted away! It was delicious.

July 7 (7)

We ate on the porch that night and the kids took a bunch of pictures.
Much to my dismay, most of them got deleted.
A lot of them were of a 2 year old howling about eating.
Just making sure Mom enjoyed her birthday.


There was the beautiful wedding of an Uncle one Sat.
Lots of fun seeing family!


Her flowers were gorgeous
and I was privileged to bring one home!

July 7 (2)
There was camping for days over the 4th …
more on that in another post.


July 7 (3)
Do not take a 2 year old to any store with these carts.
They will put everything they see in their cart.
They will be as proud as a peacock as they announce,
“I shopping like you, Mommy!”
When you get to the check out,
they will not accept any help placing items on the belt.
And then they will say,
I need you money, Mommy!”
After that they will not want to leave,
“Let’s get more, Mommy!”


Jule 7 (8)
Yesterday was, well, just what yesterday’s are.
Not pretty.
We were all a day behind and one would have thought it was Monday.
The mom was overloaded with things to do and stressed.
It was our first day home all day in about 3 weeks
and no one wanted to do anything,
except for reading, watching movies and taking naps.
We managed to survive and today is better.
Or it was so far.
We had stuffed french toast for lunch
and I’m afraid we’re going to be dealing with a sugar rush all afternoon.
Jule 7 (9)

Starting now,
with head stands on the furniture
by the one and only son!
Gotta go.

March – April 365

I’ve been lax on posting my 365 pictures.
I do post them on my Photography site on FB so you can see them there
or if you don’t have Facebook I am uploading them to a flickr account
that you can find HERE if you are so inclined.

Just a few of my favorites from the last few weeks.


3-23 Little girls with bedhead spooning cereal


3-24 A chilly walk home from school


3-27 “I put pennies in mine piggie bank.”


3-28 A Saturday morning waiting on waffles.


4-1 A lovely morning with family


4-4 She saw the dog killed a mouse so she took it and skinned it with her pocket knife. She was quite pleased with herself.


4-5 He is RISEN


4-8 Long days of painting and late one night I was finally done.


4-10 Would you like a piece or 2?

March – 365

March already?
Yes, I am aware that it is nearly over.

3-1 Soft pretzels

3-2 My Haitian bowl with fruit

3-3 The feverish child sleeps

3-4 The librarian is in.

3-5 There are actually days you can tell they love each other.

3-6 Their favorite spot in Pinecraft FL

3-7 Vacation is the life… for kids.
(but any good mom knows they were up and running in 2.5 sec)

3-8 Quick Care Sunday Morning.

3-9 Beach days are quite a lot more fun for the kids then parents.

3-10 Waving in the wind

3-11 Sea Shell hunting with their dad.
(You should have seen her throw it when it stuck a sticky leg out the side)

3-12 Little Georgie is feeling better if she wants my coffee again.

3-13 One last swim

3-14 Homeward bound

3-15 Are we there yet?

3-16 God paints the sky

3-18 Time spent with old friends are the best.

3-20 Reagan makes the best of the mud

3-21 A good lunch after grocery shopping