Of Taking Photos

Do you take photos?
What kind of photos do you take?
Do you use a camera? Do you use a phone?
Do you make your kids pose and smile?
Do you take photos when they are playing and doing normal things?
Does your house need to be clean for a photo?
Do you move the junk in the background to make it look like Pinterest?

However, whatever way, please, just pick up your phone or camera and use it.
Take photos!

Make them smile and say cheese.
And then take some of your everyday life!
I can’t say it enough. Just take photos.

You think you have the memory of an elephant, but I guarantee you won’t always remember what your 4th child looked like jumping on the sofa pillows that were spread all over the living room floor. Or for that matter, how the 11-year-old sits when she reads.

I would like to tell you to pick up a camera and use it, but if you won’t, that’s fine. At least use your phone to take photos. After you do that, save them somewhere and then print them. Two days from now when your two-year-old gives the phone a bath, you’ll want the photos you took today.

Don’t make them look and smile every time. The inner me wants to do that. I want to fix and primp and say, “Smile nicely. Look at me. Behave. Look normal.” All the while what I am really doing is creating an unnatural look because what child stands still, smiles nicely and is cleaned up 100% of the time? None. And while you’re at it, let the mess in the background. No one has a house straight from a magazine.
(well most of us don’t anyway)

Take photos of the kid covered in chocolate pudding.
(and print them, like the one on my fridge)
Take photos when you stop for ice cream in the summer or go to the park.

Take photos of them wrestling on the floor after supper.
(I would post that one, but one of them probably wouldn’t approve) 🙂
Take photos when they fall asleep on your lap with their rattiest clothes on.
Take common, ordinary, everyday photos!

Now let’s talk about you, the primary photo snapper. Are there any photos of you? Hand your camera or phone to your husband or kids and tell them to take pictures. They will love it and who cares if you think you look fat, your hair aren’t combed or whatever. In 20 years, you’ll think you look great!

Be intentional about photographing and videoing your family. Eric’s aunt texted me one day and asked if we owned a video camera? No, we don’t, we used to but we just use our phones now. “Buy one!” she said. They had just watched their home videos from when her kids were young and she couldn’t believe all the things she had forgotten.

Someday you will be glad for every single photo you have taken of your people and wish for even more. I love every photo we have of Tristan. I wish we had more. The other day I came across some more that I didn’t know we had and they are a treasure. We don’t care how he looks, we are just so glad for a few more visual memories of him.

Take a photo of the after school mess, the projects, the crafts and the one million things they can drag out to create one little thing.

All that to say, pull out your phone or camera, take some pictures, hand it off to have some taken of you and smile!


March – 365

March already?
Yes, I am aware that it is nearly over.

3-1 Soft pretzels

3-2 My Haitian bowl with fruit

3-3 The feverish child sleeps

3-4 The librarian is in.

3-5 There are actually days you can tell they love each other.

3-6 Their favorite spot in Pinecraft FL

3-7 Vacation is the life… for kids.
(but any good mom knows they were up and running in 2.5 sec)

3-8 Quick Care Sunday Morning.

3-9 Beach days are quite a lot more fun for the kids then parents.

3-10 Waving in the wind

3-11 Sea Shell hunting with their dad.
(You should have seen her throw it when it stuck a sticky leg out the side)

3-12 Little Georgie is feeling better if she wants my coffee again.

3-13 One last swim

3-14 Homeward bound

3-15 Are we there yet?

3-16 God paints the sky

3-18 Time spent with old friends are the best.

3-20 Reagan makes the best of the mud

3-21 A good lunch after grocery shopping

Little Lia

A phone call comes that you never want to answer.
Words spoken that squeeze the heart.
Pain that one never wants to imagine.
A little tiny life snatched away so quickly,
whisked into the arms of Jesus in a mere moment.
Tears fall like rain.
A precious little child taken from the ones who loved her.

Aliyia (1)
She was an adorable little girl, loved by 2 families.
Her birth family and her foster family,
who were loving her while her Mom was incarcerated.
She slipped away from a watchful eye and was struck by a car.
So tiny, so fragile, so sweet, and Jesus called.

Aliyia (2)
At Christmas time my cousin Glenda had asked if I would come over
and take some photos of her and Alliyia doing their normal things together.
It was so much fun and now I look through them and the tears slip down,
remembering this sweet little one and knowing the pain they feel.

Aliyia (3)
Snuggles with Nana and baby.

Aliyia (4)

Aliyia (5)
She loved to read books.

Aliyia (6)
Bedtime was so much fun.

Aliyia (7)
Sweet, squishy little hugs that you will never ever forget.

Aliyia (8)

Aliyia (9)
Snack time standing on her favorite spot in the kitchen.

Aliyia (10)
Glenda kept pictures of Alliyia’s Mom around the house.

Aliyia (11)
She loved to touch, kiss, and talk to them.

Aliyia (12)
Singing her favorite song, “Building up the Temple.”

Aliyia (13)
Peek around the chair was a favorite game.

Aliyia (14)
Look at her little toe, sticking up in the air.

Aliyia (15)
Peek-a-boo sweet little one,
if only for one more time.

Aliyia (16)
Let’s read just one more book.

Aliyia (17)
…and blow just a few more sweet kisses good-bye!

Jesus, hold her close.
She is so very missed down here.

Squeeze your children one more time today!
Love them.

And please, breathe a prayer for these families!

Project 365 – Feb

2-17 The kids went out to play after dark one night when Eric was gone.

2-18-22-18 My Little One

2-19 Lunch alone.

2-20 Our fireman who keeps us safe.
2-21 Their Dad came home to give them rides since their Mom wouldn’t go out in the snow.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

2-22 Sunday Night Popcorn


2-23 Fresh Bread


2-24 Someone had a birthday!


2-25 A bit of redecoration and best of all the kids stand and read the map.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

2-26 Helped with a Colonial Lunch at school


2-27 Miss Libby


2-28 A sister lunch

Project 365 – February


2-1 There is always good food at Mom’s house.


2-2 It’s always farming season, no matter the weather.


2-3 Yogart Parfaits for Ladies Night Out.


2-4 Grilled peanut butter and jelly.
Try it. It’s the best like that!


2-5 Would you like a blueberry with that?


2-6 Pretty Sunset while we traveled.


2-7 God’s delicate creation


2-8 An intriguing station


2-9 Fried cornmeal mush. Yummers.


2-10 My Good Will find


2-11  Our school had a book fair and Reagan’s class used “Summer of the Monkeys” for their book. (these were made for them by their teacher’s mom)


2-12 When you bow and arrow breaks, make skis.

2-13  You know they were good when you find this. The girls brought leftover cupcakes home from a school party and the little guys ate them up.


2-14 No flowery Valentines picture for this day. We got caught in this on the way home from town. Madison took this picture while I was driving.

2-15 Miss Monkey with a monkey face.


2-16 With arctic tempts this morning, not too much else matters.

Jan. 365

1-15 That beautiful thing called Sunshine.
We see so little of it here that it’s a day to celebrate when it does shine.

1-161-16 The girls were trying to watch a movie.
One has to sit directly in front of the screen and one can’t sit still.

1-17 These are the moments everyone says, “Ohh, you’ll miss this one day.”
They forget the moments when everyone is grabbing and fighting for the same color and the same piece.


1-18 Anything is a book marker around here. Anything.


1-19 A cute birthday favor Reagan brought home from school.


1-20 My lunch date. Hopefully his manners will improve before he goes on any important dates.


1-21 Late one night unknown to anyone, she ruined these glasses.
Now they are her favorite toy.


1-22 Favorite color day at school.
“Would you like a bit of pepto bismol with that green bean?”


1-23 – Cookie baking day


1-24 Late night texting with the sister.
And no, you can’t read it, no matter how much you try.
(I made sure of that)


1-25 Sunday night game players.
As you can imagine, it ended badly with these 2 in the same game.


1-26 A snowy morning
Wash me and I shall be white then snow.


1-27 A broken jeep means a little help from Dad and super glue.


1-28 “Mom I just made the giganticist snowball.”


1-29 Thomas has a new tunnel.


1-30 She makes herself right at home at Grandma’s house.


1-31 My brother’s welding hobby.
A mini Scwhinn. The wheels roll, the pedals turn, it’s cute.

January – 365

I am going to give Project 365 a shot this year.
It remains to be seen if I will get it all accomplished or not.
I already missed Jan 4 since I started a bit late but
that just gives room for other missed days.
Some will be taken with my camera
and some with my cell phone.

1-1 – We crack crab legs with the big guns.

1-2 She loves to watch this video. “Gin, gin” she yells when it’s over.

1-3 Isn’t this just begging to be filled with coffee?

1-5 The puzzlers of the family

1-6 Snow day baking with the kids

1-7 It’s cold and snowy outside so they snuggle together inside.

1-8 Little pancakes for little people.
They are stacked on a dessert plate and the top one is
about the size of a quarter.

1-9 Her full time hobby.

1-10 On Saturdays her creative spirit comes out when she has time to play.

1-11 All ready for church.

1-12 Breakfast of champions

1-13 Sweet hands quilting with love.

1-14 Do you know how hard it is to teach a left hander to write?