Life ’round Here

Beautiful, bright and shiny,
that sunshine I see.
The warm air, or what we call warm,
feels marvelous.
Has Spring come to stay?
I sure hope this sunshine burns up some germs
we have floating around here.

blog 3-31 (6)

The other day Kennedy and Dakota were on the floor playing
and she started with a coughing spasm.
He backed up a bit and said,
“PLEASE! Get her out of my space!”

That’s how we all feel about these illnesses.

blog 3-31 (4)
D was to the Dr yesterday so I hope we’re all on the mend.


blog 3-31 (7)
When the Mother tries to do a bit of cleaning
they all swoop in and make a house out of everything.
Why yes, I flip my chairs over every week.
You mean you don’t? 😛
ha. please don’t stop in unannounced.

blog 3-31 (9)
When you leave for 20 minutes and come home
and find the need to google,
“How do you get dry erase marker off carpet”
Maybe this is why I needed to flip over furniture.


Madison is on a baking spree.
She comes home from school and says,
“I am going to bake and bake and bake today!”
I say “Fine!”

Most of the things have something to do with chocolate.
I think she’s getting her chocolate fix now
because her Mother rarely bakes anything chocolate.

blog 3-31 (2)
{Her Chocolate Crinkle cookies}

Last night she made a Texas Sheet cake.
All went well and after supper she made the frosting.
She called me over and said,
“This stuff is so runny it probably won’t even stay on the cake!”
Sure enough, it was fairly dripping off the spoon.
I asked a whole lot of questions,
yes, everything was in,
yes, she followed the recipe,
yes, she did everything right
(given that there were no directions beside the ingredients.)
Finally she started reading the recipe,
listing all the amounts she had put in.
Butter =  3 and 1/2 STICKS
Her Mother yelled, “WHAAAAAT?”
She shrugged, “But that’s what the recipe says!”

Now this Mother had made that recipe lots of times
and she knew good and well it had always turned out before
and she had NEVER used that much butter in the frosting.
She whipped that card out of the daughter’s hand
and prepared to read it correctly.
Lo and behold, sure enough it said,
1 and 3/4 c butter.

I groaned.
In all the times I made the recipe,
I never noticed that little c that I had mistakenly written down.
I always knew it meant 1 1/2 sticks.
Well, score 1 for her, she was obviously following directions.

On to the next problem.
We were almost out of powered sugar
and we had already borrowed all of the neighbor’s cocoa powder,
so we weren’t gonna go asking again.
I dumped half the soupy frosting in a bowl
and added the rest of the powered sugar to the other half
and all was well!
They ate up the cake with lots of frosting.


blog 3-31 (1)
When you take them to Home Depot and you think
pushing one of those huge dumb carts will help entertain.

blog 3-31 (3)
He loves to play Memory and will play with anyone that is willing.
She is willing because she is always the winner,
showing no mercy at any point in the game!
I guess he is a glutton for punishment
because he’ll always play another game with her.

blog 3-31 (8)
Those lazy Sat mornings when they all watch You Tube videos
and laugh and laugh and laugh.
Those are good times to watch.


On my last post about comparing,
I was also thinking about the flip side.
Do I degrade people in comparison to myself?
Do I judge them?
Do I think less of them than myself?
Sadly, sometimes, yes.

This quote by C.S. Lewis says a lot:

“Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man… It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone.”


Monday Musings

It’s another day like most of the rest here in Ohio.
Dreary. Overcast. Skies are heavy.
Sunshine is no where to be found.

But this wind, wow, it feels like we’re on the plains of Kansas.
Can’t say I know exactly what that feels like,
since I’ve never been there other than driving through,
but we’ll go ahead and just imagine because
I think we’re getting close to it today as far as mph goes.
Everything on my front porch that was glass
is now broken from blowing over or away.

I feel like I write for the Budget when I write about the weather.
I do have to say this about the weather,
if you would like a little bit of every season,
each season, move to Ohio.
It’s still officially Fall, yet last week on Monday
school was canceled because of snow. {winter}
This Monday we’re blowing away at 60 degrees. (spring}
We’re just waiting for our day of Summer yet.


blog 11-24-14 (1)
Last week I spent an evening with good friends.
It was a great and late one.
We hopped from one coffee spot to another till they all closed.

The next morning, this mother may have had a coffee hangover.
blog 11-24-14 (2)
It was wildly crazy and loud in here and all the kids were up too early.
The only thing close enough to use for ear plugs were
{{{insert drumroll here}}}
Tinker Toys.
For your future reference, they work well.

This mother’s children thought it wildly amusing
and documented it with photos like she does to them.
As you can see, she was less then impressed.


blog 11-24-14 (3)
This NEVER happens here.
The act of voluntarily falling asleep without force.
But it did, for the first time in her life.
And no, she wasn’t sick.

blog 11-24-14 (4)
Build your kids a house.
Hours of free entertainment.
Not without the cost of breaking up fights, of course,
but mostly worth the mess it makes.

What do your kids do on cold winter days?


blog 11-24-14 (6)
Sometimes I think, “Just stay little, my boy!”
Running around here,
ok who am I kidding,
jumping, running and tearing around here,
asking questions.

He put his shirt back on the other day and said,
“Aww, this feel warmer. Now I don’t have to cuzzle up with you!”

blog 11-24-14 (8)
This is what we find all the time now.
For some odd reason, she loves to lick them.
Christmas decorating… totally pointless with Little One.
I wasn’t really in the mood to get any of it out yet
because well, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving,
but the kids wanted to on Saturday so I let them.
The girls put stuff all over the place and made their own creations.
Sometimes it drives my OCD nuts to let their stuff go,
but other times I’m just glad I don’t have to do it by myself.


Yesterday in church we heard this and I’ve been rolling it around.
I’m putting it out here for you to think about too.

This is in my own words since I can’t quote him exactly.

“We build boxes around ourselves and don’t let anyone else in.
Then we sit in the box and cry because we are lonely.
But really, it’s our own fault .
We are too scared to get out of the box and let people
see the real Me so we stay in the box and cry
while building higher walls.”


Happy Monday and a blessed Thanksgiving week to you.

What are you most thankful for this year?

Life ‘Round Here

Blog 9-26 (9)

Good Sunshiny morning from Ohio.

These mornings are just the best.
Cool, crisp, and foggy.
Coffee never tasted better
and we have nothing better to do
then sit on the porch, sip it and watch the sun rise.

Blog 9-26 (10)

We live a life of leisure, wining and dining the days away.

Blog 9-26 (8)

We do brunches, lunches, and coffee breaks,
sitting with friends and family.

Blog 9-26 (4)

Throw in an elegant wedding occasionally and we are good to go!

In reality this may or may not be happening.

Trust me, back on the farm there is real life abounding.

Blog 9-26 (12)

We get up early and read to our babies!

Blog 9-26 (5)

We watch patiently, or not,
the entire 12 minutes it takes to bake cookies.

Blog 9-26 (6)

We steal cookies and wear big bows brother sticks in our hair.

Blog 9-26 (7)

We climb trees.
And then look down and wonder how we got up here.

Blog 9-26 (13)

We stalk the neighboring Amish school,
wishing we dared to take pictures while they kids played.

Blog 9-26 (14)

We drive jeeps. and more jeeps. too many jeeps.
We park. We have parades. We teach little sister to drive.

Blog 9-26 (2)

We go to Mc Donald’s and play to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday.
It doesn’t matter that Grandpa lives many miles away
and wasn’t with us that day.

Blog 9-26 (1)

We also poke our fingers into every soft tomato that we find.

Blog 9-26 (16)

We do trips to Home Depot and drive the big bus.
What a jolly good time we (they) had.

Blog 9-26 (3)

We leave the sour gummy worms on the table opened
and someone helps herself.

Blog 9-26 (11)

That someone also growls at the screen when this picture comes up.
We don’t have to wonder why.

Blog 9-26 (15)

We go church camping and take pretty pictures.

We are enjoying real life.
Next up according to Mr D.
Finding enough leaves for a pile to jump in.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be a spy.”
Sibling reply: “But you can’t. You go to church!!”

This week and More

Random photos of the last few days, weeks, months,
or whatever strikes my fancy today.
That’s how we roll right now.
Last minute, whatever sounds good.

blog 9-12 (1)

I am feeling slightly sleep deprived,
I think an afternoon coffee would be in order.
Pinterest produced a recipe for a Salted Caramel Mocha Latte
and it seems to be calling my name. rather loudly.

blog 9-12 (4)

Fall is in the air.
Never mind, not just in the air,
it’s all over the ground already.
As in hundreds of leaves.
Aside from the falling leaves,
we had a very good bag of Gala Apples
that were feasted upon.
Since they were on the table,
and that is Little Ones favorite spot,
we often found an apple with a small bite out of it.

blog 9-12 (2)

Speaking of Little One.
If she is hiding under the desk or behind the chair,
she is usually doing something naughty.
She had a tube of chap stick that she quickly stuck in the cooler.


After hearing much wailing,
Mom snaps, “Reagan, share the helmet!”
A muffled voice replied, “Well, by my calculations, it’s not his turn yet!”


blog 9-12 (10)

One of the last warm days we had, he had the hose!

blog 9-12 (11)

Everything close to him was completely soaked until he was done.
As in windows, sister and all. yes. everything.

blog 9-12 (12)

He dumped water down the slide to make it “much more slicker”
and so it was. Rather got out of hand on him. 🙂

blog 9-12 (9)

There are days it is necessary to wear a head lamp to do your naughty work.

For the life of me I cannot spell necessary. not ever.
Spell Check, let me count the ways I love thee!


Today is “fight with your sibling day.”
Oh seriously, how could you not know (hear) that?

Maybe that’s why there is a for sale sign at the neighbors.


R: “You’re the cat and I’m the dog.”
D: “No!”
R: “Ok, I’m the dog and you’re the cat.”
D: “Noooooo!”
(This used to work on him but not anymore.)


blog 9-12 (8)

Where is this man when I need him to keep the peace?
Oh, yes, how could I forget, he has a job too!

Read this in your best whiny-wailing voice:
“Reagan just went and zoomed right straight into the bathroom
just right in front of me and now I can’t go because she just zoomed
in before I could and now she’s just in there and I can’t gooooooooo.”

Yeah. It’s that kind of day.


blog 9-12 (7)

All at once Mr D decided he wants to do school work, so we shall.
He had zero interest in this until the girls started school.


“Mom, if you see a worm, don’t even take one swallow!”
Thanks for the warning. I’ll try and refrain
although I am trying to imagine why a worm
would be close enough for me to swallow.


blog 9-12 (5)

This was my lunch on Salsa day.
Try it some day.
I’ll probably be receiving a hefty donation
from the Oreo company for starting a fad like this.
(Do you think they’ll see it’s not the real Oreo brand?)

blog 9-12 (6)

“Mom, where are we?”

“Ohhh, I see our lane!”

blog 9-12 (13)

This ^^ has become a bit of a problem.
If I hear a loud “Yeah!” from anywhere in the house,
usually behind the chair,
I know that she has found the phone and is trying to find her app.

How did this happen?
My 18 month old can run my phone.

So, everything is put up high.
Not that it does any good,
because with the help of a chair,
she can climb anywhere she pleases.

blog 9-12 (14)

When he hears it, he is attached to her side.
They really don’t watch much
but give them the chance and they are happy to oblige!


 You can only ignore wailing so long.

Friday Photo Dump #3

Random photos from my phone.
It’s fun to look back thru these photos,.
kind of a walk thru my life since I got it.
These are some from the last week.

I tend to take more photos then the average person I think because my kids are now saying,
“Hold still till I get Mom’s phone!”


If you, or anyone you know, are in need of new eye wear, give us a call.
We would be more then happy to fix you up with a super cheap pair.
No prescription necessary.


The stage of crawling on top of everything has begun.
She reminds me so very much of my wild child Reagan.
Look out world.


Mr D while we were shopping.
He was so tired of the “girl stores” so he tried on glasses to entertain himself.
When we came to another pink aisle he says, “Naah, I think I’ll skip this one!”


We did manage to hit a “boy” aisle.
The girls went through and quickly pushed every single button on every single toy
and the poor kid couldn’t handle the noise.
He has super sensitive ears and holds them shut for the slightest noise
so this was totally over the top for him.


This is how we bake at our house.
If you stop in, I would advise you not to eat any of this batch of cookies.
Little One just learned how to dip your finger in for a bite of dough.
I finally made them stop and Mr D looks at it for awhile and says,
“Oh my word, I would just like to jam my tongue down in that cookie dough!”


She was a total nut case over cookie dough.

I had told them to stop licking dough and after I took a pan of cookies out the oven
I looked over to see Dakota holding the cookie scoop very close to his mouth.
“Did you lick that scoop?”
“No. I just put my tongue on the side of it and then took it off!”


At the rate she picks, we shouldn’t have a yellow dandelion anywhere in the lawn.
She loves them.
Sadly, the crop is so plentiful that she has a lot to choose from.


Tinker toy time while Little One sleeps.
If she’s awake, it’s just a mess.
Whatever he builds, she is right there to grab and run!
It is also noteworthy that he chose his own clothing that morning.


Beautiful, beautiful day!

Laundry flapping in the breeze,
leaves popping out on the trees,
and blues skies with a few fluffy clouds.


Just in case there is the slightest possibility that the girls want to use one of the swings,
he makes sure to use them all.


She loves to eat alone.
She holds the fork in one hand and uses her fingers on the other hand to pick up the food.


Today while driving he says to me,
“Mom, did you say it’s Dad’s birthday next?
I know what I’m gonna get him…..
a trampoline! He’ll love it!”

~~ ~~

Life is good.
Enjoy today.

Friday Photo Dump

We’re feeling better.
Sickness seems to have moved on, other then colds.
Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the winter!

This post is just a random collection of cell phone photos.
It kind of goes against my grain to post these because my phone doesn’t take the best pictures.


He could not have been happier.
Duck Dynasty boxers for Christmas.


Should we be worried?
I found this note one morning.
When I questioned her she says,
“Well I already left and came back and you didn’t even know it.”
Oh, well sorry about that!


Cleaning out the closets when we moved mom.
We thought this was necessary for protected when we opened the closet doors.
(If you know mom, you know that is not one bit true! She has the cleanest closets around!) 🙂


 Just a bit small!
Ya think? 🙂


When one child cleans bathrooms for me, this is what we find.
Notice that the rug is already put back down so there is little danger of slipping.


It was very cold here. Very cold. This is the inside of the bedroom window.


When Aunt Amanda brings cinnamon rolls for his breakfast, he is happy!


She put her to sleep.
She just longs to rock her to sleep and K will have nothing to do with it.
This time she let her and Reagan was so happy.


She walks.
IF she feels like.
IF she wants to.
IF she wants to go slow.
Crawling is so much faster.


Kitchen help these days.
Baking is work!


Dakota wants help playing a game.
Madison tries to read and play at the same time.
Help arrives in the form of a pink person!


Every. single. time. we open the door.
I had opened the drawer, put stuff on the counter and when I turned around, there she was.


No matter how cold it is outside, coffee with friends warms you on the inside.


She thought she had it made.
Becca let her have the peanut butter dish!


Happy thankful thoughts today.
– A warm house
– A napping baby
– Laundry= we have clothes to wear
– Memories of a day with friends
– Beautiful sunshine even if it’s 5.5 degrees
– That I get to stay home all day
– Music
– People who send Christmas cards in Jan.
– School teachers for my girls


“The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zeph 3:17

Friday Photo Dump

Random photos from my phone.

7 2.  8

 Alphabet train. Wish I knew how many times we’ve put that thing together.
2. Sometimes Sweet Pea goes to sleep before she’s done eating. We can do anything we want and she just keeps right on sleeping!

Lovely daffodils blooming along our lane. They are in shock from 80* yesterday to 40* today.

Breakfast from Ben, thanks to his mom. 🙂

The girls went on an errand with Eric the other night and managed a pit stop at the greenhouse for flower pickings. There were 2 happy girls, thanks to Travis! They filled 2 pans with water and arranged all the blooms in them.

18  2. 9
Summer, please come quickly!! We want to take her swimming!
2. Great Aunt Carolyn reminiscing about her days with her twins. Only hers had red hair and were wearing blue.

A wonderful day with friends.

Just keepin’ it real! As you can see, I tried to make bread that day and everything else went to pot!

Yay! Sweet Pea is tired!

Mr. D decided to go swimming the other day in 60* weather. He laid out first, then decided to go diving and was shocked speechless with the freezing cold rain water. After ordering a 5 gal bucket of hot water, he swam for 5 minutes and was done.

This is what you do after you let your Bosch crawl off the counter.
It works.
Anyone have a bowl I can buy?

The stray cat that refuses to leave. I call him Jack. Anyone want him?


Mr. D makes quite a fashion statement with the new glasses these days.

Her Highness was mad one morning at breakfast so she built a wall with cereal boxes so she wouldn’t have to look at anyone.

He’s teaching her young.