How Did This Happen?

Do you ever look at your kids and think,
“How in the world did this happen?
I am too young to have kids this age!”

Or this one,
“There is no way my child is old enough to do this,
she was only born yesterday!”

blog 4-15 (6)

My mind says,
“I have 4 kids? How can this be?
Am I not still 21?”
Brain is lying, “Yes, of course you are 21.”
Body is yelling, “NO!”

One minute I’m all like,
“Child! You are quite old enough to learn to do this on your own.
Buck up and pull your weight around here because you can!”
And the next minute it’s,
“What? No way, you can’t do that.
You aren’t nearly old enough to be wanting to do this!”

What has happened to me when I wasn’t watching?

And now I hear the chorus of older moms chiming in and saying,
“We told you this would happen!

I look at the Mom with her little firstborn and I want to say,
“Love every minute, they’ll be 10 tomorrow.”
But I don’t because I hated that line.
When you said that to me I thought,
“Really, you just forgot how long a year is with a newborn!”

blog 4-15 (2)

The things I thought would never happen to me,
are happening as we speak.
I used to look at Moms and think,
“How can you not know your kid came to church
with 2 different colored socks!”
Now I’m like, “Hey, he has socks on, that’s all that matters.”

Once upon a time I saw a kid with jelly smeared all over her mouth
and was like, “Don’t you ever look at your kids or clean them?”
Now we go somewhere and I finally look at my child and hiss,
“Oh. my. word. you didn’t brush your teeth.
Here, scrub them with a Kleenex!”

blog 4-15 (5)

When we moved to OH from MD we lived beside a young family
and they were our source of (great) entertainment!
(we didn’t get out much)

The kids would run around most of the day wearing big floppy T-shirts,
eating egg sandwiches whenever they wished,
hair flying everywhere, driving 4 wheeler or crawling a tree.
I would think to myself,
“Of all things! How can she not have time to get her kids dressed!”
Now. Oh seriously, help me.
blog 4-15 (4)
Look whose kid is playing in the mud in his pajamas,
at 11am, none the less!
Sure enough, it’s mine.
Mine are now behaving just like the neighbor kids!

Don’t laugh at my kid though, it will come back to haunt you!
I should have never laughed when I watched
all the wild things those neighbor kids did.
Thankfully they all seem to have turned out fairly well,
so there may be hope for my crew yet.

But really, how in the world is this happening to me?
I’m an not old enough or mature enough to be raising this tribe!
Sometimes I look around and wonder whose children these are anyway?
I thought people were usually old and mature
by the time they got to this stage of life.

Thankfully, they’re all alive and well so far.
True, they may need counseling some day because of their Mother,
but as far as today goes, they all seem quite happy
and I haven’t lost my mind yet trying to catch up.

I’m still stuck here wondering how my daughter
can be 11, almost 12 and if the next few years go this fast,
she’ll be almost 21 next year.
I will not be doing the math on my age
at this speed of light we’re living in.

blog 4-15 (3)

 I hear that chorus again singing,
“We told you so, oh we tooold you so!”
And so you did.
Go ahead and remind me again, but tell me this,
Is this just a phase you hit at this point in life
or will this state of mind continue forever?

A City Trip (with kids)

On the 10th day of the 10th month,
the father of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan
set off on a journey to the golf course
with brothers, uncles and cousins of all tribes.

Now the mother of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan,
knowing that her husband was leaving,
thought to herself,
“The daughters of the tribe have been requesting
a trip to the near by city, we should go.”
Where upon when school was dismissed,
she loaded the tribe and set sail.
One would have thought that by now
this mother would know better, but alas,
she forgets quickly.

Arriving at the entrance of the city gates,
a dispute arises among the occupants of the carriage
on where to purchase food for the evening meal.
One was in search of the Chinese,
another requesting a visit with the Mexicans
and yet another wanted to spend time with
Old McDonald on his farm.
Putting her foot down swiftly
the mother of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan replied,
“I will decide!”
And so it would be.

Upon arriving at their destination,
seat belts clicked,
squabbles broke out
and more disputes arose.
After quieting the tribe,
the mother herded them toward the entrance.

Once inside, Little One yelled loudly
and chewed the handle of the cart.
The eldest of the tribe firmly griped the hand
of the son of Eric
and a roar came forth from him
as one can only imagine,
for he did not want his hand held.
Not to be left out,
the 2nd daughter of the tribe ambled about,
the world in general dismissed from her mind,
eying candy, touching goods, reading labels,
wandering aimlessly in front of anyone whose path we might cross.

Where upon, the mother of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan
squeezed her eyes shut and wondered
what in this world she had gotten herself into,
for you see,
it had been many months since she had embarked
on such a journey.
To the best of her ability she pressed onward
going potty, putting things back on shelves,
looking at toys, squelching requests,
rounding up stragglers,
and mentally praying that her husband
was enjoying himself.

When the walk through the store concluded,
they left the building and upon entering the carriage
a cry arose from the tribe
as to where we should purchase food for the evening meal.
Squeezing her eyes tightly,
the mother once again let her voice be heard.
And all was quiet!

A mental decision was made to visit the food court
at the local mall where everyone could
partake of the food of their choice.
Only if you are a mother
can you image the going on that followed
creating the event of the evening meal.
The mother of the tribe was grateful
that few people had chosen to grace us with their presence.

Exiting the building the eldest daughter quietly spoke,
“Now I know why we don’t do this very often!”
And the Mother just smiled and herded her tribe
back to the carriage for the return trip
and hoped that her husband was enjoying himself.


Of flowers and Mother’s day

It’s been a long time..
no apologies here.
I log on and sit here and look at the screen then log back off.
Don’t have a lot of words right now.

Spring has been so slow in coming this year.
Lots of rain… hopefully we’ve seen the last of that for a bit.

The flowers popped up and bloomed, even in the rain and the cold.
These are my kind of plants. The do-it-yourself-don’t-ask-me-for-help kind!
Cause if you’re a plant and you’re asking me for help, cold hard truth is, you’re gonna die!

I just plunked these little buggers in the woods one year and haven’t touched them since!
Good girls!
My ferns treat me nicely too! Just pop up every year and keep multiplying without my help!
Other flowers that I have to plant. Not so good.
Don’t even ask me to keep a potted plant alive.

I have a major “flower picker” around!
If it blooms, she’s gonna pick it.
Right now I have a big bouquet of “purple weeds” jammed into a cup on the table. 🙂
And her outfit, well that was the current choice from the dress up box.
She’s all into Indian things right now.
Any help in clothing in that particular department would be great.

I was making a brown dress today and she was chopping away at the extra material. She brought me a decent size piece so I snipped fringes in the bottom, zipped up the sides, serged the top, zigzagged a piece of elastic around the top and we called it Indian.
She wore that and a head band and arm bands the rest of the day!
Yes, just that and the bands.
“Indians do that Joel says.”

These are a flower of choice around here too.
They are not killable at. all.
They appear frequently in bouquets too!

This pile comes from her for Mother’s day.
Grandpa helped her pick them.
Sadly they wilted before we came home.

Speaking of Mother’s Day… we had a good day.
Spent the whole day with Eric’s family.

Me and Little D… the only picture I have of myself and any kiddos that day.

He had some help in the flower department too. 🙂

Most of our day was spent out here enjoying the beautiful sunshine!
It was most lovely!

There are so many good Mother’s day post floating around cyber land right now.
So much good reading but so many things that I can criticize myself for, so many grand and glorious things to do with being a mom.
Makes me wonder if my children are actually going to survive having me for their mom!

Then I read somewhere, or heard, that that is a great tactic of Satan.
Slamming you with all this great stuff that others are doing and soon you start doubting whether you are even fit for the job.
Don’t let him do that. I doubt you are going to kill your children with your parenting skills. If one thing fails, try again and don’t let Satan get the upper hand!
That’s what I’m working on right now. Being the best I can be, just who I am.
(Altho some improvement wouldn’t hurt) 🙂

Oh and I did win a super duper give away thanks to Linda!
I’m one of those people who says, “I never win anything!”
Guess I can’t say that anymore. 🙂
Thanks Linda!