A Mother’s Day Apology

Dear Mom, this Mother’s day I would like to apologize.
There are so many things I need to apologize for now that I have children of my own. I’m so sorry about these things, but why on earth did you not tell me this stuff back then so I would see the error of my ways and be less likely to encounter it these days?

June 82

I’m sorry for fussing about how close a sibling was sitting in the backseat of the car. There were only 3 of us back there, plenty of room, I now know. I don’t know why it mattered if they were sitting a half inch on my side of the seam or touching my dress.

I’m sorry for picking petty arguments with one of the brothers just because I was bored. I know your brain was probably on overload after getting us all ready for church on time and then I had to go and pester one of them all the way to church. And the crying, I’m sorry for all the crying when he would then turn around and pinch me. It was really my own fault, my apologies.

I’m sorry for hiding in the bathroom with my book and pretending I didn’t hear you call, even when you were right outside the door. I know now I should have been at your beck and call waiting for another job.

I’m sorry for making the lunch dishes take h-o-u-r-s with my piddling around. If only I had listened and just hurried to get them done so I could go play, like you suggested. Instead, I whined, fussed and complained about the horridness of the job and how long it was taking. I humbly apologize and every time my children do this with their modern day dishwasher, I repent again.

Grandma chicken
I am also sorry for ruining every photo you have of me.
This must have been when you had to cut the gum out of my hair!

I am deeply contrite for all the times I fussed, whined, complained or wailed about my hair and my clothes. ( although it appears ^^ as if I had a just reason) I should have appreciated the fact that you combed my hair every morning and had nice clean clothing available for me. But no-o-o-o, instead my hair were too tight or too loose, too high or too low and if none of the above, then they pulled up front or felt weird in the back or just looked ugly that day. When I finally forgot about my hair, then my clothes weren’t right. The socks were itchy, they were tight or too loose, the toes of the socks didn’t fit right inside the shoe and I hated how the knee socks felt behind my knee. The dress was either too long or short, the sleeves pinched, the elastic was twisted, I didn’t like the color, or it just didn’t f-e-e-l right. And my shoes, they were so old and floppy, too cold or hot, too tight or loose and not as cool as my friend’s. Then, of course, the Velcro straps didn’t close tight enough or the ties were just not, not, not, quite right. I apologize for crying when the lace loops were not the same length. I am so sorry. All of this and more has come back for me.


And eating, I’m really sorry about not eating everything you put on my plate without fussing. I know it was all good and healthy for me and I should have just happily eaten away. I now realize how many hours you put into a meal and then to have me sit there and say I don’t like it, well, I really shouldn’t have. Cook for me again and I promise to eat it all without complaining.

I humbly ask your forgiveness for all the wailing that occurred when it was time to pick up toys. As I recall, I was never the one who dumped the toy box, or the Legos or spread the doll clothes all over the room. The mere thought of picking up one toy every five minutes produced copious amounts of tears and now I do regret that. I should have grabbed handfuls and been done in five minutes instead of dragging it out for hours.

kids games

I cringe thinking about all the glares and snappy remarks, and even pinches and hits, over my sibling’s noises, such as chewing, tapping, humming or the kicking of my chair. My bad, I should have just let it slide, especially when they would make a face from across the table, put their foot on the bar below where my foot was really supposed to be or patted my shoulder on their way passed. So many regrets.

And one really big one that I need to apologize for, although I’m not sure if it should be to you or Dad because I learned it from him. The whistling, I am so sorry for all the hours I spent in your hearing trying to learn to whistle. It pains me to recall this as I listen to mine try to develop this trait.

Kids (2)

Apologetically I say this, but I recall sending younger siblings in to ask permission for something because I was quite sure you would give me a job and them a yes for our proposed mission. I’m sure there was work I could have helped with instead of sneaking off to the creek, cabin or the barn to avoid it.

I’m sorry for the grudging way I help with the jobs I hated, like butchering chickens. I should have been happy, cheerful and ready to work. I also apologize for all the grumbling when you made me re-do a job so it would be done right. I vividly remember having to wash the car three times to get it completely clean. Why didn’t you tell me you were teaching me a good lesson for later in life?

Sami wash

And while I’m at it, I really should apologize for the bad attitude about working in the turkey barn, but I can’t because I still feel that way.

This one I do not remember, but I am sure it happened at some point in time. I am sorry for not wanting to take a nap. Why ever did I fight with you about something that now looks so wonderful? I promise to take enough now to make up for all the days I didn’t want one back then.

Why didn’t you explain this to me back then and warn me that a better behavior would be in order because having children of my own would cause a repeat of my childhood actions and I would regret so very many things? Should I prompt my children to read this in hopes of them not repeating this with their children? Or shall I just let them deal with it when their time comes?

Mom & I

I am deeply indebted to you for all you have done for me. Thank you, Mom, for loving me so well and putting such a huge effort forth in teaching and training me as a child. I have come a long way because of your efforts. at least I hope.

 I love you.



Of Going Home

Recently a Facebook friend and her family moved to another state.
Last week she commented about being excited about going “home” for a visit.
A few people wondered why she is referring to her previous community
as home. My comment to her was,
“It will always be home,
no matter how long you have been gone!”

When you have moved away, you’ll realize
that sometimes you just need to go home.
There is a pull there that you just can’t explain.
I’m always glad to come back to my house and my people,
but occasionally, I just need to go home.

And so it was that we went “home” last weekend.

We rarely get to Indiana for Mother’s day
because there are just so many things happening
around this time of the year
so it was special to be able to be there this year.

Blog 5-12 (1) Madison wanted Grandma to teach her how to make pie crust since her Mother seems to be a failure at such a thing.

Blog 5-12 (2) I watched and listened too, hopefully between the 2 of us we can make something edible next time the pie craving hits.

Blog 5-12 (3) She’s such a good grandma to take the time to teach with patience.

Blog 5-12 (4)
She was happy with the finished product and it tasted good too!

Blog 5-12 (5)
Miss Libby and her Mama.

Blog 5-12 (6)
These 2, were one is you’ll be sure to find the other.
They have so much fun together.

Blog 5-12 (7) ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’ applies to Grandma’s house.
When at Grandma’s do whatever you want, Grandma will say it’s ok.
As in, let’s all drink a juicie right before lunch.

Blog 5-12 (8)
Never been happier, this little chip muncher.
Grandma knows her first love, which explains the extra large bag of chips.

Blog 5-12 (9) A perfectly fine Sat night on the back porch.
Family, food, fun and laughter.
In the name of being honest, it included quite a lot of kid fights too.
What else can one expect when there are 7 kids, 4 and under.

Blog 5-12 (10)
The cutest little stinker ever.

Blog 5-12 (11)
Bike riding fun.
Try as she might, she could not make this thing go
so “Push me!” was the name of the game.

Blog 5-12 (12)
Mr Grant, a busier little guy you will not find.
Just watching him makes me tired,
and thinking about chasing him all the time
makes me even more tired.

Blog 5-12 (13) It was each man for himself when the roasting sticks
came out for marshmallows.
And then it was another grabbing mess
when the marshies were opened.
I see my daughter scored 4 when 1 or 2 was the limit.

Blog 5-12 (14) Some like them burnt, some like them cold.

Blog 5-12 (15) I see she managed to eat all 4 too.
Mr D had a lot of trouble with his roasting technique
but the marshie went down the hatch anyway.

Blog 5-12 (16)
And when all the marshmallows are roasted away,
you just go ahead and roast the carrot your aunt
jammed on the stick when you asked for one more.


Blog 5-12 (17)
Mother’s day morning with my littles. (or not so littles)
I am blessed.
Many years ago I cried all morning one Mother’s day
because of not having my child to hold.
Today I have 4 and am so thankful for them.

Blog 5-12 (18) It was special to spend the weekend with my lovely mother.
There is so much to be said of her that words cannot describe it all.
For her, I am so very thankful!

Blog 5-12 (19) So glad my girls get to grow up spending time with their Grandma.
They love going to her house.
Madison was scanning the summer calendar
to see when they can go for a whole week.
Get ready Grandma.

Lest one would think we are all happy as pie while smiling so sweetly,
not to be missed is the blurry little foot of the smallest one.
She seems to think swift kicking helps when you are mad.

Of Honoring on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s day again.

Every year Mothers all around the world
are recognized on this day.

We honor our Mothers for all the hard work they do,
all the love they pour out on us,
and everything about them that makes them the best.
We show our appreciation in many different ways,
flowers, gifts, cards, and best of all, a hug.

 This year I would like to honor another group of people.
These special ladies, if they would be mothers,
would be the very best kind that a mother could be.
They have no children but yet are not childless in another sense.
There are many children that love them dearly
and are so very blessed to be loved by them in return.

Blog - MD (1)

To these special ladies…

You have no children of your own,
yet you pour out your love on others.

You share warm hugs and touch little hearts.

You give little gifts and make kids feel special.

You whisper kindness and they smile.

You hold out your arms and they run to you.

You invite them over and excitement abounds.
They know how much fun you are.

You show Jesus to these young souls,
impacting their little hearts forever.

You encourage busy young moms.

You babysit kids and love on them.
It makes Moms feel good to know you love their kids.

You lift us up when we are tired,
you lend a helping hand when days are long.

You help us to see the green grass
on our side of the fence
when we tend to forget and wish for your side.

Blog - MD (2)

 This Lily of the Valley flower,
its bells are so tiny, but their fragrance is divine.
You might think the little touches you
put into our children’s lives don’t mean much,
but they do.
They might seem small, the things you do,
but your influence will last a lifetime.

Today I want to bless you for all you do,
and for being the special kind of person
that loves little people like your very own.
We are better for having you in our life.

Of flowers and Mother’s day

It’s been a long time..
no apologies here.
I log on and sit here and look at the screen then log back off.
Don’t have a lot of words right now.

Spring has been so slow in coming this year.
Lots of rain… hopefully we’ve seen the last of that for a bit.

The flowers popped up and bloomed, even in the rain and the cold.
These are my kind of plants. The do-it-yourself-don’t-ask-me-for-help kind!
Cause if you’re a plant and you’re asking me for help, cold hard truth is, you’re gonna die!

I just plunked these little buggers in the woods one year and haven’t touched them since!
Good girls!
My ferns treat me nicely too! Just pop up every year and keep multiplying without my help!
Other flowers that I have to plant. Not so good.
Don’t even ask me to keep a potted plant alive.

I have a major “flower picker” around!
If it blooms, she’s gonna pick it.
Right now I have a big bouquet of “purple weeds” jammed into a cup on the table. 🙂
And her outfit, well that was the current choice from the dress up box.
She’s all into Indian things right now.
Any help in clothing in that particular department would be great.

I was making a brown dress today and she was chopping away at the extra material. She brought me a decent size piece so I snipped fringes in the bottom, zipped up the sides, serged the top, zigzagged a piece of elastic around the top and we called it Indian.
She wore that and a head band and arm bands the rest of the day!
Yes, just that and the bands.
“Indians do that Joel says.”

These are a flower of choice around here too.
They are not killable at. all.
They appear frequently in bouquets too!

This pile comes from her for Mother’s day.
Grandpa helped her pick them.
Sadly they wilted before we came home.

Speaking of Mother’s Day… we had a good day.
Spent the whole day with Eric’s family.

Me and Little D… the only picture I have of myself and any kiddos that day.

He had some help in the flower department too. 🙂

Most of our day was spent out here enjoying the beautiful sunshine!
It was most lovely!

There are so many good Mother’s day post floating around cyber land right now.
So much good reading but so many things that I can criticize myself for, so many grand and glorious things to do with being a mom.
Makes me wonder if my children are actually going to survive having me for their mom!

Then I read somewhere, or heard, that that is a great tactic of Satan.
Slamming you with all this great stuff that others are doing and soon you start doubting whether you are even fit for the job.
Don’t let him do that. I doubt you are going to kill your children with your parenting skills. If one thing fails, try again and don’t let Satan get the upper hand!
That’s what I’m working on right now. Being the best I can be, just who I am.
(Altho some improvement wouldn’t hurt) 🙂

Oh and I did win a super duper give away thanks to Linda!
I’m one of those people who says, “I never win anything!”
Guess I can’t say that anymore. 🙂
Thanks Linda!