Mr. Nobody

We have a 7th person living with us
and he sure is a busy little guy!
Oh, the things Nobody does.

 Nobody let his dirty tissues lay on the end tables.

Nobody threw all the sofa pillows on the floor.

Nobody finished the bag of chips
and put it back in the pantry.

Nobody let his shoes right inside the door to be tripped over.

Nobody used the last bit of toilet paper and left it empty.

Nobody left his coat laying on the bench inside the door
instead of hanging it up.

Nobody ate the last cookie and left the bowl sitting empty
with the lid half open and crumbs on the floor.

blog 12-17-14
{Not everything on the list was this Nobody}

Nobody dropped his wet towel in a heap on the bathroom floor.

Nobody walked across the kitchen floor with muddy boots.

Nobody forgot to feed the dog.

Nobody cleaned out his backpack and left the crumbs
strewn across the kitchen.

Nobody opened cabinet door and left it standing wide.

Nobody didn’t get the books out, why should he put them away?

Nobody filled the trash can in the corner into a mountain
heaped with tissues.

Nobody ate cookies at the top of the steps
and left crumbs for Mom to step in.

Nobody brushed his teeth and left globs of toothpaste all over the sink.

Nobody took all the pillows off the couch in the basement.

Nobody used the pot and didn’t flush.

Nobody ate the candy from the wrappers behind the chair.

Nobody spread toys all over the basement floor.

Nobody cluttered the room with papers, pens, crayons, and markers.

It isn’t Nobody’s turn to pick up the game because he didn’t get it out.

Nobody left paper scraps and scissors laying for Little One to get.

It wasn’t me.

How about your house?
Does Mr Nobody live there too?
Is he just as busy?
And what all does he do?

A Gathering of Family

 The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage. Psalms 16:6

Party  (1)

The past weekend we were to Indiana to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.
She turned 60 in Dec. and it wasn’t a good time for a party
with Dad’s broken leg and building the house.
So we decided to wait until Jan. when things slowed down and they had moved.
I invited all of her brothers and sisters and their spouses to come for a weekend
of being catered to and they came, for which we were thankful.

Party  (2)

Mom was born and raised in Holmes Co Ohio and moved to IN when she married.
All of her brothers and sisters still live there so it took time and effort on their part
to take a weekend and drive out to celebrate with her.
We tried to make it a weekend well worth their time,
I wanted it to be a time for them to enjoy each other and not have to work.
I hope we accomplished that.

Party  (3)

Party  (4)

It was a weekend full of a lot of things.
Reconnecting. Telling stories. Remembering.
Laughing till they cried.
Giving gifts.
Sharing their hearts. Quiet talks.
A meaningful church service.
Tears. And smiles.
I saw lots of smiles.
Smiles and laughter.
The kind that comes only from knowing someone well.
The kind that comes from being with family.

Party  (5)
{Dave & Emma}

Party  (6)
{Nick is 5 months younger then Kennedy and they are the same size}
{Ruby reads genealogy)

Party  (7)

We spent a lot of time cooking.
They spent a lot of time around the table.
It seemed the conversation flowed the best
when they were sitting with their coffee cups full.

Party  (8)

They brought 60 gifts for Mom.
Mom loves to give gifts,
so it was nice to see her get so many.

Party  (9)
{Sam, Ruby & Dontae}

Party  (10)

Lots of time spent talking.
And some listened.

Party  (11)

Saturday afternoon we took our children to different places
and came back to cook a Mexican meal.
We thought it would be quieter without all the littles running around
but the place was fairly rocking with noise all night long.

Party  (12)
{Maynard & Ruby}

Party  (13)

Her new coffee cup says,
“I don’t think I look 60 either!”

Party  (16)

I enjoyed sitting back and watching them,
seeing them interact with each other.
Listening to them tell stories of when they were young.
Remembering their 2 brothers that died young.
Recalling memories of their parents.
We laughed when they accused each other of things from growing up years,
digging deep for old stories.

They never made it to comfortable seats that night.
The stories and memories started and one just led to the other
and they stayed sitting at the table the entire evening.

Party  (14)

Party  (15)

They looked at old pictures.
That brought up more old memories
and the good times rolled on.

Party  (17)
It was so good to see them having fun together.

Party  (22)

Sunday morning coffee and chatting.

Party  (18)

The Yoder siblings (not in order of age, they say) 🙂
Irene, Mark, Ruby, Sam, Marie, David, Sara

Party  (19)

With their spouses

Party  (20)
The sisters

Party  (21)

Sunday morning was a special time together.
We sang praises, shared, and learned from each other
and from Jesus.

Party  (23)

Party  (24)
One more meal and then goodbyes.
But not before they started planning the next get-together. 🙂

When I talked to Mom later I mentioned that she looked forward to it for so long
and now it was over so quickly.
She said, “But it was such a good weekend that it’s ok.”
I was glad to hear that she enjoyed herself.

As I stood back and watched this family together, the verse at the top came to my mind
and I was reminded again of how much I have to be thankful for.
A goodly heritage is not to be taken lightly these days.
So many people have no idea what that is and I am blessed beyond measure with it.

I thought about my grandparents,
and how the choices they made years and years ago now effect me and my children.
It made me consider my choices and decisions
and think about how it will effect my future generations.
It made me thankful for a heritage rich in wisdom and right choices.
It encouraged me to keep going, keep trying and to not give up.
I feel blessed.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage. Psalms 16:6

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s 60th birthday.
I wish I were celebrating with her today.
Instead, I am home and she is busy painting.
Who would have thought she’d spend her 60th birthday painting?
At least it’s in her new house. 🙂

Today I want to bless Mom for who she is and what she has helped me to become.
Once you have children of your own,
it drives up your level of appreciation for your own parents
and what all they have done for you!

Fam (193)

I have lots of good memories growing up and it’s because of Mom.
She worked endlessly for us and we had a childhood kids dream of.
We weren’t rich and I’m sure there were times Mom wanted more for us, but we didn’t know it.
We were the happiest kids ever and it was because we were loved, cared and prayed for.

One memory I have is of Mom reading to us.
We would sit with our stack of books and as soon
as she was done with one, we put the next one on her lap.
One time she recorded herself reading the stories
then we played them over and over again!
I wish I still had those tapes.

Fam (190)

We had a pond out back and Mom would load us all up
and take us swimming quite often during the summer.
Now that I have kids, I realize how much time that took.

Dad built us a tree house, Mom supplied it.
She gave us rugs, blankets, candles and all kinds of stuff to take out there.
We raided her pots and pans and melted wax over a fire.
I don’t ever remember her complaining about our mess.

Mom 1

We always had a little dog, or 5 or 6, around.
Those dogs and their puppies were in and out of the house with us and
it wasn’t really her thing, but she put up with it for us and Dad.

I remember all of us going to Ohio to visit Grandma and the family.
Mom loved those weekends and in turn, it made us love them.
She showed us all the places she went growing up,
told us stories about what she did.
We saw her old school house and went to visit old stores that she used to.
When we went to the farmhouse she grew up in,
she told us tales of the things that she did as a kid.
We loved hearing those stories.

As a teenager, I know I put Mom through a lot but she stuck it out with me.
I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for her.
When I’m battling it out with my kiddos these days,
I often think of all that I put her through.

Mom 2

Today she still has a heart of gold for her family
Always doing something for one of us.
Cooking, cleaning, babysitting.
Anytime we come to visit, she caters to us endlessly.
The usual question is, “What are you hungry for?”
There is no lack of food at Mom’s house.

She’s the best Grandma a kid could ask for,
spoils them rotten for sure.
She reads to them, bakes all kinds of goodies,
gives them candy, plays games and supplies their every need.
Basically anything they ask, happens.
If they need breakfast, the best in the eyes of a kid lands in front of them!
You want a snack? Well, sure!
It’s the life of a King for kids at Grandma’s!

Fam (135)

This became obvious when we came home after 4 days at Grandma’s house.
Monday morning there was no school so things were pretty relaxed around here
and we were in “fend for yourself mode.”
Reagan got up at 9, sat down at the table and finally she says, “I want breakfast.”
My reply, “Okay, find something to eat, you know where everything is.”
10 minutes later she announces,
“I am STILL sitting here waiting for breakfast!”
“Oh really? Have you forgotten we are no longer at Grandma’s house where everything is done for you?”
She grinned and knew it was true!

Fam (102)

Mom is one of my best friends.
She is everything a daughter could ask for in a mom.
She is a listening ear anytime I call.
She has answers to a lot of my questions.
Anytime we need anything, she is there.

Mom, you taught me so much, put so much effort into me.
You gave up so much for me and
I appreciate it more then words can say.
Thank you for all you did and still do for me.
If I can be half the mom to my kids that you are to me,
my kids will be blessed.
I love you!