Drink in the Wonder

The smallest things in life can squeeze your heart the most.

Ordinary things take on a new light when seen through eyes of gratitude.

Observe the little things and watch them turn into something amazing.

Savor the moments. Sit and drink it in. Treasure today.

Sept (2)
See life through the eyes of a child. Drink in the wonder.
Did you know a worm can become a candy cane?
Enjoy the laughter, the chattering long stories, and even the arguing.
They are only this age once, it won’t last forever.

Sept (11)
Take the time to sit with family, listen to them, love them, make the most of the days with them. Overlook their faults and shortcomings, you have some too, by the way. Just love them because they are your people.

Sept (14)

Bless someone.
A man behind me in line paid for my pizza one night. It left me sputtering thank yous and “I’ll pass it on.” He smiled. I smiled. Another man smiled. The clerk was just happy to take his money since I had come up lacking.
Now it’s my turn to be a blessing to someone else and see them smile.

Sept (16)

Take a photo of the morning chaos that is breakfast, packing lunches, pulling on clothes, scrubbing faces and teeth, pushing and willing them out the door in peace.
One day it will be but a memory.

Sept (10)

Breathe in the smell of the flower passed from one woman’s garden to the next, carefully treasured flowers that speak of life and love.
Stop and enjoy the leaves turning a beautiful hue, the green becoming golden, and the whisper of the voice of the wind. It is life.

Sept (15)

Raise your hands to Jesus. Whisper thank you for all your treasures, the people in your life, the moments you’ve been gifted today.

_ _ _ _

Today as we watch and wait with bated breath, a little boy is slipping from his Mama’s arms into the arms of Jesus. Whisper a prayer for their hurting hearts and ask Jesus to hold them close.

The Little Things

It’s the little things that matter.

Enjoy the little things in life,
for some day you will look back
and realize they were the BIG things.

Am I appreciating little things in life that matter?

Tiny hands. Little feet.
A squishy little hug.
A sticky kiss.
The word “Mama” 1000 times a day.

Blog 2-18-15 (2)

Laughing with my children.
Listening to their stories.
Watching them play.

Saying “Yes.”
Seeing the smile when you tell them
you did their chores for the day.
Building a fort for him.
Baking cookies with them.
Am I speaking their language?

Little things with friends can be anything…
A little note.
A smile.
Your interest.

Blog 2-18-15 (1)
A letter to a friend.
A phone call, “How are you today?”
Am I taking time for just a little?

When I think of the world around me…
Tiny Spring flowers.
Little buds on the trees.
A tiny white snowflake.
Am I seeing these for the beauty they are?

Blog 2-18-15 (4)Do I relish the snugly blanket,
my cup of coffee,
while hearing little chatter and giggles?

Am I appreciating
one more memory game,
one more kiss goodnight,
one more hug?

Never stop doing little things for others.
Sometimes those little things
occupy the biggest part of their heart.

Jesus, help me remember
the little things in life matter.
When I think I would rather be
out doing big things for you,
help me remember the
little things I am doing,
are actually big in someone’s life.

Help me appreciate the little beauties of life.