Kicking January Blues …

… along with other nonsense.


The month of snow, when there is very little of the white fluff.
I am quite okay with that, though.

We are currently staying home a lot and I am happy with that. That is the one thing I love about winter time. There is a constant stream of projects and jobs to be done around here, most of which I seem to never even start.

But January is whipping my tail and I’m not sure what to do about it. Usually, the sunless days and endless clouds don’t bother me, but this year it is. At the risk of offending a winter lover, I will say that I am thankful for the bits of warmer weather we have been having. The cold and I do not get on well.

Maybe the answer to my problem would be to start listening like my Dad does. At 60 some odd years of age, he is a guru of the mp3 world. He has an iPod and ear buds that are ever present. At first glance, one might think he is a teenager that needs his constant music, but no, he listens to messages from God’s Word. I do the downloading for him and one of us loads the player and he is set for a few weeks. It doesn’t take him long to consume an inordinate amount of sermons.

This just might be the answer to my winter blues … start listening. Eric would probably tell me to start with, “Likewise ye wives, be in subjection” that is downloading as we speak.

On the listening note, if you are a Mom of littles, how do you do it? There is constant noise and needs around here. I’m pretty sure I could never concentrate on what was being said, or wear ear buds for that matter! Because, horrors, what if Mom couldn’t hear the many, many questions being asked of her?



In other news, we have recently introduced ourselves to a new food item, not that it’s new to anyone else, we had just never made it before. Crepes, we have come to find, are quite delicious.


Not a new food item, but one that this boy loves.
Madison loves to bake but she sure wishes that her Dad and brother liked to eat something besides plain old, boring, chocolate chip cookies.



Anyone else out there with a first grader in the house? His teacher is keeping track of how many books they read. Oh, the stress of sounding out all those words just to get one more book on his list.

My big question of the day is this:
Why does listening to a first grader read make you so sleepy and in need of a nap?


Others in our house have no such problem with sounding out the words and will willingly read all the time. Day or night, whether there are jobs to do or not, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or hiding in a closet, ever present is their book. If the youngest two take after the oldest two, in a few years we shall have a quiet and peaceful house. (but only after a trip to the library)



Mom made this for me when I was her size.
It may or may not have taken a hefty bribe to get her to put it on and take a picture.


If she isn’t plastered to my side, I might want to check around for her.
This day she bathed her cloth baby doll. A little time spent hanging by the wood stove solved the problem.



“Christ was the home of his thoughts.
Whenever his mind was free from other matters
it would turn to Christ.”



Use your words. They are powerful.
Most often you have no idea how much your words are worth to someone.
To know that you care, that you are thinking about them, to know that you took the time to say something or write a note, even the smallest gesture holds worth.


Use your words!
(even if you are just encouraging a cousin
who has been in the bathroom a really long time)

Be powerful with your words today and that might help kick your winter blues!







Jan. 365

1-15 That beautiful thing called Sunshine.
We see so little of it here that it’s a day to celebrate when it does shine.

1-161-16 The girls were trying to watch a movie.
One has to sit directly in front of the screen and one can’t sit still.

1-17 These are the moments everyone says, “Ohh, you’ll miss this one day.”
They forget the moments when everyone is grabbing and fighting for the same color and the same piece.


1-18 Anything is a book marker around here. Anything.


1-19 A cute birthday favor Reagan brought home from school.


1-20 My lunch date. Hopefully his manners will improve before he goes on any important dates.


1-21 Late one night unknown to anyone, she ruined these glasses.
Now they are her favorite toy.


1-22 Favorite color day at school.
“Would you like a bit of pepto bismol with that green bean?”


1-23 – Cookie baking day


1-24 Late night texting with the sister.
And no, you can’t read it, no matter how much you try.
(I made sure of that)


1-25 Sunday night game players.
As you can imagine, it ended badly with these 2 in the same game.


1-26 A snowy morning
Wash me and I shall be white then snow.


1-27 A broken jeep means a little help from Dad and super glue.


1-28 “Mom I just made the giganticist snowball.”


1-29 Thomas has a new tunnel.


1-30 She makes herself right at home at Grandma’s house.


1-31 My brother’s welding hobby.
A mini Scwhinn. The wheels roll, the pedals turn, it’s cute.