A Tribute to Tris

How can it only be a week since he left us?
It feels more like years.
We miss him so very much.

I wrote a tribute to Tris for Eric to read at the funeral.
Someone ask if I was going to write something
but there were just no words there.
No words would come.
One morning I gave up trying to sleep at 5am
and this poured onto the paper.


Oh Tris, how our hearts ache,
split open with pain like we’ve never known.

Tears spring up from a well that never runs dry.
Our laughter is turned to mourning,
our spirits heave with the heaviness of losing you.

We cry, we grieve, we weep, we mourn, but it’s all because of love.
You were so very loved, more then you will ever know.
We loved your big ways, everything you did was big.

Tris ice-cream

We loved your talking, loud though it was.
We knew when you were in the room,
we could hear you coming a mile away.
Your booming voice brought people to attention,
They listened when you spoke, they heard a man.
Oh, how we miss that big voice.

Blog 5-12 (13)

We loved your care for our children.
Crying babies? Not a problem. You had it all under control.
“Let’s play kick ball you would say.”
and all the kids would come running.

After a game, they would hop in the jeep
and drive away on a ride with you.

How we’ll miss your care for them.

Tris jeepin

You were the one to call for everything, and how we loved that.
Something is broken, something quit,
“Call Tris,” we would say, “He can fix it!”
You were the one who called, ‘Just to talk!’
When our phones would ring with your picture,
we could hear your smile, your laugh.
Who will we call now?

You loved people, you were interested in everyone.
When you visited with someone, they knew you cared about them.
You had an interest in their lives.
A good viewing was your delight, so many people to talk to.
I’m only sad you missed your own.

Tris swing

Your little family, how you loved them.
Lisa was the perfect one for you.
Her quiet spirit kept your loud one under control.
You loved nothing more then to tease her and see her laugh.
Your firstborn, Katelyn, you were her anchor.
When she was hurt, when she cried, she wanted Daddy.
Aleigha, your right hand little lady.
She was often seen perched on her Daddy’s knee.
And little Grant, my, how proud you were of him.
He loved no one more then his Daddy,
waiting at the door every day for you to come home.
Who will fix their bikes, who will kiss their hurt away?
Who will tell them stories and tuck them into bed?
Who will say, “Come Lisa, it’s time to go!”

bike (3)

There are so many things we loved about you,
so many things we’ll miss.

We’ll miss your singing, my but, how loudly you could sing.
Not always on key, but you sang from the bottom of your heart.
Your jokes, we spent half the time trying to figure out
if what you were saying was true.
There was your ever ringing phone and all the calls from farmers.
You would answer and then head outside to pace.
Your big long legs ate up miles of space, walking while you talked.
A good deal was never to be passed up on Craig’s list.
“What’s your bottom dollar?” you would say.
We’ll miss your big and in charge ways.
You were the leader, the pillar of our family.

Tris relaxed

We will never stop missing you.
A Tris shaped hole was been left in our hearts that will never be filled.
The life of the party has gone before us, what will we ever do?
We can only look to Jesus, whom you knew so well.
We know you kneel at his feet today,
we do too, crying, broken and pleading for help.

I will love and miss you for the rest of my life.
Keep singing for Jesus until I come. Your big sister, Shannon.