Of Thanksgiving and more…


When you were a kid, going to Grandma’s house was a highlight. I remember many trips to Ohio to see Grandma Yoder and we always had the best weekends in there. We also loved going to Grandpa Stoll’s house with Dad any chance we could get. There was always a piece of candy waiting for you from the corner cabinet before you would leave.


Now my kids love to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s too. The last year we have spent more time out in IN than normal and so far I haven’t heard any of the kids complaining. Grandpa just added a cherry to the top of the weekends when he bought a little cabin for the grandkids. I declare the last weekend we were there was the absolute quietest Saturday we have had out there in years. We actually had to go get the kids for meals, otherwise, they were cabin dwellers all day.


I thought Reagan might just move in permanently. There were so many things to do, see, and so much to explore. She is wishing and hoping it will be warm enough to play at the cabin when we go out the next time.


Grandma and Grandpa stopped in for a chat. Anyone who went for a visit came back smelling like a smokestack. The kids had the fire going all day and I thought they might cook some food for themselves, but they didn’t catch anything to grill. They did inquire about snacks and some hot chocolate a time or two between meals. Delivery service was requested.

As with everything new we do, it brings an ache. Tris isn’t here to see the changes, to enjoy watching the kids grow, to make dumb jokes about the oddest things. He would have been moving and shaking things to get this cabin into place, full of big ideas and plans for what all we could do back there. Sometimes we still look up and expect his jeep to come rolling in the lane.


Mini Mouse wasn’t in the smiling mood. She so badly wanted to stay at the cabin but it was just a little too chilly for her little size.


My brain feels like it is suffering from an overdose of too much food and sugary goodness over Thanksgiving. Not that I have ever given up all things sugary like some {strong} people, no I just keep tormenting myself and sneaking little bites thinking they won’t add up as quickly as one large plateful. I have no idea where I am going with this, as I said, my brain… it is rather muchly on overload right now.


Madison doesn’t help the problem by making things like this. I wasn’t tempted with more than a taste or two since I am not a true lover of chocolate.


Speaking of Thanksgiving…


Some of Eric’s extended family was around here for a few days.
They are the game players, I am the roaming one that watches all the games, but plays none. I feel a rash coming on at the thought of being pinned to a seat playing a game for an hour or three. Say the word game and my legs start twitching and I have to get up and move around. I’m glad not everyone is like me and they enjoy a good game!


Bethany did crafts with the kids. It was most lovely of her to spend her time doing this, although I’m pretty sure she made all my kids an extra big project with an extra lot of extra glitter.


And more game playing, see what I said!


This game was called, “See how many guys can fit in the same spot!” 🙂
Not really. It is just that the closer you sit, the better you can hear the other conversations around you.


This used to be the wild and wooly little gang doing donuts around the room. When did they get this big that they sit quietly and play games?


“Let’s reconstruct the tower of Babel!” they said.
“Everyone else holds really still!” they said.

And like the tower, all good things must come to an end
and Thanksgiving vacation was over entirely too soon.


From my Instagram:


The Amish schoolhouse that I sneakily take pictures of when I see the kids out. One day I was not so stealthy and the little girls held their hands over their faces. It embarrassed my kids which made it totally worth it.



Y’all have yourselves a very merry weekend!






Summer Time is Here

Let the summer begin!
Mowing lawn.
Planting flowers.
 And the heat.
Can’t forget the heat.
No complaining here, it was 50 just a few days ago I think.

Speaking of complaining, the girls did think for a moment that they might collapse in the strawberry patch today. They wanted to go with me so I told them, not one word of complaining. They didn’t but it was close. 🙂 Madison says, “Thank God for some clouds!”
We should have picked them early this morning, I know, but we didn’t.
I could hear Mom telling me that the whole time I was doubled over in 90 degree sweat. 🙂

Love, love, love summer time.

We had a good holiday weekend.
Went to the ice cream parade! That was fun!
It was a bit chilly that morning but that was the last of the chill for the weekend.

Waiting on that ice cream truck!
Dakota loved it! Slurping and licking and dripping all over!

He was all enthralled with the horses, tractors and everything going past.
He did take some time off from watching to pick up some candy! (and eat it)
His sisters gathered the rest and now we’re gonna have a candy throw for some other kids!!

Spent lots of quality time with friends and family.
Sat night we had a picnic, went biking and got eaten by mosquitoes.
The next evening the kids played in the sprinkler and had a wild game of soft ball while we sat on the front porch and watched the world go by.
Aww good times.

Little boys roamed freely and cleaning off everyone else’s plates. 🙂


Anyone want kittens?

The 5 we have are begging for a good home. 😀
He loves them, he really does, but he is so rough with them.
The girls nearly have heart attacks when he flops the cats around.
He hauls them around and then they meow so he says, “shh shh!” 🙂

The main kitty lover. They are her baby’s.

The stats for this photo.
Monday morning.
90 degrees.
1 Mommy cat on the look out.
5 baby kittens hiding behind the grill.
1 girl wearing a long sleeve shirt, fuzzy pants and 2 blankets!
Did I mention 90 degrees?