Brian & Charity | Wedding

On a beautiful, warm day in September
there was morning fog, sunshine, and lots of love
and a wedding.

The bride’s family

Little sister of the bride

Groom’s family

Bride’s grandma

A special family to the bride.


 It was a pleasure to spend time with this couple!
May you enjoy a long and happy life together!

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Chad & Rochelle’s Wedding

In September Chad and Rochelle got married in the lovely State of South Carolina. Eric and I left the 4 kiddos at home with a very capable babysitter and headed south for the weekend.
I wish we would have had more time and less work with a weekend away but it was good all the same.

CRM (240)

The day was a little dreary, some sprinkles, but they had big smiles and happy hearts!

CRM (116)


CRM (122)

She was a very relaxed bride. So much fun to work with.

CRM (357)

All the pretty ladies…

CRM (207)

He was a happy man!

CRM (399)

The guys made sure everyone knew they were from Ohio.
Except for 1 of them.

CRM (143)

CRM (338)

CRM (229)

CRM (269)

I loved her shoes and her flowers.

CRM (297)

CRM (509)

Her family

CRM (442)

His family

CRM (180)

CRM (307)

CRM (1048)

CRM (1065)

CRM (1045)

CRM (1082)

A beautiful day it was!

Darrel & Megan

Darrel & Megan had a beautiful day, sparkly sunshine, perfect temperatures, no rain and lots of happiness.

DM (113)

DM (123)

DM (131)

DM (273)

Megan had happy colors, pink, orange, blue, and green.
They fit her personality!

DM (143)

 I love to hear her laugh.

DM (208)

DM (257)

DM (301)

DM (221)

DM (448)

Groom’s family

DM (479)

Bride’s family

DM (335)

DM (826)

After you saw the decor, you felt like sitting on the beach with your toes in the sand.

DM (827)

DM (178)

Congratulations Darrel & Megan!