August, going once, going twice

As life would have it, some months just seem like they are out to get ya. If it’s not a rat race of leaving and going and doing all the time, it’s something emotional churning in the brain. There seemed to be no reprieve in August. I cut out everything I could, but a lot was unavoidable so we plunged head first in.

8-2016 (1)

We spent some time at Grandma’s in Aug. These girls jumped for the chance to help cook! Grandma was very patient and gave advice.

8-2016 (3)

One day while we were there, Shady Grove Bakery opened down by the creek. There were flyers taped to all the doors and trees letting us know the hours. We dutifully made a trip to visit and Grandma purchased some goodies. aka: all the junk food they could collect from the ladies living close by. 🙂

8-2016 (2)

This has to be one of the few places in the world that you come upstairs at 6:30am and they are eating ice-cream for breakfast. I didn’t argue, by all means, just filled my bowl and dug in too. It was leftover homemade from the night before and it may as well be eaten while it’s still good.

Tris had a love of ice-cream like few others do. We all like it, but none so much as he did. I think he would have eaten it for every meal if he could have. Now I stop at Dairy Queen occasionally and buy ice-cream and remember him with it.

8-2016 (4)

As usual, the bikes came out and they did some ramping. I’m sure when Mom designed their walk-out basement she had no idea this is what it would be used for.
We always miss Tris when they start driving bikes. He loved a good ramp and jump with the big ones or puttering around on the little ones.

8-2016 (5)

We had a day of fun with the big kids and some friends while we were in IN.
Kennedy stayed with Sarita for the day and we were all happier.


8-2016 (6)

Home again, home again and we were off to more dentist appointments. While driving through the parking lot at Walmart, Madison started yelling something about a mouse. We skidded to a stop and all jumped out to have a look. Imagine that sight!
He darted around here and there and we finally opened the hood to try to catch him, but he disappeared down into the motor before we got him. I know he looks like he is sitting still in this photo, but he really wasn’t… and who wanted to reach out and grab him anyway? If I was sure of getting the tail I would have, but I didn’t really want to catch that wiggly body in my hand. There is a now a warrant out for his arrest. The next time we’ll have a shoe ready for him.

8-2016 (7)

Our garden, or rather weed patch, is a sorry sight this year. It is an out of sight and out of mind kind of thing. When left unattended for too long, cukes grow to be the size of zucchini and the only things they are good for is creating veggie people and playing cooking shows. Cheap entertainment.


8-2016 (8)

We went camping two weekends in a row.
Quite taxing for this girl who likes her comforts of home better then roughing it.
The first weekend could be summed up in a few words, mainly one: rain. We could add “good company” to that to finish it off, but rain was the main ingredient.

Any weekend we go camping in the rain, I always have to think of the one and only time my family went camping. It was either scorching hot or pouring rain the entire weekend. Tris’ tent got flooded and I think he strolled around the campground most of the night, investigating things and completely enjoying himself.

8-2016 (9)

8-2016 (10)

Our next weekend was full to the brim of fun, games, late night laughs, dog shows, swimming and the works. We always have the best of times with this group.

8-2016 (11)

Good food was the main ingredient.

8-2016 (12)

The kids would have spent the entire day in the water if we would have agreed to sit and watch them!


8-2016 (13)

As usual happens with me, I hit a low and crash at some point. The constant going and stress finally got to me one night and I just stayed home alone.

This grief walking thing throws me for a loop over and over. I like my life neat and tidy with all my ducks in a row. Grief does not ask your permission for an entrance, but just interrupts at any point, making itself known.

Some of these moments I knew were coming, some were very unplanned. Some of the bigger things I was bracing for turned out to be insignificant, other small things brought on a crash of the mental state. It is perplexing to say the least when trying to figure out why you react the way you do to certain things.


8-2016 (14)

This child!
Much could be said that is better left unsaid.
I fear my questioning of other parents
may have come back haunt me in this small form!


8-2016 (16)

This amused a high number of people on Instagram for reasons I’ll never know.
From here on out, I’ll leave the Kitchen Aid and the baking to Madison.
If the picture is blurry, it was because of her excessive laughter.


8-2016 (17)

And last but not least, if you live in Ohio (or even if you don’t), come to the Haiti Benefit Auction on Sat and buy this cute little Penny Farthing bicycle my brother Tyson made.
It is one of a kind and won’t be found elsewhere.






A Sweet New Bebe

When a sweet new niece is born,
it calls for a trip to go see her.
And the rest of the gang too, of course.

We had a good weekend,
stacked to the brim with things happening.

IN 2

There was the meet and greet of the little one herself.
And a lot of time was spent saving her from other small people.

IN 1

There were swing rides with the new big brother.


And sand box time.
Kennedy tasted it, of course.

IN 3

Big cousin met little cousin.
He loved her.
And Miss Little eats M&Ms after a nap.

IN 4

There were swing rides and buzzing bees.

IN 5

There was fresh corn on the cob…
with more then one way to eat it.
Left to right? Right to left?
Around and around?
Or with no hands?

IN 6

There were golf cart rides and jeep rides.

IN 7

The Clampett’s came to town.
They had the wave down pat and everything.
Someday we’ll go visit them in Hollywood.

IN 8

There were tractor rides and ice cream bars.

IN 9

There was more baby holding
and cousin love.
He is 6 months younger
but a little bigger all around then she is.

IN 10

And there were pictures of the sweet bebe.
She peaked open an eye to say hello
and then went back to snoozing.

In between all these things,
there was just a lot of action,
just like it always is at Grandma’s.

It’s a good life.

At Grandma’s

“A week at Grandma’s is never long enough.”
…according to the kids.

Grandma and Grandpa might think otherwise with all the noise and chaos that happens while we’re there. I’m not sure why, but the craziness seems to multiply when we go somewhere and the kids “should” be on their better behavior.
A simple meal turns into a circus without the big top and when it’s over, we flop on the chair as if we ran a 5k.
Since Grandma and Grandpa are used to things being relatively peaceful and quiet, I think they are ready for the tribe of Eric to go home by the end of the week.

It really was a good week, despite all it’s craziness.

The man of the house went to the uttermost parts of Canada to fish with cousins, brothers and Dad, so we must needs go somewhere too in order to break up the long week without him.
So to IN we went.


Mom and Dad are building a new house so there was mud, sand and dirt galore for the kids to play in. As you can imagine, they loved it.


And these feet wanted to come in Grandma’s house!!


Thankfully Dakota is too finicky about being dirty that he didn’t want to play in the mud but would rather sit on the bulldozer and “drive.”

IMG_7613Mr B napped in Grandma’s bedroom one day… At some point previous to that Grandma had hidden the markers from him behind her bedroom door. This day he awoke to see the markers and promptly put them to use! 🙂
Since his Mom was away and Grandma and the Aunt were babysitting, we just let him proudly wear it. 🙂


Grandma’s specialty, “Sugar Donuts.”
Mom used to make these for us when we were kids, usually on special occasions. Now she makes them for the grandkids when they come. Till they were done, there was almost more sugar on the floor then on the donuts. I think Grandma reconsidered ever making them again.

They are biscuits fried in hot oil and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Some people call them campfire donuts.


We did lots of swimming. Kids loved that! I think they would live in the water if I let them because they are never ever ready to get out when it’s time.
“Just one more jump!”


Lots of time to chat while the kids swam.
We hit all kinds of topics that day.


Another day, another pool.

IMG_7727The diving board and slide were in use almost all the time.


He’s a water duck of the truest sort.
I think it’s a good thing he’s starting swimming classes this summer.


A family get together is always a good thing when you go to IN.
I think every family has it’s quirks, traits or things that they think are totally normal while other people would raise their eyebrows about.
One family trait is homemade ice cream.

After I got married, I realized that not everyone eats homemade ice cream year around like this gang.
Now to be honest, I would say that 90% of the time the women make it because they know the men want it, not that actually they crave it themselves.
I’m not sure what it is about homemade ice cream and these guys,
but they can put away bowlfuls like no ones business.

One last evening outside before we went home.


Like Father, like son.


He didn’t seem to mind the load he had to drive around….
and she was more then happy to let him peddle away.


You can’t imagine he would do anything naughty, would he?
Ask his mom! 🙂

All in all, it was a good week. Very busy but that wasn’t a bad thing to keep the kids (and the Mom) from missing their dad.

A Summer post again?

Aww Summer is the life!
Running all the time…
Trying to catch up from 3 days ago…
Or more honestly, a week ago.
It seems there’s always 10 things left on the list from last week.

A glass broke tonight so I went ahead and mopped the kitchen floor on a Wednesday night.
Yeah, that is a little out of order for someone that’s a tad OCD and always cleans on Friday.
Swept the carpet too.
Man, I’m really slipping.
Summer is getting to me.

(Ice cream is better at Grandma’s)

But I’m enjoying it.
We’ve hardly had any of those hot days when all you feel like doing is sitting in the pool.
Just cool, cool weather.
The girls want to go to the beach, the pool, the water park and everything else.
Most days it’s almost not warm enough.
Today it was over 80*.
A record for the last while.

(Indian Squaws fixing their fire)

We spent a week in IN while the man went fishing in Canada.
That was the life.
Only bad thing was the girls wanted to go swimming all week and it was just too cold.
Imagine that, in June. In Indiana
We  managed to go one day with some friends.

(Hot shot lives life on the edge)

I enjoyed my week out there…
Not much cooking, cleaning or any of the normal hum drums from home.
I did have double duty child care so on that end, I felt like passing out in bed every evening.
Mental stress.
My hat is off to any single parent.
We were all glad to be back home again.
Or maybe I was the only one, they were all grumps!

(She gets great delight in lots of little things, like feeding the cat chips)

Reagan’s Indian craze was fed while we were there.
Bow and arrow, real arrow heads, and all kinds of things.
Now the little cousins send pictures of a teepee they made out of bamboo and that’s her rage.
“When can we go back so we can make one too?”
Not for awhile. We just came home.
But thank goodness for suctions cups arrow tips because one flew between the seats and hit the windshield while we were driving!

Madison’s birthday was the day after we left so Grandma kicked in and had a party for her with 12 little friends on Sat.
She’s 8 already.
It’s that weird feeling you get when you realize your child is growing up so fast that you’re left behind in the 2’s and 3’s… wondering what happened.
On her birthday she informed me that in 8 more years, she’ll be driving.

Wouldn’t this be the life, care and worry free, playing in the creek to your heart’s content.
If I were care and worry free I wouldn’t be in the creek but you get the point.
They are honestly worry free because they have no clue there could be a snake around.

I’m am not thinking deep tonight.
Ok, like I ever do, but even less then normal.
I’m just glad to be getting over a nasty cold/cough/blow your nose off your face/cant talk virus.
I’m just glad to be able to breathe again.
To talk again. I can still really growl at the kids, which comes in handy, but the voice is returning.

A wild blurry picture of the cousin kiddos.
Except as of last night, there is another one to add to the mix.
Aleigha Claire.
We had it evened out but the girls are pulling rank, but for just a few more months till the next boy comes along.
Days like this make you wish you lived 5 miles from your family instead of 500.
There’s no jumping in the car and running to the hospital to see the new baby.
No cuddling and squishing and seeing the tiny fingers and toes.
Maybe soon we’ll get there. Hopefully soon.
But for tonight we’ll be content where we are, kick back, eat some ice cream.
Did ya hear that Tris? We’re gonna eat ice cream, you just go ahead and hold that new baby!

I was all over the map with this post.
Excuse me while I go dig out the ice cream.
It’s Chips Ahoy by the way.
Crush Chips Ahoy cookies in ice cream instead of Oreos.
Try it. It’s good.