Rocky (3)

Hi, my name is Rocky. I hear you have been wanting to meet me.
The people of this house are tired of other people asking them what my name is, so they informed the mother she needs to let you know.

I am having a fine time here. I’m fed, watered and played with on a daily basis so I call that a good life. The boy usually comes to visit me in the morning before school. One morning he didn’t come and I overheard that he didn’t want to because it was snowing. Not a good enough excuse in my book.

Rocky (1)

I’m not sure what is wrong with the little girl. While the boy is at school, she will stand outside my pen and hand me treats and dog food through the panels. But when they let me out and I try to play with her, she just runs away yelling and screaming and climbs up something high so I can’t reach her. Puzzling.

Rocky (5)

The boy is my favorite. We have a great time together. He doesn’t care if I jump or climb all over him.

Rocky (6)

This sister takes me on long walks and we go exploring. I behave pretty well for her because I like to go along when she heads up the path into the woods.

The big sister, well she says she likes me but I don’t see much of her. She mainly stays inside and bakes while sipping iced coffee.

Rocky (4)

The Dad and I, we get along pretty good. Our only run-ins are during the night when I see a raccoon or something and can’t contain my barking.

The mother, you ask? Well, she and I have a rocky relationship, hence my name.

The other morning when the boy was getting my food I squeezed into the garage with him. I picked up his hat in my mouth and we raced in circles. He grabbed it from me and stomped up the steps into the laundry room, so I went along. Before the mother knew what had happened, I was rolling around and doing donuts on her living room floor. What a party! They were yelling and hollering but I refused to listen so she had to pick me up and carry me out. Oh, lands what a howl it was. I don’t think she liked it so well, but I sure can’t figure out why not.

I heard her say she fears for the life of her plants and flowers and everything on her porch. I have no idea why she worries so much, it’s like she thinks she knows what’s coming this summer or something. She’s full of barkus!

Rocky (7)

I’m still planning to befriend that little sister. I know she likes me because she talks to me all the time she feeds me treats, but she just refuses to play with me when I’m out.
For now, life with the boy is good!

P.S. I’ll let you know if the mother ever comes around and decides to like me.

Of October’s Days


October showed off in spectacular colors this year.
It was amazing to drive around and just fill your eyes with God’s finery.

October was also filled to the brim.
Birthdays, outings, parties, photo shoots, editing, school functions, a funeral, family get-togethers, traveling, and stress. And after all of that, add all the usual “mom things” to fill in the cracks and there were days when I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed.

But I made it, but here is hoping for a calm November.



A reason to celebrate in the Hostetler family is when someone turns 60. If it is a sibling, the siblings and spouses all spend a few days together. If it is a sister-in-law, just the ladies get together for a few days.

Now you can all play the Mennonite game and say,
“Oh my word, I didn’t know you were related to them!” 🙂


The one having the birthday is allowed to invite her daughters and in-laws, so we were privileged to spend a few grand days with them because it was our Mama Carol’s turn. We missed Melissa since she was unable to be with us.

Try this sometime.
Gather up your sisters and your Mom and spend a few days together doing a lot of nothing but eating and talking.
Or spend a few days with your Mom and her sisters.
Or even with your husband’s Mom and sister in laws. 🙂
It will be time well spent.



We were in IN one weekend.
They say pictures never lie, well I should beg to differ, but doesn’t this look like the most well behaved little gang of grandkids you’ve ever seen? 🙂


This little man is about as cute as they get!


One morning we had Grandma’s specialty, sugar donuts as we call them, on the back porch. They were for special occasions when we were kids and now the grandkids still get them sometimes. Deep fried biscuits rolled in cinnamon-sugar, if you wondered.


Tim, or rather Reagan, cooked a pot of ham and beans one night to go with our cornbread. She was in her element, as you can see.


Not all little boys are privileged to have a Grandpa like this guy does.
They have a special bond.


Our school children took a trip to an Amish farm last week.


When I walked in and saw this,
I sank into a deep, dark depression
at the thought of all that canning.
I will never let them see my canning shelves.


I don’t do a lot of selfies, but when you have a friend like this begging for one with you, you must simply oblige. And the light was bad and is making my hair much more colored than they actually are, just so you know.


We saw and fed a lot of animals that day and the kids loved it.
This is kind and gentle Sammy and he will always be remembered by me. To make a wild story short, he was a little over-eager to get to his food and he managed to get his curled horn around my leg at one point. 10 days later, I still have a rather significant bruise in memory of him.



This night was just what I needed in the middle of everything else.
These kind friends blessed us with a concert and dinner.
This song spoke to me that night.



Leaves, leaves and more leaves.
My neighbor man says to me, “I heard you blowing leaves more than once, you know that’s useless, right?” My reply to him, “If I wait until they are all down, we would never be able to get through them!”


If you live in a flat, open, tree-less property and are pining away for a leaf or two, come on over and we’ll fill your cup!


Get started writing your thankful list!
Good day to you!

Tales of Nellie Hamster

Now as the summer came to a close,
and the days of earth shortened in length,
it came to pass that the children
of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan,
went back to their place of learning.

Now the son of the tribe
was in his first year of twelve,
and much excitement abounded.
He was joyful in heart and mind
to be leaving the house of his Mother
and joining a classroom with
the beloved teacher of his sisters.

Now the Mother of the tribe of Eric,
loved this teacher also
for her skills and abilities in the classroom
were not to be compared to any other.
But the Mother of the tribe was also wise
and she knew much about the ways of
this much-beloved teacher of her children.
Many years before when the daughters of the tribe
were scholars of this teacher,
animals aplenty abounded
and this mother felt an ill wind blowing,
when she pondered on her son attending this class.

And so it was that school commenced
and excitement rose to an all-time high
in the house of this tribe.
Upon arriving home
from the first day of schooling,
shouts and cries could be heard
from the son of the tribe,
“We have a hamster for a pet at school
and we get to babysit him on weekends!”
And when upon hearing the words of her son,
did the mother’s head drop with her chin
against her chest for all of her fears
had come to pass.


True to the words of the son of the tribe,
a paper soon arrived for the Mother.
Instructions were to sign for weekends
when you did not want to be the caretaker
of the previously mention small ball of fur.
Immediately upon reading these words,
the Mother grabbed a pen and began to sign
the son’s name upon every line.
Now her children were wise unto her ways
and a cry arose voicing their disapproval of her actions.
Being the kind-hearted Mother she is,
she relented and allowed that the
small creature of fur would be able
to cross the threshold of her home,
but only for the sake of her son.


Anticipation mounted high
in the weeks awaiting the creatures arrival.
As circumstances would have it,
the parents of the Mother of the tribe
would be arriving the same weekend.
The Mother of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan,
had an uneasy foreboding about the
meshing of said visitors.


And so the day arrived that
Hamster Nellie of the tribe of Miss Lois
arrived at the home of the clan.
Much hooping and hollering did abound
when the cage was brought into the house.
They immediately knelt upon the ground
and loosen the latch to free the small prisoner.
And so the much loved Nellie was thereafter
carried and cuddle and cared for
in the most adoring manner.
Along with the loving,
this small creature caused many an argument
over who was to have a turn next.


Now the grandmother of the son of the tribe
is not a lover of all things small and furry.
Armed with this knowledge and a sneaky smile,
her grandson proceeded to place Nellie
upon her lap and stepped back to watch the action.
Much yelling and protesting did come forth,
just in the manner for which he hoped
and with much laughter on his part,
he did rescue poor Nellie.
After the swift removal, it was then discovered
that when a small hamster is nervous and scared,
their bowels produce multiple droppings,
even if it isn‘t appropriate to do so
on a grandmother‘s lap.


And so the entire weekend was filled
with shrieks and yells and much
exclaiming and ado over
the actions of one small furry creature.
The little fur ball may have been frightened
for her life on more than a few occasions.
Escapes were made under furniture,
behind computers, under tables and such like,
with much chasing and rioting to follow.
Burrowing down under the blankets of
the bed of the son of the tribe,
seemed to be a favorite of hers.
The Mother of the son just
closed her imaginative mind
to the things that must be residing
in the bed and made plans to
clean many things the following day.


Monday morning could not come
soon enough for the Mother.
Many were the threatenings
and evil thoughts bouncing
when mention was made of this ball of fur.
And much to her dismay
as she was closing the door behind her son
as he made his way off to school,
she heard him excitedly say,
“I can’t wait till the next weekend
we can babysit Nellie!”






When Family Visits

Once upon a weekend, my family came to visit.
We don’t live that far apart, so we travel West quite a bit, but to have them travel East is newsworthy! Almost everyone came, a few stayed home for various reasons and we missed them.

Of course we missed Tris, we wished for his loud, in charge voice to keep things rolling. We missed him in our late night laughs and hearing him loudly sip early morning coffee. We wondered what he would have done when all the other guys were on the roof because he hated heights. We missed him crashing onto the recliner with a thump. We knew he would have loved our weekend and we pretty much just missed him all the time.

7-16-16 family (1)

On Friday we all loaded into an RV and headed North. My Mom’s family lives in Holmes Co and we have spent our entire life visiting there. Our one in-law in particular had never really played “tourist” around there, so we gave the grand tour. It was fun, all packed in together, keeping the kids in line, stopping to see things and people.

By way of the rumor mill, we heard that Wal-mart sells cool Ozark Trail tumblers that are (almost) as good as Yeti. “Hey, we’ll go past Wal-mart, let’s stop and check.”
The guys and I made a mad dash in to see who could find them first and they proceeded to buy half the stock! We then spent the rest of the day complaining that our water was gone and the ice wasn’t melting and we had nothing to drink! Isn’t this what we wanted?

7-16-16 family (2)

We met some family for lunch and had a short little catch up session. We needed much more time than we had, but it was good to see them for a bit.

7-16-16 family (3)

My Aunt Irene wasn’t able to come to our lunch gathering, so we stopped to see her. It’s a rare occurrence for all of our gang to be together at her house, so rare that I thought it was photo worthy!

7-16-16 family (4)

Another stop here and there, to see this and that,
and then a visit with Ruby and her girls finished off our day.
whispers: We were feeling a little bit Amish
with the way we kept stopping to see all our relatives.

7-16-16 family (5)

When we are at Mom’s, this guy drives the dirt bike in the front door and out the back. When he is here, he just revs it up and drives right up the steps onto my front porch. I should have made him scrub the black marks off the concrete.

7-16-16 family (7)

Grandma spoils her babies!
They say, “Can we watch something?” and before their mom can open her mouth, Grandma says, “Sure, just use my phone!”
They may have been taking a selfie too, her grandkids taught her how to do that.

7-16-16 family (8)

These two! They have a love-hate relationship. He teases her, she pretends to hate it, but I think she really loves it. Before they came, we would ask her who was coming and the first person on the list was, “Max’s Dad.”

7-16-16 family (6)

Cousins and friends. They can spend hours together coming up with all kinds of things to do and daydream about. If they run out of things to do, they can always read!
We all love to see Katelyn wear her Daddy’s hat!

7-16-16 family (12)

Saturday the guys spent most of the day working on the garage.
The ladies… we did what all ladies do. kid care. food prep, fixing and eating. more kid care. talking. coffee drinking. more food and kids and lots of crowd control and clean up!

7-16-16 family (9)

A porch pow-wow with the kidders.

7-16-16 family (10)

This chunky monkey! He is only 5 months old and growing like crazy!
Other people’s kids always grow faster than mine do!

7-16-16 family (11)

We set up the teepee and the gang moved down there. Reagan organized them all and pretty soon she had her camp up and running.

7-16-16 family (15)

 Since it was warm and the guys deserved a break, we headed for the beach late afternoon. We had a hard time getting the kiddos out of the water when it was time to leave. Sun, sand and water, add kids and you have a good combo!

7-16-16 family (16)

This goober. He buried himself. ugh. I feel all gritty and dirty just thinking about it.
Later that night he wondered why there was sand in his ears?!

7-16-16 family (17)

This was the best! He needed help covering his arms so we were scooping sand all over him. He had his eye closed, so he never saw this coming, but here comes Nick with his little offering of sand to finish covering up his Dad!

A good time was had by all. (I think)
If you get to spend time with your family,
let them know how much you appreciate and love them!

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” » Lisa Weedn












The Telling of Memories

Do your children know stories of your childhood?

Do they know what you did on hot summer days when you were a kid?

Have they heard about your school days and your classmates?

Do they know how Grandma and Grandpa met?
How their Mom and Dad met?

Do they know your stories?

Since Tris passed away, this has become very real and important to me. He was a story teller and the stories he knew are gone with him. His children sit with me now and say, “Tell me a story about my Daddy!” They are thirsty for more about him, they drink in every story I can remember and always want another one. When my brain is dry, they say, “Tell me this one again!”

 My own children listening to these stories have found out more about my early years in the last nine months, then they have their entire life. Sometimes they are amazed, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they are horrified. 🙂

I have dug deeper in my memories then ever before and just when I think I have told the very last story I have, something triggers in my brain and I can tell a new one. They don’t all have to be exciting happenings, every day stories about how life was back in your day interest them too.

Tell your children your stories or they will never know them.


This would be a memory that was created for me, not one I remember on my own since I am the toy chewing little baldie in the photo. I do have lots of good memories of times at Grandpa’s with my cousins.

Grandkids barbies

Going to Grandma’s was a highlight in itself, but being able to go upstairs and dig out the Barbies just topped it off. Most of the clothes had been sewn by Sandy, so we had lots of options as you can see. Usually it was just the girls in the house playing with them, but on occasion, when the boys were bored, we got them to help too.


Grandma was a firm believer in a morning break. Around 10 o’clock she pulled out the Pepsi and usually had something to go with it. If you were lucky, she made homemade donuts. She would take the snack out to the guys in the shop and feed any grandkids hanging around.

Grandma Shannon Tristan

Grandpa and Grandma always had all kinds of feathered fowl running around the place. There were chickens out back in their little cages, others were in the old barn laying eggs. There were pigeons in the top of the barn, peacocks roosting in the trees and guineas pecking at the ground.

The peacocks were Grandpa’s pride and joy. If the family was down to the farm in the evening, we kids usually played on the front porch. When it was getting close to sunset, Gramps would open the window and yell at the kids to go play in the backyard so the peacocks can roost! The peacocks had chosen the tree in the front lawn to roost in and if we were running around there, they were scared to fly up and get settled for the night.

Leonard Shannon

From little on up, we were raised on 3-wheelers and dirt bikes. Before I was able to drive I went on rides with my uncles, but it didn’t take long for me to be begging to learn to drive by myself.

(I added a few pieces from stories I wrote for the kids.)

    Sometimes when our 3-wheeler didn’t run or something, we would have to ask Ern if we could take his for a drive. We were always scared to ask him.  One time we were at the cabin and Miriam and I needed to go to the house to get something. We bravely asked Ern and he let us drive his 3-wheeler. On the way back, we tried to go up a big hill and tipped the 3-wheeler on the side. I’m sure you can imagine how scared we were to have to tell him about that!

kids - dogs

Beside driving ATV’s, we always had pets around. I can’t remember a time that we were without some kind of pet. We had big dogs, little ones, puppies to play with and a multitude of cats. We had a racoon that we raised from a baby. Once he was grown he left, but he would come back occasionally to visit. I can’t remember his name, but our cousins had a coon called Dune Buggy that used to run around inside the house. Thanks to Mother, our coon had to live outside.

    After while, Mom quit raising plants in her greenhouse. I guess she thought she had enough work without that. Since the building was empty, Dad decided he should make use of it. He bought 3 fluffy Pomeranian dogs and they lived in the green house. These dogs all had baby puppies and my oh my, did we ever love them. We would always go to the greenhouse with Dad and help take care of the puppies. Sometimes we had to give them milk from a tiny little bottle. When they were old enough we would bring them up to the house and play with them on the porch. Of course, we let them come in the house too.  They would always sneak under the couch and hide all the way along the back so we couldn’t reach them. We had to move the couch and try to catch them or use a yard stick and dig them out. We always had dogs running around outside somewhere, just like Grandpa does now.

Grandkids & Wilbur

Our cousins also had a goat named Wilbur, of which we were very jealous.
Who wouldn’t want a goat for a pet? (besides our Mom!)

      We liked to be at Clyde’s when the milkman came to pick up the milk. He always had some kind of candy or gum for us in his truck. We would watch him hook up all his hoses and move the milk from the bulk tank to his truck. Sometimes he would let us flip the switches on his truck to get things started.

      We also liked to be at Clyde’s when the veterinary came. Dr. Beard was his name and he would stop in to check on a cow that was sick. One time he had to have surgery on a cow’s stomach and Miriam and I were watching. He had us hold the light for him while he did the surgery. We were sure we were the best help he ever had. I’m not sure if he agreed. 


Back in 2008, my aunt and I had a brainstorm. We needed a family book, a book full of old pictures, stories, things written down to preserve memories. I tackled the project of putting it together and she started calling people asking for stories and photos.

Stoll's - Owen

Each child of the original family had a page with a piece they had written. Each family had a page also with memories from the grandchildren. Other pages were photos and stories of pets, old places, corn days, the cabin, waiting on Dad, the cane mill, a tribute to the parents of this tribe, memories from their Aunts and many more stories. I scanned hundreds of old pictures and put page after page together. Since there are 13 children in this family, the book got bigger and bigger. We ended up with a 50 page book.

Stoll's - Memories

Stoll's - Pets

We inherited the pet thing honestly! Our dogs and cats were tame compared to the animals they drug in and kept.

Stoll's - O family

Today my kids like to get this book out and read through the stories of their great Aunts and Uncles. I know these stories now because they took the time to write them down and preserve the memories!

Shannon Sam

    When we were little, Grandpa and Grandma Stoll would come driving up in their truck. There would be fishing poles sticking out of the back and we knew what that meant. We would hop in the back and away we would go to the cabin. Grandma would get all the fishing stuff out and haul it down to the pond.

     Grandpa would start putting worms on all of our hooks and then toss his own line in the water. Grandma would arrange all of her stuff and settle down in a lawn chair or on a bucket close to the water. We baited and tossed lines all night and I don’t remember if we caught much or not, but Grandpa and Grandma always did.

Write down your memories.
Dig out old pictures.
Preserve history.
Take new pictures.
Make new memories.
Your children will thank you some day!





Life ‘Round Here

It’s sunny and white out today,
freezing, but at least sunny.
The size of Mt Laundry is daunting.
The dishes are piled high and dirty,
the to-do list is long and endless,
yet here I sit, coffee in hand,
as though I had nothing better to do,
then chat with you.
So chat we will, because that stuff will not run away,
experience has taught me well.

blog 2-5-15 (2)
{Sunrise over the house I grew up in}
Yes, I said sunrise.
My small one would never allow me to sleep in,
especially not at Grandma’s house.

blog 2-5-15 (3)
We made a quick trip to Indiana over the weekend to welcome
the parents back from their trip to Haiti.

blog 2-5-15 (4)

It was a good, full weekend.
The best of times and conversations always happen around the table.
With this gang, the conversation is always stellar.
And loud, did I mention loud?
Occasionally we fuss about the men and their phones,
how they always pull them out to check this or that.
That night they weren’t on their phones,
the conversation was hopping.
It got so loud, the threat was mentioned that we might need to make them
take a minute, pull out their phone and read an update of some kind. 🙂
Good times. Love these people.


We have spent lots of days at home the last while.
I am totally fine with that most days.
Dragging kids out on a cold day is just not for me.
Other days all I want is
sunshine and flip flops and a beach!
I will survive.

blog 2-5-15 (5)

“Mom, you won’t believe this.
I just seen a parrot at the bird feeder.
It was a real parrot too.
A for real big parrot.”

You are right son, I don’t believe it.

blog 2-5-15 (7)

“Kennedy, put that back!”
“Kennedy! You can NOT say no to Koda!”

Hmmm, I think he may have heard that from someone else.

blog 2-5-15 (6)

Little feet. Little hands.
Oh, the places they go and the things they do.
You would not believe what they are capable of.

blog 2-5-15 (8)
People tell me I will miss this.
Some days I wonder how.
People say they don’t like to be alone.
Some days that’s all I want.
But I love them, I really do.

blog 2-5-15 (1)

This day, one that I didn’t love was the dog.
Oh, I was so mad at him.
I sent nasty texts to Eric about that dog, I tell you, I was mad.
Dakota went out to play and the dog was crazy wild.
He knocked D over and buried his face in the snow multiple times.
Finally D decided to swing to get away from him.
This was the results. ^^
Samson the huge dog,
knocked him off the swing and Dakota’s boot was stuck.
D was laughing for awhile, then ended up crying.
I ran out to get him loose and since Sam ran over to greet me,
I took the time to take a picture when he went back to lick D’s face.
And so for this reason I advertise a free dog,
(and for many reasons I won’t tell you.)
Come and get him during the night because for some reason,
these kids still love him even when they don’t like him!


blog 2-5-15 (9)
On Tuesday night we had Ladies Night Out at church.
We do this occasionally here,
(but not enough in my opinion.)
It’s a fun night for ladies and girls,
always something different planned,
always full of food and fun.

This time we had Game Night.
Everyone brought appetizers and games.
We had lots of good food and fun games to play.
It was simple, but I think everyone had a good time.

blog 2-5-15 (10)

If you don’t do this with your ladies,
plan one, they will like it.
A night out away from the littles,
good chats and laughs with other women,
and who doesn’t like good food!

blog 2-5-15 (11)

The next day you will be back with your littles,
and you will be able to smile at messy faces and hands
because your mind had a break last night
and was refreshed by friends!

I just noticed it’s too quiet around here.
That means something is happening somewhere.

A Family Weekend…

…and what a weekend it was.
Full of all things fun.
Laughing. Talking. Arguing.
A little crying by the babies.
Kids games. Kids yelling.
Lots of eating.
Did I mention talking?

As it goes in a family
there are siblings that have the same personalities,
and some so very opposite.
In our family, we 4 siblings are split, 2 and 2.
Get us all in public and 2 enjoy it,
visiting with people all night.
The other 2, enjoy themselves
but are a lot more reserved.
(I know you are all dieing to know which one I am. ha)

Now cram us all into a house for a long weekend,
along with the parents, our spouses
and our endless line up of kids,
we all talk, we’re all loud,
and we all have a jolly good time.
Almost makes me cry thinking about our fun together.
Ever feel like that about your family?
You love them so much it almost hurts!

Fam wkend (1)
Tim’s and Mom came on Wed night already.
We wanted to make sure the weekend was long enough.
Mother promptly got started entertaining the grandkids.

Fam wkend (2)The little pirate who couldn’t play the game with the others
played his own game.

Fam wkend (3)We had one tree in the back yard that was dead and had the potential to hit the house if it fell. Thursday afternoon Eric and Tim gave it a bit of help falling in the right direction while the kids watched.

Fam wkend (4)

Fam wkend (5)
Thanks to our overly zealous dog, nothing is safe outside.
The little lawn chair Madison is oversizing,
got his attention in a not so good way.

Fam wkend (7)

Fam wkend (6)
I love to see her all bundled up, not that she loves it or anything.
Right now she is anti camera so looking passed me
was completely intentional.

Fam wkend (9)

Fam wkend (8)
We worked and worked that afternoon to take this guy’s 3 year old pictures
with not a smile in sight! Now look at this, a few hours later.

Fam wkend (11)
Dead tree be gone, warm us with your heat!

Fam wkend (12)
Tys and Amanda and company of boys arrived Thursday evening.
Grandma read to the twins while we finished up the food.
They technically aren’t twins since he’s 6 months younger
but he’s a bit taller and probably a bit heavier then she is.

Fam wkend (13)
We sent the kids to the basement to play since almost all the toys are down there. That didn’t stop them from dragging things up stairs to be with us and to make sure we could see their fights and settle them!

If you are counting, we are up to 7 adults and 9 kids here so far
with more coming the next day.

Fam wkend (14)
In the middle of all of this,
Mr D had a birthday!
This year the girls decorated their own cake
and he was bound and determined to decorate his own too.
We traded in a cake for cupcakes and had a little
decorating party on Friday afternoon!
Fam wkend (15)
Use your imagination for how this went.
We may have swept up as many sprinkles as actually stuck on the cupcakes.
Fam wkend (16)
Fam wkend (17)
When they were done,
I suddenly had no desire for cupcakes.
Thankfully, there was a nice cake hidden that no one was going to spit upon when blowing out candles. That’s called 2 birds with 1 stone.

Fam wkend (18)
This is a Christmas card winner because the small son is smiling.

Fam wkend (19)
By Friday night we added 3 more adults and 3 more children to the mixture and we were nearly bursting at the seams but having a good time.
Fam wkend (20)
Time for cake and ice cream for a birthday boy!
We haven’t been in this parenting game for 11 years for nothing.
I knew that 1 candle for 1 boy was not going to go over well,
so we pulled out candles and passed out cupcakes
and everyone had a jolly good time blowing out flames!
Lest you think the birthday boy was cheated,
notice that he has 3 cupcakes with candles in each.
Fam wkend (21)

Fam wkend (22)
He looked forward to this for the longest time.
It’s not often you have a birthday on a weekend when all the cousins are here to help you celebrate all weekend long.

Fam wkend (23)
opening gifts… wham. bam. and we’re done.
There was help from all sides.
The pieces flew and in no time it was all over!
Fam wkend (24)
He was quite pleased with his loot.
I told him I’m saving our gift for his actual birthday (Sunday).
He was rather concerned that there would be no gift from us because
he knows that Mom did not go to Walmart without him anytime
and he knows there was no gift in the cart when he was along. 🙂
The miracle of the internet and plain brown boxes from UPS.

Fam wkend (25)

Sat morning was more food and chaos.
The chaos was mainly organized
but how well can you keep the noise level down
and the kids all in line with that many people?
Plus it was colder then cold that weekend and the boys couldn’t go out.
Grandpa did usher them out for a bit
and made them run a few laps on the porch to get some energy released.
Fam wkend (26)
Grandpa would lean back and squeeze her and she would squeal so he would sit up. If he didn’t lean back soon enough, she would reach up and pull him back again.

Saturday afternoon we left all the big kids with a very capable babysitter and went to the wedding. We felt a bit bad for her since we only took 3 babies but she claims all was well!

Now one thing you would think we all would have learned, growing up together and all,  is that you don’t pick on Tys, because whatever you do comes back 150%.
Fam wkend (27)
I missed that life lesson I guess, because when an opportunity presented itself, I took it. I do claim this one as a victory because he did not accomplish what he set out to do to me!

Fam wkend (29)
Sunday lunch brought more candle puffing since it was the actual birthday.
Little one loved it too.

Fam wkend (28)
You can’t tell me you don’t eat all the frosting off the cupcake first.
We know you do in secret.
Now what I do in secret is scrape all the frosting off into a pile,
and then eat the cupcake and leave the frosting.
Fam wkend (30)
The promised gift that he had been waiting and waiting for.
Unwrapping was much like a paper shredder,
hands reaching in from all sides
and in less then 2.5 seconds it was over.
Fam wkend (32)
He thinks he has the world by the tail….
And all the mom can think of when she sees Lego’s
is stepping on them in the middle of the night.

Fam wkend (31)
These 2 just go ’round and ’round.
Relentless arguing and teasing.

And when lunch was over, came the sad part.
They all packed up and went home.
Following a few tears, the kids dumped the Legos
and the Mother passed out in her bed.

What a weekend it was!

Good memories make for good dreams of the next time together.