Rocky (3)

Hi, my name is Rocky. I hear you have been wanting to meet me.
The people of this house are tired of other people asking them what my name is, so they informed the mother she needs to let you know.

I am having a fine time here. I’m fed, watered and played with on a daily basis so I call that a good life. The boy usually comes to visit me in the morning before school. One morning he didn’t come and I overheard that he didn’t want to because it was snowing. Not a good enough excuse in my book.

Rocky (1)

I’m not sure what is wrong with the little girl. While the boy is at school, she will stand outside my pen and hand me treats and dog food through the panels. But when they let me out and I try to play with her, she just runs away yelling and screaming and climbs up something high so I can’t reach her. Puzzling.

Rocky (5)

The boy is my favorite. We have a great time together. He doesn’t care if I jump or climb all over him.

Rocky (6)

This sister takes me on long walks and we go exploring. I behave pretty well for her because I like to go along when she heads up the path into the woods.

The big sister, well she says she likes me but I don’t see much of her. She mainly stays inside and bakes while sipping iced coffee.

Rocky (4)

The Dad and I, we get along pretty good. Our only run-ins are during the night when I see a raccoon or something and can’t contain my barking.

The mother, you ask? Well, she and I have a rocky relationship, hence my name.

The other morning when the boy was getting my food I squeezed into the garage with him. I picked up his hat in my mouth and we raced in circles. He grabbed it from me and stomped up the steps into the laundry room, so I went along. Before the mother knew what had happened, I was rolling around and doing donuts on her living room floor. What a party! They were yelling and hollering but I refused to listen so she had to pick me up and carry me out. Oh, lands what a howl it was. I don’t think she liked it so well, but I sure can’t figure out why not.

I heard her say she fears for the life of her plants and flowers and everything on her porch. I have no idea why she worries so much, it’s like she thinks she knows what’s coming this summer or something. She’s full of barkus!

Rocky (7)

I’m still planning to befriend that little sister. I know she likes me because she talks to me all the time she feeds me treats, but she just refuses to play with me when I’m out.
For now, life with the boy is good!

P.S. I’ll let you know if the mother ever comes around and decides to like me.


Rambings and A Question

β€œThe nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” -Eyeore

4-18 (4)

The same could be said of winter. Eventually.

4-18 (2)

I know we all want to react and shake our fists at this never-ending winter, but really, it is God who we are complaining about. And remember, He has promised that the seasons will continue to change, so I keep looking forward to it.

4-18 (1)

Imagine how much we’ll have to smile about this summer.

Be optimistic, like the child living here who is wearing her swimsuit and sandals this morning.

4-18 (5)

In the meantime, we are just over here pretending it’s the 106th day of January while we bake and sing.Β  {maybe}
I’m not doing the baking, I’m eating, and I’m not really singing about it either, just trying to calmly endure to the end.

4-18 (8)

Yesterday we celebrated Madison’s public declaration of faith with her baptism. It was a joyful occasion and truly a pleasure to see her growing in her walk with Jesus.

4-18 (6)

Grandma and Grandpa came for the weekend.
Grandma is playing Old Maid with these two, but she hasn’t yet realized she is playing with a cheater who keeps looking in the window to see her cards when she holds them out for him to draw. Guess who won!

Now, my question for you.

4-18 (7)

Recently, a vote was taken by the people of this household and the mother was overruled by the majority. Okay, so maybe the entire lot of them voted against me, but anyway, soon thereafter they became the owners of a new dog. After days of discussion, I told the man of the house I sure am glad we didn’t have this many opinions when it came to naming children. It was hard enough with only two.

So back to my question, what would you name this big black Lab?

The suggestions here have been numerous, yet no one can agree. Dakota suggested naming him after the guy we bought him from. For some reason that guy wasn’t thrilled about that for fear I would take his name in vain.

And the first person to tell me that every boy needs a dog does not win first prize!

Meet Samson

Our family has increased by 1.
He’s a fuzzy wuzzy, black and furry,
jumping, barking, whining pup.

blog 10-13-14 (1)

Meet Samson.
aka: Sam, Sammy, Sam I Am,
or anything else I yell in the middle of the night.

(Sorry to disappoint ya if you were hoping for some other kind of announcement.)

blog 10-13-14 (3)

I am not overly fond of animals and would be happy to live without them,
but Eric’s been saying we need a dog for Dakota for a long time now.
Mr D was/is scared of dogs, dreadfully so,
and Eric thought having his own would help.

Thursday night this one was hand delivered,
and he was ours, whether we wanted him or not.
Well they all did, the Mother, not so much.

They promptly brought him in,
named him, and he had a home.

7x5 - Page 018
{“Oh, I just love, love, love, his ears!” -Mr D}

Friday morning, they were all up with the birds,
to feed, water and care for this dog.
The Mom knows how long that will last.

blog 10-13-14 (10)
{Watching the girls leave for school.}

Dakota spent all day outside with him.
I was happy to see him loving this dog
and I asked if he’s not scared of dogs anymore.
“Well, I’m not scared of this one, but he’s little. I don’t like big ones.”
The fact that Sam is going to get quite big will remain our secret.

blog 10-13-14 (4)

He would pen him up and let him loose,
go for a walk, drive a jeep and Sam would be right behind.

blog 10-13-14 (5)

They did a lot of exploring in the woods before the girls came home,
probably more then Dakota has done all summer.

blog 10-13-14 (6)

And then Reagan came home from school.
She loves this dog as much as Dakota and couldn’t wait to play with him.
She threw her things in the door and raced outside.
Much to her dismay,
Sam loved Dakota more than her.

It didn’t take Mr D long to figure out
that if he walked way, Sam would follow him.
Much to his delight, he could aggravate Reagan to no end with this.

And round and round they went.

blog 10-13-14 (7)

I finally got them playing together in the leaf pile
and they all had fun. I think.
Sam soon tired out and wanted to sleep.
Mr D wanted to cover him with leaves.
Reagan would not hear of that.
And round and round they went.

blog 10-13-14 (8)

Sam still has a few lessons to learn about nighttime behavior.
As in, sleeping all night with no crying.
There was a pillow over my head one night
and a trip outside the next.
You’d think we had a newborn!

blog 10-13-14 (9)

Many many years ago, I had a Sam of my own.
I think I’m about to have one again once the newness wears off.

By the way, has anyone seen our cat?
Last sighting here was a fast exit for the woods
with a black streak behind him.