A Give Away

Give Away Closed. 1/23/15

A give away for you for no reason,
other then it sounded like fun to give someone something.
People bless me, I want to return the favor.

I had fun wandering around stores
collecting things {I liked} that would make a nice gift.
More then one item I considered keeping
but decided to give it to you instead.

If you enter and win, but don’t want it,
bless someone else and pass it on.

blog give away (1)
::just for you, just because::

blog give away (2)
A few things I love.

blog give away (4)
A fat coffee cup, all yellow inside, with the prettiest little bike on it.

blog give away (6)
A bag of Starbucks Blonde beans to brew up something good to fill the cup.

blog give away (5)
A pretty little white bowl full of chocolates.
Now in the spirit of being honest, the chocolates are not something I love,
they are just a bonus for you because I’m sure you love them.

blog give away (3)
A stack of note cards to fill out, give away, and bless your friends.

blog give away (7)
An off white scarf with lace on the ends and pretty edging.

blog give away (1)


Now, you can’t just comment and say hi
and you can’t just “like” the post on Facebook.
In order to enter the give away,
I have a question for you to answer.

What is something you like to do for someone?

Make a meal, write a note, clean a house, or anything in between.
We can all do things for others, big and small.
It can be our family, a friend or a stranger.
Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of something done in love.

Your comment can be a paragraph full of ideas or a single line,
a comment on the blog or on Facebook.
Comments will be open for 1 week then we will draw one name.

I hope to have lots of ideas of things to do for people
when you are done commenting.
And after you read through the comments,
I hope you make use of some of the ideas too.

If Only

Do you have “If Only’s” in your life?
If only I had more money.
If only I had a nicer vehicle.
I only I had a bigger house.
If only I had more time.
If only I could decorate like her.
If only I could play sports like him.

Usually those sentences all end with,
“then I could or would…”
You name it.
We could do just about anything, “If Only!”

I am right there with you.
I was struck recently with how long my list is.
It’s really just excuses.

“I would have company more often if only I had a bigger dining room table.”
That was my line.
He made me one.
Have we used it more often for that purpose?
No. Sadly.

“I get so tired picking up after the kids,
if only they would grow up a little!”
Now that the girls have grown up some
and take care of a lot of their needs,
do I appreciate it?
No, I just move on to my next wish.

I go to town, to church, to someone’s home,
and I wish and I want.
I look at a catalog and think whiny thoughts.
Where is my contentment?


I need to focus on the treasures that are right in front of me
instead of focusing on what I don’t have.

Simple things.
I have food, shelter, family.
So many people don’t even have that.
Usually I have everything on my wishlist,
I only want something a little bigger,
a little better, a little more.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1Tim6:6
Am I able to say with contentment,
“God, what you have given me is enough!”
Or am I going to keep living in the land of “if only?”

Don’t miss the miracles of TODAY because you are so focused on tomorrow.