Of August

August, the month when we imagine everything will be hot and sticky.
Not so this year, the windows have been open most of the month.

August, the month when moms of all shapes and sizes flip flop back and forth in their brains on any given day, at any given moment.
They go from, “I can.not believe school is starting soon. I don’t want the schedule. I will miss my children!” All the while secretly thinking, “And who will help me work?”
Or at any other given moment, you might find them scrawling notes to the teacher saying, “Thank you thank you thank you for rescuing this child from my hands!!”

August is when you squeeze in one last day of swimming, one last trip to the park and think of all the things you were going to do but didn’t get done.

Aug 17 (1)

August is when all the moms of toddlers think,
“It will be years before my kids are old enough for school.”
(insert loud buzzing noise here) 
Wrong. It will be tomorrow.

Aug 17 (3)

In the photo above, Bryce is holding his ears because I believe in reading a book the way a book should be read. With all the noise and enthusiasm that is portrayed in a book.  He did not care for Bear’s loudness in the library!

Aug 17 (4)

August is when you chop and dice everything in your garden, throw it in the pot and call it good. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, plus a whole lot more from the store!
It’s so pretty I actually wish I liked it.

August is for so many cherry tomatoes that in a fit of rage, you actually rip the plant out and toss it, much to your children’s horror. Hey, there are three more plants too many!

Aug 17 (5)

August is for peaches. Combine angel food cake, a pudding mixture, a peach mixture and you have an amazing combo. Much better than the previous photo.

Aug 17 (10)

August is for squeezing one last vacation in before school starts.

In the name of keeping all things honest and upright here,
no my children do not always appreciate having their photo taken.
Especially the little one.

Aug 17 (11)

When August is as cool and cool can be, you sit by the fire and catch up.

Aug 17 (12)

And when August pulls off a stunning solar eclipse, you tell the kids they will not miss this, they will go outside and take turns watching. And lo and behold, it turns out to be a whole lot more interesting than they thought it might be.
Or maybe it was just cool to use the welding helmet.

Aug 17 (13)
And of course, the number one thing August is known for, school!
All three were ready to go back whether they admit it or not. One may have been slightly more excited than the others and one was very sad to be left behind.
But she and I, we are really doing great.
That thing called silence is just ringing in my ears!

Miss You Tris

August brings back memories,
the last time I saw Tris,
the last time I waved goodbye
and watched him walk away.
If only I had known…

Quote of the day:
“Did you know my Bible said Jesus undied himself?”

And for that, I am very grateful.

Back to School

And it is back to school again …
Early mornings.
Packing lunches.
Pushing them along in the morning.
Doing all the work alone all day.
After school snacks.
Homework. (I hope not!)
Listening to their adventures.
Early to bed. (pushing then too)
A routine again after being lazy all summer.

It’s all good I suppose,
but this is one of the first years I wasn’t quite ready for it.
It feels like we’ve barely begun our summer
and now it’s over already.

B T School (2)

Do you ever look at your children and think,
“What in the world just happened?
Wasn’t this child just a baby yesterday?”

And then my brain screams,
“I am not old enough for this!”

B T School (5)

Ready for 7th grade.
How can that be?
She wanted to be sure and get her book on the picture.
She will read anything! Anything.
Her dad suggested his old favorites and she’s happy to oblige.

B T School (1)
And 4th grade?
Where has time gone?
She loves school, but she thrives for her afternoon
at home when her creative mind is unrestrained.
She’ll probably come home and climb a tree
because she had to sit all day.

B T School (4)
I think both girls were a teeny tiny bit worried about leaving this one.
They like to baby her a bit too much.

B T School (6)
Mr. D was not very happy.
He wanted to go to Kindergarten now,
not wait until this winter.

B T School (7)

B T School (8)

And Sam entertains by chasing his tail.

B T School (10)

Madison gets one more squeeze in.

B T School (12)
Reagan’s room has the theme of Adventures in Odyssey.

B T School (14)

B T School (17)

We’re thankful Miss Katie is back for another year.

B T School (15)

B T School (16)
And Madison’s room is playing scrabble for the year.

I am so thankful for the blessing of a Christian school,
teachers with a caring heart for the kids,
and that this Mom doesn’t have to push a year
of schooling into her children.