Jaxon Mark

Sometimes the smallest things
take up the most room in your heart.
-Winnie the Pooh.

A small, but mighty bit of a boy has been added to our family.
A new son for my sister means a new nephew for me.
It’s so much fun to snuggle, cuddle and love on him.
There is just nothing like that little newborn stage
where you can wrap them up tight, tuck them under your chin
and feel that soft fuzzy head with the new baby smell.

He brought many smiles and tears
since he was named after his uncle we all miss so much.
How do you celebrate while crying? We managed to do a lot of both.

Meet Jaxon Mark

He came all on his own good time
and weighed a whopping 8lbs and 13oz on arrival.

2-29-16 blog (2)

We spent a weekend in IN holding baby,
cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and loving some family time.

2-29-16 blog (1)

The weather was beautiful so the kids played outside!
I missed the party at Grandma’s Saturday
but they said the kites were flying and the creek was splashing.

2-29-16 blog (3)

We’re still happy to have men in the kitchen!
We’re gonna make the most of them and their love of grilling.

2-29-16 blog (6)

The quickest way to wake a sleeping baby
is to gently rest your head on a pillow.
-Author unknown

This quote holds water with this little guy.
I got my exercise walking him around for a few days.

2-29-16 blog (4)

It’s been awhile since the last baby in the family
so everyone wants to hold him, until he cries
then they are happy to pass him on.

2-29-16 blog (9)

If only he knew how worried he should be.
This cousin will teach him many things!

2-29-16 blog (8)

This little cousin had a birthday so we had a little party for her.
She had much help opening gifts.

2-29-16 blog (11)

Sunday we were all packed up and ready to head home
and the Excursion broke down.
Not a good thing, but it had a few perks.
We were very close to Mom’s when it happened
and one more day with the baby and family was a good thing.

2-29-16 blog (7)

He always thinks he’s hungry!
If he takes after the uncle he’s named after,
he’ll be a big boy some day.


One morning the sunrise was just beautiful.
I took a picture and wondered just what it must look like from the other side.
I have no doubt this beauty pales in comparison to what Tris is seeing.
What must his eyes behold?
I’m sure no beautiful sunrise or sunset even comes close!

2-29-16 blog (10)

It seemed like Spring might bring new hope, new healing to our hearts, but lately I’m not sure. Instead it seems to be opening new wounds. Tris was a lover of Spring, warmer days, farmers in the fields, so much to do, so little time. He thrived on it all. This Spring it seems so empty, so lifeless through our tear filled eyes.

Grief is such a long arduous journey and we long for a reprieve, but find none. My mind keeps going back to the verse in Psalms 30. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” We are anxiously awaiting that morning.


A Sweet New Bebe

When a sweet new niece is born,
it calls for a trip to go see her.
And the rest of the gang too, of course.

We had a good weekend,
stacked to the brim with things happening.

IN 2

There was the meet and greet of the little one herself.
And a lot of time was spent saving her from other small people.

IN 1

There were swing rides with the new big brother.


And sand box time.
Kennedy tasted it, of course.

IN 3

Big cousin met little cousin.
He loved her.
And Miss Little eats M&Ms after a nap.

IN 4

There were swing rides and buzzing bees.

IN 5

There was fresh corn on the cob…
with more then one way to eat it.
Left to right? Right to left?
Around and around?
Or with no hands?

IN 6

There were golf cart rides and jeep rides.

IN 7

The Clampett’s came to town.
They had the wave down pat and everything.
Someday we’ll go visit them in Hollywood.

IN 8

There were tractor rides and ice cream bars.

IN 9

There was more baby holding
and cousin love.
He is 6 months younger
but a little bigger all around then she is.

IN 10

And there were pictures of the sweet bebe.
She peaked open an eye to say hello
and then went back to snoozing.

In between all these things,
there was just a lot of action,
just like it always is at Grandma’s.

It’s a good life.

Sunshine & Sickness

I need some Florida sunshine on this day.
Some warm FL sun.


The sun is shining here but it’s not warm enough and
I’ve been holding a sick baby since Wed night.
We went to the Dr today.
No answers.


She has been struggling with a fever
and it does not make her the most pleasant little person.
Nights are less the stellar.
So we hold her.
A lot.

My eye lids…
they just want to slide shut today.
What me think I could stay up until after midnight
even when I had a sick baby.
Oh yes, I remember, it was friends,
good friends that were staying with us for the weekend.
We enjoyed every minute.


Multiple thoughts ran through my mind this weekend.
A young couple loosing their first baby.
Such heart ache.
I was glad to hold my sick Little One.

The verse about God’s mercies new every morning…
I’m thankful.


Sitting at home on Sunday morningĀ  made me thankful for church
for friends, for community.
We had a snowy Sunday, 2 Sundays in FL
and now a sick Sunday.
It feels like a long time since I’ve seen my people.
What do the people do with no one?

A quote I read:
“Lord, empty me of me so I can be filled with you!’


Tonight is…
holding baby
currently some deer hunting happening in the living room
cleaning basement
(this is suppose to be happening now)
((all I hear are loud noises))
the settling of squabbles
an early bedtime
(please come quickly)

2 kids. a doll. a stroller. and boots just flew past my window.
Is Spring actually coming?

Life as of Now

One is in the closet reading. again.
One is slogging through homework. again.
One is on the couch because of naughtiness. again.
Yelling, “Someone read Hoppity to me.”
One is crying at my legs to be held. held. held.

The computer is blaring out music and over the din
I heard something to the effect of the singer
missing the sound of pitter-patter feet
and I think, “What? I can’t even hear the feet.”

Supper is smoking away on the stove.
Toys scattered across the floor.
Mr Lifesaver comes in and takes Little One.
Big One comes to help.
Middle One finishes work.
And the Naughty One is off the couch
and on to other business.

We eat.
Amid much action.
Lots of talking.
Food getting.
School stories.
They finish.
They leave.
We heave a sigh and finish.

Table cleaned by little people.
Big One reads Hoppity to the Son in her best Daviess Co impersonation.
Middle One whisper reads to herself to win a prize at school.
Little One plays with her Dad on the floor.

Dishwasher full.
Counter top cleaned.
I sink in a chair.
And I listen.
To arguments.
Baby crying.
Kid chatter.

A few projects finished and the night is over.

And I write to remember.
To remember the chaos.
The noise. The fights.
They tell me I’ll forget.
They even sing songs about it.
And I wonder, how will I ever forget THIS?
Maybe someday.
Just maybe someday, it will be quiet.
And then I’ll probably wish for noise.