14 Years

Today we celebrated 14 years of marriage.
Where has time gone?
Once upon a time we looked at 14 years and thought,
“Wow, that is a long time.” Or “My, they are old!”
Not anymore.

03-02-2007 06;08;47PM

14 years ago we had no idea what life would bring.
Today we are older, wiser and happier,
even though we thought we couldn’t be happier at the time.
We may have some gray hair, wrinkles and a few extra pounds
but we’re loving growing old together.

Fam (179)

I am blessed to be married to him.
He knows me like no other.
He understands and cares about me.
He makes me slow down and enjoy life.
He is loved.

Tonight we were working on supper together
and it was loud and wild, I asked him,
“Did we sign up for this?”
And we laughed.
We are so blessed to be together and have these kids.