Brian & Charity | Wedding

On a beautiful, warm day in September
there was morning fog, sunshine, and lots of love
and a wedding.

The bride’s family

Little sister of the bride

Groom’s family

Bride’s grandma

A special family to the bride.


 It was a pleasure to spend time with this couple!
May you enjoy a long and happy life together!

More photos on Facebook here!


Ez & Edith and girls

Early this Spring, I received a message on Facebook.
“Would you consider doing a special kind of photo shoot?”
After hearing the details, there was no way I could turn it down.

A young family,
two beautiful little girls,
a sweet young Mama
and a Daddy fighting cancer.

ET (4)
After spending an evening with them,
I haven’t been able to get them off my mind.

ET (30)

ET (34)

ET (36)

ET (199)

ET (121)

ET (150)

ET (153)

ET (193)

ET (231)

ET (9)

ET (168)

ET (41)

ET (14)

ET (96)

ET (111)
Just watching them, you know they are making every moment count.
I was playing with the girls and taking some photos of them,
I looked over and saw this!

ET (61)

ET (133)

ET (92)

ET (47)

ET (211)

ET (157)

ET (163)

Whisper a prayer for them.
He’s been in and out of the hospital lately,
and life feels tough, I’m sure.

Family Photography

This fall I had quite a few photo shoots
that I haven’t blogged about.
It’s time to remedy that.

I love to watch a family interact,
it doesn’t take long to figure out
what dynamic each member plays in the family.

You have to quiet ones, behind the scenes,
sometimes they remain that way,
other times their few words carry a lot of weight.

You have the comedian who keeps
the entire family laughing
and then pulls a few stunts for the camera.

You have a little one who dislikes photos,
and you have to pull out all the stops
to entertain and (bribe) that kind.

And usually there is the mom,
tugging, pulling, fixing and straightening everyone up!

All in all, it’s fun, it’s interesting and entertaining.

Shannon Photography (1)

Shannon Photography (5)

Shannon Photography (8)

Shannon Photography (15)

Shannon Photography (10)

Shannon Photography (17)

Shannon Photography (4)

Shannon Photography (7)

Shannon Photography (3)

Shannon Photography (11)

Shannon Photography (6)

Shannon Photography (13)

Shannon Photography (18)

Shannon Photography (14)

Shannon Photography (9)

Shannon Photography (12)

Shannon Photography (16)

Shannon Photography (2)

Little Ones Moments

Backing up to the first of March,
we were in Florida over Spring Break.
I figured since Kennedy had just turned 2,
I could take her 2 year picture quite easily down there.
This mother forgot to take into consideration
the simple fact that she was dealing was a 2 year old.

I won’t even tell you how many pictures I took that night,
and not one was a nice, “Look at me and smile” photo.
So, we used what we had and you could just
call it, “A typical 2 year old photo shoot.”
Summed up nicely into one word
it would be called, “RUN!”

Even though she was less then cooperative,
I don’t want to forget those moments,
how she ran, wouldn’t look, ignored me,
but boy, did she enjoy herself!

FL (25)

When we would go to the beach during the day, she hated it!!
Sat on a chair or towel under the umbrella almost all the time.
In the evenings, she was a different child, she loved it.
We have since figured out, she dislikes anything hot.
The sun was hot and so she sat.

FL (22)
{May I never forget this soft little hair}

FL (26)
Oh, the sea weed, how she loved that stuff.

FL (28)
She found a little pile and played for a long time.
Her Daddy checked on her….
FL (29)
…and she would have been happy to share.
FL (31)
When I asked her about it,
I got a very real smile, seaweed, gum in her mouth and all!
This was the only picture with a genuine smile.

Right now she stands behind my chair yelling,
“That’s me, Mama! I have yuckies.”

FL (33)

She loved to run, so when he offered, she was willing.
If the water got to close, she was running the other way.
She had an awful fear of the water.

FL (34)

She stopped often to check out shells in the sand.
Thankfully she doesn’t want to bring them all home. {yet}

I wanted just 1 picture of all 4 of them…
FL (12)
…but every few seconds she would turn around and yell,
“Waa waa is coming!!”
She was so scared that water was going to get her.

FL (38)

She found a sand castle someone had made.
After sizing it up for awhile,
she destroyed it in a grand 2 year old fashion.

FL - Daddy's hand

And when she thought she was left behind,
Daddy was there to take her hand.
She licked her tears and felt safe holding his hand.

I pray she puts as much energy
into Jesus someday as she does into life today!

Question of the day:
Doesn’t this make you want to have a 2 year old?

Little Lia

A phone call comes that you never want to answer.
Words spoken that squeeze the heart.
Pain that one never wants to imagine.
A little tiny life snatched away so quickly,
whisked into the arms of Jesus in a mere moment.
Tears fall like rain.
A precious little child taken from the ones who loved her.

Aliyia (1)
She was an adorable little girl, loved by 2 families.
Her birth family and her foster family,
who were loving her while her Mom was incarcerated.
She slipped away from a watchful eye and was struck by a car.
So tiny, so fragile, so sweet, and Jesus called.

Aliyia (2)
At Christmas time my cousin Glenda had asked if I would come over
and take some photos of her and Alliyia doing their normal things together.
It was so much fun and now I look through them and the tears slip down,
remembering this sweet little one and knowing the pain they feel.

Aliyia (3)
Snuggles with Nana and baby.

Aliyia (4)

Aliyia (5)
She loved to read books.

Aliyia (6)
Bedtime was so much fun.

Aliyia (7)
Sweet, squishy little hugs that you will never ever forget.

Aliyia (8)

Aliyia (9)
Snack time standing on her favorite spot in the kitchen.

Aliyia (10)
Glenda kept pictures of Alliyia’s Mom around the house.

Aliyia (11)
She loved to touch, kiss, and talk to them.

Aliyia (12)
Singing her favorite song, “Building up the Temple.”

Aliyia (13)
Peek around the chair was a favorite game.

Aliyia (14)
Look at her little toe, sticking up in the air.

Aliyia (15)
Peek-a-boo sweet little one,
if only for one more time.

Aliyia (16)
Let’s read just one more book.

Aliyia (17)
…and blow just a few more sweet kisses good-bye!

Jesus, hold her close.
She is so very missed down here.

Squeeze your children one more time today!
Love them.

And please, breathe a prayer for these families!