Hello and welcome.
I’m Shannon, wife of Eric and mom to 4 kidlets who are quickly becoming more my size all the time. (which is quite frightening I find!)

FL-Fam-18 (57)

-I am simple, down to earth, common, just like you.
-I am a follower of Jesus.
-I find myself fascinated with antiques, simple decor,
farmhouse tables, white-washed, and the color black.
or is it green? or maybe just gray. I hate deciding things.
-I detest ticking, tapping and annoying noises.
-Days and days at home is my choice of place to be.
-I can not spell. cannot. Thank you spell check for saving me.
-I like to stay up late at night after the kids go to bed.
(I also eat ice cream at that time of the night while I write.)
-I do not like to cook but I often blog recipes for some unknown reason.
-I taught myself to like coffee because I wanted to be a social drinker.
-I like people. I like silence and alone time.

4-18 (7)

Some days life can be wild and exciting around here, who knows what will happen next. Other days it seems like I just plug along in the day to day grind, repeating everything I did yesterday. Then I remember no matter what is happening, it’s not about me, it is about Him, I do this for Jesus. I do this for my children. I do this for my husband. Tomorrow I’ll have to remind myself all over again, it’s not about me, it’s about them, it’s about Him.

8-4 (9)

~ I enjoy Photography as a side project. Some weeks nothing happens, some weeks it all happens at the same time and we have fun doing it.


I am not a great writer, grammar is not my strong point, so give me grace while you read. Just imagine it’s a chat over the kitchen table with some coffee instead of each of us hiding behind our screens in pajamas.
Stay awhile and leave a comment, I love to hear from you.

And should you ever chance to meet me somewhere, stop me and say hello. I love to hear from people who read here.



On Oct 7, 2015, my brother passed away during the night due to a heart attack.
He was only 32 years old and left a wife and three children behind.
We will always miss him.



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