Rambings and A Question

“The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” -Eyeore

4-18 (4)

The same could be said of winter. Eventually.

4-18 (2)

I know we all want to react and shake our fists at this never-ending winter, but really, it is God who we are complaining about. And remember, He has promised that the seasons will continue to change, so I keep looking forward to it.

4-18 (1)

Imagine how much we’ll have to smile about this summer.

Be optimistic, like the child living here who is wearing her swimsuit and sandals this morning.

4-18 (5)

In the meantime, we are just over here pretending it’s the 106th day of January while we bake and sing.  {maybe}
I’m not doing the baking, I’m eating, and I’m not really singing about it either, just trying to calmly endure to the end.

4-18 (8)

Yesterday we celebrated Madison’s public declaration of faith with her baptism. It was a joyful occasion and truly a pleasure to see her growing in her walk with Jesus.

4-18 (6)

Grandma and Grandpa came for the weekend.
Grandma is playing Old Maid with these two, but she hasn’t yet realized she is playing with a cheater who keeps looking in the window to see her cards when she holds them out for him to draw. Guess who won!

Now, my question for you.

4-18 (7)

Recently, a vote was taken by the people of this household and the mother was overruled by the majority. Okay, so maybe the entire lot of them voted against me, but anyway, soon thereafter they became the owners of a new dog. After days of discussion, I told the man of the house I sure am glad we didn’t have this many opinions when it came to naming children. It was hard enough with only two.

So back to my question, what would you name this big black Lab?

The suggestions here have been numerous, yet no one can agree. Dakota suggested naming him after the guy we bought him from. For some reason that guy wasn’t thrilled about that for fear I would take his name in vain.

And the first person to tell me that every boy needs a dog does not win first prize!

21 thoughts on “Rambings and A Question

  1. Good luck on naming the dog! 🙂 We have many heated discussions here at our house at times, when it comes time to name kittens…sigh…I am only glad that I do not have to get involved. 😉 And no, I do not have any good dog names rolling around in my brain.

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  2. He’s the spitting image of a dog named Tucker that I’m quite fond of.. He is ornery, but smart, sweet, and mild tempered,.. So certainly I would vote for Tucker in case it’s the name that make him the person/dog that he is today.. 😊


  3. Rambo, Spence, pup, Hoyt, Asher, Chucky, Corky, Lariet, Laddie, Beau, Ringo. (We love naming things,,, we name our vehicles and appliances 😌)


  4. Growing up we had a neighbour who named his dog– a Great Dane– “Kitty.” Just imagine sticking your head out the door and calling “Here Kitty Kitty…”

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  5. We named our last dog Bo, short for Boaz. My boys just got a new puppy they are calling Bullet. Not my pick but hey it’s their dog. We have enough trouble naming children. Number 10 is due any day and I THINK we have names decided.

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  6. Pick some vague name in Bible for something fun! Obadiah and call him Obie, Leviticus and call him Levi, etc…
    I feel your pain with not really wanting a dog but being overruled. We had a dog named Pyper for many years, then she got old and died. Got a new puppy and named her Ziva and couple months later she tragically met a truck on the road. Now we have a Bailey. I wanted Penelope but was shot down! 🙂 my hubby keeps reminding me when we can sell puppies, it will help with school tuition! Hang in there!

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