Malachi 3:6
I the Lord do not change.

No matter the storm,
the fierce winds raging,
He is the guiding light
leading ships to safe harbor.

Though there be shifting sands
and relentless, eroding winds,
He is the unmovable rock,
steady, firm and secure.

Though the tempest may sweep
and your ship starts to sink,
He is the undamaged lifeboat
holding steady, ready to save.

When the whirlwind swirls
and sand spits in your eyes,
He is your peaceful shelter,
safety from the storm.

When all around you feel forsaken,
misunderstood, rejected of men,
He is love, love everlasting,
unchanging and sure.

When trials and afflictions
test your strength and soul,
He is ever faithful,
at your side always abiding.

When you stumble and fall,
pulled down once again,
He is the hand of grace,
outstretched and forgiving.

Sinking lower than low,
your vigor is long gone,
He is great strength,
lifting and carrying you.

When the world around you
looks dark and cold,
He is ever present,
His hand in each move.

When fear and doubts assail,
despair fills your heart,
He is quiet courage whispering,
“Keep your eyes on Me!”

All is well, He never changes.



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