When Family Visits

Once upon a weekend, my family came to visit.
We don’t live that far apart, so we travel West quite a bit, but to have them travel East is newsworthy! Almost everyone came, a few stayed home for various reasons and we missed them.

Of course we missed Tris, we wished for his loud, in charge voice to keep things rolling. We missed him in our late night laughs and hearing him loudly sip early morning coffee. We wondered what he would have done when all the other guys were on the roof because he hated heights. We missed him crashing onto the recliner with a thump. We knew he would have loved our weekend and we pretty much just missed him all the time.

7-16-16 family (1)

On Friday we all loaded into an RV and headed North. My Mom’s family lives in Holmes Co and we have spent our entire life visiting there. Our one in-law in particular had never really played “tourist” around there, so we gave the grand tour. It was fun, all packed in together, keeping the kids in line, stopping to see things and people.

By way of the rumor mill, we heard that Wal-mart sells cool Ozark Trail tumblers that are (almost) as good as Yeti. “Hey, we’ll go past Wal-mart, let’s stop and check.”
The guys and I made a mad dash in to see who could find them first and they proceeded to buy half the stock! We then spent the rest of the day complaining that our water was gone and the ice wasn’t melting and we had nothing to drink! Isn’t this what we wanted?

7-16-16 family (2)

We met some family for lunch and had a short little catch up session. We needed much more time than we had, but it was good to see them for a bit.

7-16-16 family (3)

My Aunt Irene wasn’t able to come to our lunch gathering, so we stopped to see her. It’s a rare occurrence for all of our gang to be together at her house, so rare that I thought it was photo worthy!

7-16-16 family (4)

Another stop here and there, to see this and that,
and then a visit with Ruby and her girls finished off our day.
whispers: We were feeling a little bit Amish
with the way we kept stopping to see all our relatives.

7-16-16 family (5)

When we are at Mom’s, this guy drives the dirt bike in the front door and out the back. When he is here, he just revs it up and drives right up the steps onto my front porch. I should have made him scrub the black marks off the concrete.

7-16-16 family (7)

Grandma spoils her babies!
They say, “Can we watch something?” and before their mom can open her mouth, Grandma says, “Sure, just use my phone!”
They may have been taking a selfie too, her grandkids taught her how to do that.

7-16-16 family (8)

These two! They have a love-hate relationship. He teases her, she pretends to hate it, but I think she really loves it. Before they came, we would ask her who was coming and the first person on the list was, “Max’s Dad.”

7-16-16 family (6)

Cousins and friends. They can spend hours together coming up with all kinds of things to do and daydream about. If they run out of things to do, they can always read!
We all love to see Katelyn wear her Daddy’s hat!

7-16-16 family (12)

Saturday the guys spent most of the day working on the garage.
The ladies… we did what all ladies do. kid care. food prep, fixing and eating. more kid care. talking. coffee drinking. more food and kids and lots of crowd control and clean up!

7-16-16 family (9)

A porch pow-wow with the kidders.

7-16-16 family (10)

This chunky monkey! He is only 5 months old and growing like crazy!
Other people’s kids always grow faster than mine do!

7-16-16 family (11)

We set up the teepee and the gang moved down there. Reagan organized them all and pretty soon she had her camp up and running.

7-16-16 family (15)

 Since it was warm and the guys deserved a break, we headed for the beach late afternoon. We had a hard time getting the kiddos out of the water when it was time to leave. Sun, sand and water, add kids and you have a good combo!

7-16-16 family (16)

This goober. He buried himself. ugh. I feel all gritty and dirty just thinking about it.
Later that night he wondered why there was sand in his ears?!

7-16-16 family (17)

This was the best! He needed help covering his arms so we were scooping sand all over him. He had his eye closed, so he never saw this coming, but here comes Nick with his little offering of sand to finish covering up his Dad!

A good time was had by all. (I think)
If you get to spend time with your family,
let them know how much you appreciate and love them!

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” » Lisa Weedn













2 thoughts on “When Family Visits

  1. Somehow I missed this post..so awesome to see you having a good time with your family even though your hearts are hurting! I’m glad they could come! BTW, I was digging for the oreo cookies recipe. 😉 found it..


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