That Time We Cat-Sat

Once upon a weekend, the little owner of Miss Kitty went on vacation with her family. Since kittens do not do well when left alone for a long period of time, we were called upon to cat-sit. When asked, this Mother replied, “Not a problem, as long as we don’t have to get a cat till the weekend is over!” And so Miss Kitty came to stay a few days.

Cat 6-2016 (1)

The Little One living here was suppose to be the cat-sitter … but, well, that didn’t go so well since she was quite frightened of the little fur ball. Miss Kitty seemed to know it too, because the little claws came out every time Kennedy tried to hold her. When asked, Kennedy would say, “I can’t hold her, I don’t have my jacket on.” meaning she needed something to protect her arms. So, Mr D and Reagan took over, quite happily.

Cat 6-2016 (2)

No sooner then Miss Kitty was here, Reagan ran down to the sewing machine and whipped up a little “mouse” for her. Stuffed with batting, it even had little ears and eyes, which Miss Kitty promptly tore off from all her swatting. She also made a little pillow and stuffed it with cat food so Miss Kitty would have something good to smell while she slept.
Hmmm, what can I stuff my pillow with to sniff while I sleep?

Cat 6-2016 (3)

Miss Kitty had quite the adventures while staying here. She played with her mouse for hours, she toured our entire house and had to be dug out from under Mr D’s bed. Reagan fixed up a ‘cute’ bed instead of her old box, which you can see behind her and Miss Kitty kindly obliged by napping in it frequently.

Cat 6-2016 (6)

When I say ‘toured our entire house’ I do not mean that lightly. She was even placed on Kennedy’s bed, but Kennedy was quick to rescue her precious blankie before the Miss Kitty could even sniff it.

Cat 6-2016 (4)

Cat 6-2016 (5)

Having a little chit-chat about the claws she likes to use.

Cat 6-2016 (7)

Kennedy finally got brave enough to carry her to the back yard. I felt sorry for Miss Kitty when I watched them go for it was not a cuddly carrying, but she didn’t seem to mind.  The dumb brave little cat just sat directly under the swing where she was placed, more then likely too tired to move.

Cat 6-2016 (8)

Miss Kitty was also given multiple rides down the slide. I wish you could have heard her laugh. The girl, not the cat. I fear Miss Kitty was not laughing in the least until it was over. No cats were injured during this affair. She just has mad jumping skills that caused the laughing.

Cat 6-2016 (9)

After all that exercise, she was ready to sit and let Kennedy pet her, claws in.

Cat 6-2016 (10)

Mr D even sat and held her for awhile so she could take a nap.
(I didn’t know he could sit still for that long)

And when Reagan finally finished her work, she took over cat duty.

Cat 6-2016 (11)

Out came the pillows, pink and all things fluffy. One would have thought this was a princess instead of a cat.

Cat 6-2016 (14)

They happily laid out in the grass together.

Cat 6-2016 (12)

Reagan amused herself by turning Miss Kitty into other animals??
This was a mad, crouching Bobcat.

Cat 6-2016 (13)

A dog? A bunny? I’m not even sure.

Cat 6-2016 (15)

As you can she was given the royal treatment while residing here. She even dined on steak scraps one night, but we skipped the wine and opted for water to go with her meal.

Miss Kitty was finally returned to her rightful owner and things calmed down around here. I am now able to get something done other then being called to come see what Miss Kitty did now.

And now, I know what you all are thinking.
No, we don’t need a kitty.
We have one.
Old stray Jack makes a lovely, lazy mouse catcher!
We shall keep him and be happy indeed.
At least I will.




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