Happy Birthday Eric

Happy birthday to the man of the house.

Other years birthdays were just another day,
but this year, birthdays mean a little more to me.
Not just that someone is another year older,
but because we are privileged
to have spent another year living life together.

You don’t hear a lot of gushing about this man on here,
because that is just how we are, there’s not a lot of gushing.
We are quite fond of him though, I must say.


He is steady, dependable, reliable.
He is annoyingly calm when I am flapping like a wild woman. always.
He cares, works hard, gives up his own wishes for us.
When he speaks, the kids listen. (well most of them do)

He is trustworthy, sensible, and he listens well.
He even tries to fix my problems, is that not brave of him?

Eric (2)

From the kids:
“He is really patient with us.”
“He blows up my tires on my bike.”
“I like that he checks on us and tells us goodnight.”
“He does stuff with us when he could be doing stuff he would rather do.”
“I like to go to work with him.”
“I wike my daddy.”
“He takes time to talk to us.”
“He’s the best dad I could ever have.”

He teaches them, reads Bible stories, prays with them.
They learn Jesus from him.

Eric (1)

If I have learned nothing else the past 7 months,
it has been to be grateful beyond words I have  him in my life.
He has been a rock in this storm for me.

We have no promise of tomorrow,
so celebrate today, this day.

There will be steak for supper to celebrate him,
and Madison’s pie is in the oven.
Please don’t come over for supper.

Happy Birthday Eric, we love you.


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