Of Busy May

Is it just me or is the month of May a wee bit crazy?  Never failing, there are too many things for me to do during this month. School events and school ending, Mother’s day, Graduations, weddings, reunions and on and on. I want to sleep for a week.

Warning: long picture post!

5-2016 (1)

I was on the way home one evening and noticed this sunset. As soon as I could, I stopped for a photo. From our place in the woods we aren’t able to see a sunrise or sunset, so if I am out and about, I watch the sky. I always wonder what it looks like from Heaven. If it’s this pretty here, it must be more then our eyes can imagine there.


Remember that picture I showed you of my horrendous looking flower bed?
To refresh your memory, you will find it here.
Now I am not a green thumb, not even a brown one, more along the lines of a black thumb. All I can grow are weeds. It seems like plants see me coming and take cover or they debate among themselves and say, “It’s your turn to go with her, one of our kind died last year at her hand!” I thought and wondered and whined about how to begin to plant this thing, not having a clue what kind of plants to buy.  So, I just didn’t do anything about it and let the weeds happily keep growing.

Now there are people in my family who thrive on gardening, flower beds and all things involving dirt. I think that picture must have given her goosebumps and she quivered a bit realizing that if it was that bad in a photo, how much worse it must be in real life! So one day Berneice stopped in and dropped some plants off and said she’s coming over to help work on the flower bed later! I heaved and breathed a sigh of relief. Or rather I forced Eric to at least till it up so she wouldn’t have so much work.

5-2016 (2)

She came and she brought even more plants! A friend of mine had sent her money to buy plants for my flower bed in memory of Tris. I may have felt like crying when I heard that. She looked around and started digging holes and in no time it looked beautiful!

5-2016 (3)

A few weeks and a lot of sore muscles later, we had the mulch down and now I need to go buy a few annuals to stick here and there. It feels so much better to go out and see this instead of my weed garden! Thanks Berneice and Karisa.


Many moons ago we moved in here and said to ourselves, “We’ll build a garage in just a few years!” And so it was that one thing led to the other and at last, 13 years later, we are building.

5-2016 (5) kids

Some people asked why we waited so long… I don’t really know, but it may be due to the fact that I have never had a garage my entire life, so I don’t know what I’m missing!

5-2016 (4)

5-2016 (5)

The Queen Bee took it all in with her curls and glasses!


5-2016 (6)

Mother’s day happened and was a hard day for me. Not due to my own children, but rather thinking about hard things. So many women out there who wish for children of their own, others were missing the children they do have, and too many were mourning the loss of a child. There were children missing their parents, wishing for one more Mother’s day together. So many hurting hearts.

5-2016 (7)

My flowers arrived that afternoon by the hand of my children’s father.
I loved them.


5-2016 (9)

Now somewhere around this time in life, this cookie dough eating child got up very early one morning, before her Mother wished her to. She crawled into bed beside her half dozing Mother and played with the Mother’s phone, unknown to the half dozing Mother. All at once she squeaked, “Mom, there are check marks on all your pictures.” The Mother shot upright and grabbed the phone and through her bleary eyes saw that it was too late. All her photos had been deleted by this small cookie dough eating child.

Take a lesson from a bear. Back your photos up.

5-2016 (10)

Combine all the rain we’ve been having with the construction around here,
and you have a happy little kid with pink gum boots!

5-2016 (11)

Since I knew this would happen whether I wanted it to or not,
I helped her put her boots on and went along.


5-2016 (13)

School ended with the usual water fight! Rain or shine, hot or cold, they stand in line for many, many minutes waiting for a little bit of water to throw on someone else. I watched Reagan and the three times she was able to fill her bucket, she completely missed the person she was aiming for and all her water landed on the grass! Somehow someone managed to completely soak her or she volunteered to be soaked.

5-2016 (14)

We took a trip to Africa one day. Long tiring day.

5-2016 (15)

It may have been to the local zoo with the school kids,
but my unconditioned legs felt like we walked to Africa and back.


5-2016 (16)

Saturday was cold, frigidly cold, rainy and ugly, but Eric had planned to set the trusses on the garage and men poured in to help! We feel very indebted to these guys for giving up a Saturday to help us do this.

Some asked how soon we expect the garage to be done … many years from now if it takes as long to finish as it took to get started.


church family

Since Sunday was our last service in this church house, we took a photo of our church family in front of it. It was home to many good times for many years.

The building is set for demolition this week and we’ll begin building a new one. An old building, not handicap accessible, plus many more reasons brought about plans for a new place for worship for this group.

5-2016 (18)

Mr D. graduated from Kindergarten Sun night.


5-2016 (19)
Monday was our first day of summer vacation and these 3 had a picnic in the garage.
It was not quite as cold as the Eskimo would have you to believe, almost though.

5-2016 (20)

While they partied the day away, my baker got busy doing her favorite thing!
She wishes she could do this every day, all summer. We would be rolling instead of walking, if that were the case.

Now we’re off to the races to finish off this month much like it started.



4 thoughts on “Of Busy May

  1. Thank you for all of your blog posts. There is something about your blog that I just love. Most posts from the many blogs I follow, come into my inbox, and I never click the link. Cause they are boring and a waste of my time. Your blog is all but boring. It’s not so much what you write about, but the way you write. And also that you are honest about your life and about what you are feeling. You are not here trying to make it look like you have a perfect life. Your blog is inspiring. Your flower beds look beautiful! And your little girl deleting pictures, what an awful feeling! I don’t know if anyone ever told you this before, but I think you should write a book! Your way of writing pulls people in. Most book writers too quickly bore their readers. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable and gift of writing…I think you would make a good author with good inspiring worthwhile stuff to read. 🙂 Just throwing that out there. Thanks for your posts. Keep on blogging. -Andrea


  2. What she said^^^ I enjoy your honesty and sense of humour.

    Off topic but am I the only one who can’t get on the mom board recently?


    • The Mom board is down and has been for the last month or so. I’m not sure what’s up. I think that whole server crashed because other boards with the exco server show the same message.


      • I’ve been wondering the same thing and actually came on here to ask you if you know what’s up with it. Glad to know it’s not just my computer being dumb.

        And I echo what the others said … I enjoy reading your writing, AND looking at your beautiful photos! In my dreams I capture everyday life that way but never in real life!


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