Kids + Teepee

Everyone should have an Aunt Bethany.

Way back when, sometime before Christmas, Aunt Bethany asked Reagan, “So what would you like for Christmas?” Now anyone should know that is a dangerous question to ask a child. The wish list is usually long and daunting. Reagan didn’t need much time to think before she had an answer ready. I’m not sure how she worded it but I heard something to this effect, “i would really like a teepee but I know they cost too much!”

This must have started the wheels turning in Bethany’s mind because pretty soon word of teepee building started circulating among the moms in the family. The kids didn’t know anything was happening, except for the fact that no one was allowed to stop at Grandma’s the last few weeks before our Christmas.

Teepee Christmas

To say the least, Aunt Bethany was suddenly the favorite.

Ours took up residence in the basement. Reagan used it the most of course, imagination running wild while she played. Once it warmed up, I told them it needed to go outside.

Kids Teepee (1)

It only took the idea of having the teepee outside to get “Wild Child’s” brain working overtime. She soon had a ‘fire’ started and they were cooking up a meal. She left Little One to tend to things while she was out in the woods gathering roots and flowers.

Kids Teepee (2)

Chief Dakota was too lazy go hunt for their meat, he relaxed in the teepee playing with modern toys instead of smoking his pipe.

Kids Teepee (3)

Kids Teepee (5)

Kids Teepee (6)

Kids Teepee (7)

Tasting her food before she serves her people,
no sense in poisoning the whole tribe.

Kids Teepee (8)

He’s adding ‘fire’ to the wood.

Kids Teepee (9)

As you can see around her mouth, she really did taste some of her soup.

Kids Teepee (10)

Little One does her share of the work.

Kids Teepee (11)

A visitor, “Reads a Lot,” introduced the tribe to modern technology.
A tribal council was convened to decide whether this is acceptable.

Kids Teepee (12)

She also introduced them to a newfangled horse,
one that is loud and runs on wheels instead of legs.
The Council is unsure whether she is a good influence or not.

Kids Teepee (13)

As you can see, this modern stuff confused Wild One and she was left wondering why her feather quill does not work on this fancy bark that lights up.

Kids Teepee (4)

She decided the best of life is out in nature
and modern technology is better left in the house.

As I said before, everyone should have an Aunt Bethany!


7 thoughts on “Kids + Teepee

  1. What a great idea and such a sweet aunt, too! It looks like they had so much fun! So thankful to have met you tonight! I am enjoying your blog. I am SO sorry to read of the death of your dear brother. That is just so incredibly sad. We have had much loss in our family, too, and my heart truly goes out to you. Surely God has a plan, and we often do not see what it is. I keep telling my family that when we can’t understand God’s logic, we have to trust His wisdom….easier said than done, but we are trying. I trust God will bless your dear family and comfort all of you hearts during this sad season. Sending you love and hugs!


  2. What fun!:) I’m wondering if Aunt Bethany would share her plans how to make a teepee. What type of material was used for the outside n what for poles were used….?? It would be fun to have one for our children.:)


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