Lisa’s Wedding

If you know Kennedy well at all, you know without a doubt that she is not a friendly child. She has never been outgoing, talking to someone or even smiling at them is a struggle for her. There are a lot of people who talk to her and try to get a word or even a smile out of her, but she gives up nothing.

Some people say, “Just make her do it.” Well be my guest to come and try, trust me when I say I have talked, begged, pleaded, bribed, tried. Other people say, “Just let her be herself.” and so I have. I finally gave up trying, in hopes that she’ll grow out it one of these day and be friendly. I have seen some improvement in the last few months so (whispers) … maybe we’re getting somewhere.

There are a select few special people that she dearly loves. I have come to realize that she is an “all or nothing” kind of girl. When she likes you she will let you know, until then, keep trying in hopes of some day.

There is one person in particular that falls in place in her love-line, directly after her family. I’m not sure when this friendship began, possibly a few weeks after Kennedy was born,  maybe it was a few months later on a bus trip to AR, but whenever it happened, I do believe it’s lifelong. This special Lisa got married on Sat and Kennedy was her flower girl!

Was she ever thrilled!!

She got up early that morning, came over and stood beside my bed and I heard her whisper, “We’re getting married today!”

Lisa Wedding (1)

Lisa had talked her up, telling her about her flowers and all kinds of good stuff. She couldn’t wait to get there Sat morning and see her bouquet. Of all mornings, it was in the 40’s and windy! I was completely ready for her to be uncooperative like she was at Melissa’s wedding, but she smiled like a champ, even with goosebumps.

Lisa Wedding (2)

She claimed the day as “her wedding” too, never mind the fact there was a groom involved. He is a good guy, but he’s not on her list yet, try as he might. When she talked about the wedding, it was all about her and Lisa, as if Derek was not involved. We tried to change her mind and bring Derek into the picture when we discussed the wedding at home, but to no avail.

Lisa Wedding (3)

She couldn’t wait to see Lisa “because we have matching dresses!”

Lisa Wedding (5)

Pretty as a princess in her dress and sparkly shoes!

Lisa Wedding (4)

In her mind, there is just nothing as good as an afternoon spent with Lisa. Those dates are long talked about before and after the fact.

Lisa Wedding (6)

This is the look most people get from her.

Lisa Wedding (8)

After her photos, she said she was hungry so we ran through the drive through and carefully ate without dripping ketchup on anything. I would have wanted to take the dress off while she ate, but when I tried it on the very first time, the zipper busted at the waist so it got super glued and sewn shut, making the dress a chore to get on and off.

Lisa Wedding (7)

The wedding decor was fabulous!

Lisa Wedding (9)

Too many people were trying to talk to her before the wedding and I could tell things were getting worse instead of better in her mind. I knew there was a nursery upstairs so I took her up and put her in there for some peace and quiet. She loved it away from the people and only had one suitor come visit while she played.

Lisa Wedding (10)

At the last second she just couldn’t take that step forward and go down the aisle by herself, so Marita took her hand and they went together. When she came to sit with me after prayer, I asked her what happened. “I just couldn’t walk by myself!” she said.

Lisa Wedding (12)

Lisa Wedding (11)

It’s a blurry cell phone photo, but she has Lisa by the chin telling her something!

Lisa Wedding (13)

We all enjoyed this spot at the reception thanks to Lisa’s love of coffee.

Lisa Wedding (14)

She brought her little bouquet home and put it in a vase with water. She tells me every day, “Lisa said be careful because it will break, so Dakota can’t touch it!”

Lisa Wedding (15)

Sunday Morning when we got to church she ran over to Lisa’s Mom, whom she calls Grandma Sara, and said, “I want to go to the wedding again!” I don’t think Grandma Sara shared her sentiments.

Lisa Wedding (16)

This was her reward for walking up the aisle.

Yesterday I looked at her and said, “Do you think Lisa is having fun on her honeymoon?
She thought for a bit and said, “Yeah… but what about me going too?

6 thoughts on “Lisa’s Wedding

  1. So adorable. Bless you for letting her be herself…God blessed me with a shy daughter and since I was never shy, I find it hard to relate. But I’m learning to be sensitive…..sometimes she does need to be pushed, but sometimes she just needs security beside me or her dad. A child as cute as Kennedy couldn’t be too difficult. …;)


  2. I loved this post. Lia is to have part in her best friends wedding in a few months and I alternate between dread and excitement because she is natured very much like your Kennedy. Lia loves the bride to be but the groom to be is another matter altogether. She loved the bride before this young man came into the picture and she now views him as competition.

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  3. She is so adorable!! And she was the sweetest thing on Saturday!! Thanks for sharing! It made my heart squeeze a wee bit! And I’m thankful that Lisa isn’t moving far away!!


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