Six Months Later

Dear Tris,

Six months after you’re gone
finds us missing you still.
If possible, even more
than we did the day you left.

Six months later we have moments
when we smile and enjoy life again,
but no sooner then we laugh,
we remember our heartache.
You are always in the back of our minds,
never far from our thoughts
the ache of missing you clings close.

In our finite mind we wish
for just a few more moments with you.
However, knowing where you are,
could we really wish you back
to this sin cursed, cold and dark earth
filled with pain and sadness?

Your day has only begun,
the glories are immeasurable around you.
Forever springtime, flowers blooming
and gentle breezes blowing through the trees.
Green grass, fields of wheat, infinite beauty,
a feast for the eyes in every direction you look.

Heavenly sky

A stroll by the river of life brings a smile.
So many people to greet, to watch, to talk with,
you are enjoying every minute.
Martyrs and saints of old,
stories come alive in their presence.
You listen, you ask questions and finally,
you have answers so long wondered over.

A child’s hand tucks in yours as you stroll,
you look down and smile knowing
exactly whose hand you are holding.

As you walk along the street of gold,
your legs don’t ache, you don’t get tired,
for perfect health is yours as you stroll for miles.
You swoop the child into your arms
as you continue your journey.

Far in the distance is the sound of singing.
You hum along and whistle a few bars as you walk
and the closer you get, the clearer the melody.
Praises to Jesus, beautiful, glorious music,
a new song unlike anything you have ever heard.
You join the group, standing straight and tall
and with your head held high,
you sway back and forth as you belt it out,
acclamation to Jesus with the choir as one voice.

You move through the throngs,
anxious to see the one whom you adore.
As the choir lifts it’s voice in hallelujahs
your eyes behold the King in all His glory.
His nail pierced hands outstretched to you,
welcoming you into his embrace.
As the light of the Son surrounds you with glory,
you kneel at His feet in worship and know,
you are HOME.


Save a place for me, I’ll be there soon.

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