To my Unknown Friend

Friday when I went to pick up the girls at school,
I checked the mailbox before leaving.
I was already a few minutes late,
but could’t the girls wait just a tiny bit more
so I can see what came in the mail today?

On a normal day there is the usual junk mail,
a bill or three and sometimes a card with my name,
which I quickly snatch up and rip open.

Today there was a box.
Just that little box and not another thing in the mailbox.
I should have taken a picture of it sitting in there looking back at me.
It had my name and address, but the return address said Kristin Schmucker.
Well, I didn’t know who that was so I was instantly curious.

Here comes the not so good part that I shouldn’t even write
because my mother (and husband) read my blog.
Just read this next part in a whisper so it doesn’t sound so bad.
I proceeded to opened the box while I drove to school.
A pin worked to split the tape and inside was…
just a whole lot of bubble wrap!

A card was on top and after reading it,
I knew a little more about Kristin Schmucker.
Although she may have packaged and shipped the box
from her lovely store, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know me.
So the mystery remained, who sent the gift?

Inside all the bubble wrap…

be still mug (1)

…was a beautiful mug.

If you remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post on this very thing, Be Still.
After reading that, someone, somewhere out there took the time to find and send me this mug. For now it’s sitting here where I see it all the time, reminding me to Be Still. I’m working up the nerve to sip some coffee from it, almost afraid I’ll ruin it if I do.

be still mug (2)

You know who you are and I would very much like to know too.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me.
I appreciate it more then I can say because it came at just the right time!
Thank you for listening to Jesus nudge you to do this.


And if you ever feel so inclined,
just let me know who you are so I can thank you properly.
(and because not knowing things like this drives me nuts) 🙂


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