Be Still

Psalms 46:10
Be still and know that I am God.

Be still: to be weak; to let go; to release; to surrender

Be still, be still and know.
Let go of your tight hold.
Release your clenched hands.
Surrender your heart’s fears.
Be weak in Him to see His strength.

Be still and know I Am.

Release the weariness, the stress,
the fears, the tired, heavy burdens.
Let go, let Him carry.
Let go and know His power.
He is willing. He is able.

Be Still

When your head is barely above water,
give up trusting yourself
in order to know His all sufficiency.
Stop fighting, quiet yourself, be still, rest.

The Lord will fight for you,
you need only to be still
Ex 14:14

Surrender: ceasing to resist; stop struggling, fighting; rest

Surrender to Him knowing He is in control
and peace will come.

Surrender the anxiety, the questions,
the doubts, the worry, the fight for control.
Rest in Him.

Give it to him today,
and do it again tomorrow
and the next morrow.
Live life with open hands
believing He is able.

Be still, be still and know I Am.


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