Four Months

Never has time been so long.
Never has time been so short.
It feels like yesterday we heard you laugh,
yesterday we saw you come through the door.
But it feels like years since we heard your voice,
saw your smile, and heard you sing.

Never a road so hard,
so wearisome, so tiring, so dark.
Darkness is the absence of light
and light left our lives when you took flight.
Weary to the bone, tired of the weight on our mind,
wondering how to walk this path,
how do we go on with an ache so great?

Never a day goes by that we don’t imagine your face.
Never a day that we don’t smile at a memory.
We miss you so much, so very much.
You were larger then life and
took up such a big part of our hearts.
A Tris shaped hole forever remains.

Tris 5x7

Never a day that we don’t wonder what you are seeing,
hearing, singing, and laughing about up there.
I am sure your happiness knows no bounds
as you belt out praises to Jesus.
Four months of splendor are a drop in the bucket,
you have only begun to see the glories.

Never have we shed so many tears.
Never has the pain gone so deep.
Never have we grieved as we do,
but it’s all the price of love.
We would never have chosen to love you less,
never given up a minute of time with you.
In return, this grief we carry
is because of our love for you.
We will walk this road bravely,
head to the wind, facing the fight,
in honor of you, whom we loved so dearly.


One thought on “Four Months

  1. This takes me back to the times when my brother and Mom both suddenly died. the first week you count days, then you count weeks, then it is by the month until the end of the first year. I remember how the first weeks I just wanted time to stop, which for me until the funeral was past , the whole time seemed like one loong day. It was 6 years in November that my Mom died and take courage it does get better but there are times when the pain just gets you again. This past holiday and over the anniversary it was more difficult again, So take heart DO NOT allow people to tell you to get over it. It ios not something to get over, it is a path we must walk through. Has anyone mentioned to you about joining a Grief Share group. That has helped me, I would highly recommend it, all you would need to do is google griefshare and check to see if anyone in your area is giving the presentation. Until someone goes through an experience like this we can not understand how a person feels, and yet each of us grieves in a different way. God bless you as you continue on this journey. Feel free to email me if you would like. Mary Ann


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