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One day runs into the next, one week follows the week before and I’m not quite sure what happens to the months, but they just keep slipping by.
Time is long and time is short.

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We think to ourselves, how can it be that long? Wasn’t it just yesterday? And in the next minute we think of how long it’s been since we last saw him, entirely too long.

The evening sky lights up and we breathe a sigh and ask,
“Oh Lord, how long? How long before you come?
Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”


Life goes on, life changes, but still life remains the same. Children grow, but on the other hand, children remain the same. Even as they stretch upward, they continue to stretch you in areas you didn’t know you really needed stretching. I didn’t say a thing about arguments, disagreements, and other such things, did I?

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With only one son in the family, people worry for us that he might not be too much of a boy. Fear not, people, I have plenty of evidence to put your minds at ease. This was a wrestling match that nearly shook the foundation. All the while it went on, the little one calmly snuggled in her blanket, right in the middle of it. Rather fearless you might say.

The other day after much activity I heard him run up to one of the girls, lift his arm and stick his arm pit into her face saying, “Sniff, sniff. Smell under my arm. Do ya like that smell?” He ran off laughing while she yelled. He may live in a house full of girls, but fear not, he is still a boy at heart!

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One moment he’s fighting with them and the next minute he’s jumping up and down with excitement when Madison suggests having a tea party!

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Trying to get that little pinky to stick out.


Life is never dull around here.

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If the opportunity presents itself, you just go ahead and hunt from your daughter’s bedroom window. His photographer/videographer just may have jumped a few inches when he finally shot. One thing I did learn during this experience was that I lack greatly in the patience department. Ok, I already knew that, this just confirmed it once again.


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When one day is hard and each day following continually get worse, it’s a gift from God and a friend when a box shows up on the steps. A little bit of something for everyone and little notes stuck all over. I pray she is blessed for her generosity. When I called to thank her, she said I had been on her mind so much the week before so she decided to send something. That was God coming through! Listen when he gives you those nudges because it really does bless the one you are thinking of when you let them know.


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Since Madison does my baking, I decided to get a head start on my next cook in hopes of working myself out of a job.

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Since the man has taken over the grill, I really am not left with much to do in the food department and trust me, I am quite happy about that. He was prepping a pork loin for our Bible study group. It turned out quite delicious.


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One day when I picked up the girls from school we sat at this stop sign and had a little life lesson on thankfulness while we watched these little guys. “How would you like to walk to school?” and many other such questions followed. The girls quickly agreed they have it quite nice. 🙂


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Go pick ya self up a little bite of Valentine Chocolate or ask him to get ya some like this. They really are too good to miss. Oh yes, I am still the one who rarely eats and does not really love chocolate, but I will make an exception for these little guys.



A very long, hard week ended at the INSPIRE 2016 women’s retreat. The theme this year was “Living in Hope” by Jen Miller. It was just what my heart needed to hear.
Life is tough, but we have this anchor of Hope, a reason to keep living.
It was a very good 24 hours, much wisdom and words from God. All along I have known these truths in my head, I just needed to be reminded to apply them to my heart again. The application of some of these things will be hard, surrendering, giving up my wants and wishes, opening my hand to God and saying, “Write my story!”

Here’s a word Jen taught us:
Hopelifting: noun
The art of passing on hope to someone else.
“Hope is contagious. It is carried from person to person and is transmitted by contact.”

Go give someone a lift today by spreading a bit of hope in their hearts.


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