To Bless Him

The road He led me to travel started smoothly,
rough along the edges at times,
but quite easy to traverse.
I blessed His name as I walked.

Small pieces of stone developed over time,
larger ones tripped me up occasionally.
Trustingly I stretched out my hand for His,
placing my faith in Him to keep me steady.
I praised His name.

Over time a few rolling hills loomed in the distance.
I placed one foot in front of the other
and with the help of His hand,
climbed steadily up,
the path still relatively smooth.
Bless you Lord, for this life of mine.

Peeking over a rolling hill one day,
I saw a valley lying before me.
Though the task of crossing looked great,
with my hand in His, I knew we could make it.
When I tripped, He lifted, when I fell, He caught me,
and together we made it to the other side.
Thank you Lord, for crossing with me.

Day followed day, months turned into years,
still we walked on.
Nothing seemed impossible for us together.
Bless you Lord, for all you do for me.


And then one day with His hand in mine,
we crested a mountain ridge,
the scene before me was dark and ugly.
A deep ravine, a chasm so wide
the other side could not be seen through the fog.
Fallen logs, swift moving streams,
cliffs, boulders and danger blocked my path,
night as dark as ink filling every crevice.
“Lord,” I cried as I pulled my hand from His,
“I cannot bless your name!
This road you have asked me to travel
is more than I can bear.”

I fell into a heap, tears coursing my face.
“I cannot cross this great divide,
the way is too rough,
the pain too much to carry,
the road too hard to travel.
I cannot bless your name,
what reason have I?”

As I wept, a gentle hand tugged mine.
With care He lifted me to my feet
and pulled me into His embrace.
In a soft voice he whispered,
“You don’t have to cross this valley alone.
I will carry you when you cannot walk.”
Only a tiny sigh touched my lips.

Together we started down,
the road ripped deep into the earth,
filled with pain beyond compare.
Many days were spent struggling,
only moving one step forward.
Tears fell freely,
but a gentle hand was there to wipe them away.
Blood spilled from the wounds in my feet,
with tender care he bound them.
But nary a word of blessing
crossed my lips as we climbed,
only cries of grief and anguish.

We pressed on day after day,
crossing that great divide.
Always, as he had promised,
He walked with me,
when I could no longer move,
He carried me, faithfully there.
And finally one day I quietly spoke,
“I bless you Lord,
not yet for the path on which I walk,
but for the hand that holds mine.
For this, I bless you.”

©Shannon Hostetler


7 thoughts on “To Bless Him

  1. Oh, Shannon. This is very beautiful. God bless you for sharing it…I have a feeling it would have been much easier to keep it hidden away in your private journal! I know this story; I have been there, though I never put words to it as you have. With tears in my eyes, I can only say, “He is faithful. Bless His Holy Name.” ((Hugs)) to you!


  2. Thanks for sharing Shannon!! You often write the same things I struggle with but haven’t put down in words. At times its so hard to praise God but then in the end I have to realise “you know God is still good” Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Beautiful words from a journey of pain and grief. I’m sharing it with a friend who is facing the exact same thing your SIL is. Her husband drowned this summer while on a canoe trip with our youth group. 41 years old. The autopsy showed 2 nearly blocked arteries. So much sorrow. So much pain. But Jesus – our friend, the One who carries us. How blessed we are. God bless you as you walk through this dark place. “Sorrow and grief are lulled by thy Light, still bright ‘ore the cradle, and bright ‘ore the grave.”


  4. Beautiful. I too have learned of the Saviours Presence and praise in many circumstances,foremost being the miscarriage of our little girl. How heartbreaking grief can be. God is Immanuel. With us. Every step. Every breath. My heart goes out to you,my prayers are with you.


  5. Hi! A friend told me about your loss and thought I might find someone who understands what I went through! 2 years after suddenly losing my sister in the middle of the night I still can’t bless His name for taking her I can bless him for being with me and comforting me while I grieve! She was the oldest in our family and I was 2nd child. she was 36 and had 5 children. We have now gone through two Christmases without her and they are not easy! Us four siblings that are left feel like our anchor is gone. Her husband remarried a year and a few months later so that brings a whole new set of changes! Please know I am praying for you, Grief hits anytime. I understand your pain!


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s only been 3 months but it feels like 3 years! Your comment about your anchor being gone, same for us. I am the oldest but he was next in line and was our leader. We feel like we are floundering at sea, not sure which direction to swim and no anchor to steady us. Thanks for praying for us, we appreciate it.


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