Simple Things

Simple things in life are the best.
They don’t have to be grand,
it’s the little things that make us smile.

blog 1-28-15 (4)

-a warm chocolate chip cookie
– reading a book
-the smell of fresh cut grass
-good company
-coffee ice cream

It is the sweet simple things in life
which are the real ones after all.
-Laura Ingalls Wilder


-the smell of fresh bread
-a cup of coffee
-a flower
-a clean bathroom
-sparkling eyes

Everyone can do simple things to make a difference,
and every little bit really does count.
-Stella McCartney

Simple Things (8)
-dresses that twirl
-taking a nap
-a smile
– a cold drink
– a text to ask, “How are you?”

Find JOY in the ordinary!

Simple Things (6)

-listening to the rain
– little giggles
– a cool, foggy morning

It’s the small things that make life BIG.

Simple Things (5)
-having your very own rake 🙂
-wading in the creek
-jumping in a leaf pile
-swinging high

Simple Things (2)

-laundry on the line
-fresh clean line dried sheets
-a clean kitchen
– a hug
-a beautiful sunset
-making someone smile
-someone to love

“Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance, and it allows us to appreciate their true value.”
– Rafael E. Pino

Simple Things (4)

-the last of the flowers
-crunchy leaves falling
-having someone believe in me
– letters in the mail
-not having to leave the house for the day

Simple Things (7)

-when children nap
-5 minutes alone
– being a mom
– a whispered encouragement
– a verse from God

Simple Things (1)

-pulling your first tooth
-when Dad comes home from work
– stories of school
-seeing them learn
-watching them play
-little blonde curls

Make time to enjoy the simple things!

Simple Things (3)

-“When I can do the mouse all by myself!”

What are SIMPLE THINGS you enjoy?


3 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. I “Found” you again:) and u have enjoyed reading your blog. I was so surprised when I heard you did Grady & Sheri’s wedding, and then when you said you thought you “saw” me. That’s so funny! I wanted to be there that day, so badly, and meeting you would have been an extra bonus! Hope to stay in touch here ( or when Dec comes and I need birth announcements again:))


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