Titles are Overrated

…meaning I can’t think of a good title this late at night.

There is a niggling in the back of my brain,
words that want to come out.
I start questioning my sanity
if I am mentally (or verbally) writing a post
while I scrub the tub.

Speaking of scrubbing, this house, the poor thing.
Should you stop by you might see quaking and tremors,
such as one might have when going through withdrawal.
The house’s withdrawal in this case is
from dust, spiders, webs and all such things.
The house had become quite comfortable
with the extras hanging around
and felt a bit uncomfortable today when I lit into it.

blog 9-18-15 (4)

Now the main floor may be clean,
but that does not include the upper or lower level.
The lower level is unfit for human eyes,
considering the toy box threw up all of it’s contents
along with everything else that got dropped
in places it didn’t belong the last few weeks.
The upper level. 3 words:

I did not come on here to bore you with cleaning details.
I came to tell you how busy I’ve been.
Oh, you mean you have been too?
Well then, there is no need to compare lists,
we’ll just assume all things are equal on that level.


The kids are all vegging out in the living room at the present,
two big ones watching their thing
and the two littles watching theirs.
A few minutes ago I hear this:
“Hey girls, you guys are just hogging all the internet!
Mine just says loading, loading. (long pause)
FINE THEN! If you are gonna hog all the internet,
I’m just gonna hog all the SOUND!!!!”
I  was beginning to wonder if I was missing the modern day
lingo on how to “hog sound” when it soon
became apparent on how he planned to do that.
Over his roaring volume I heard,
“Hey Dakota! TURN IT DOWN!!!”


Lots of days of this when he is sooo b o r e d.
I’ve banned that word.
If he says it, he gets a job!
One day he came and wiggled around for awhile
and asked if I had finished all my work for the day.
“No, never. Why do you ask?”
“Because I have something I want to tell you,
but I want to know if you have all your jobs done first!”
Ha. Not a chance Mister, I am wiser then you believe me to be!

blog 9-18-15 (3)

On one of those b o r e d days I filled the little pool.
He played for 4 hours.
He would fill plastic bags with water and sit on them.
Free entertainment,
the only bad part of the deal was carrying
the four 5 gallon buckets of hot water he required!

blog 9-18-15 (2)

When he was done in the pool,
there was a feet washing ceremony!


Our summer was extra crazy
and the camper we own was feeling a bit left out.
We remedied that … in the rain!!!

blog 9-18-15 (5)

Not only the rain, but add the cold and we were quite miserable.
A few loaded on the layers of clothing when they got there
and didn’t take them off till they went home.

blog 9-18-15 (1)

It’s a good thing the company was stellar
because some were threatening to go home early!

blog 9-18-15 (6)

We had good food too, that helped.
Contrary to what it seems, I do think of a few things other then food.


blog 9-18-15 (7)
Upon being questioned as to her position, she replied,
“I am doing my home work and it goes into my brain better like this!”

blog 9-18-15 (9)

Maybe Madison needs to try a few of Reagan’s tricks for homework.
She was frustrated with hers this week.
She inherited her mother’s weakness in Math!

blog 9-18-15 (8)

An abnormal position for them.
Usually he has her stuck under the basket
and he’s rolling on the floor laughing.


And here you read this to find the wise words of wisdom
niggling in the back of my brain.
Sorry to disappoint, but
the brain is currently closed for the night.
There were good things floating around earlier,
but that’s all for another day, another time.

An Instagram post from this week.

blog 9-18-15 (10)

This child. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She wakes up early and stays up late. She talks all the time at home, but completely refuses to talk to other people. She has the strong will of a mule, but melts my heart when she gives me a hug and says, “I wuv you.”


2 thoughts on “Titles are Overrated

  1. I just read your intro below and love it. My favorite photo? The little miss gleeful about the boy under the basket. 🙂 I love it that you write random-y posts like this. They are entertaining and hey…You’re Writing! I can’t get motivated lately to do it myself.


  2. Ahhh what a perfect post of randomness. I don’t wanna talk about housecleaning though. Funny kids. Good idea to ban the word bored. I give jobs too when my kids say that. Hilarious how Dakota wondered if all your jobs were done first. Yeah, I wanna hear about that niggling… as soon as your brain is open for business again. 🙂


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