Maryland Mountains

This past weekend was the wedding of
Eric’s cousin, taking place in western Maryland.
If you are not familiar with the layout of the state of MD,
this is the little piece that squeezes in between WV and PA.

It is a beautiful part of the country!
Mountains, hills, rivers and valleys,
caves and caverns, trails for hiking all around.

MD (3)

We lived in MD, high on Backbone Mountain, when we were first married.
We worked for Choice Books and spent our days on the road.
I loved coming home to that area, except. for. the. snow!
They get so much snow up on the mountain in the winter
you wonder if you will live to see spring.

MD (4)
I loved coming back this weekend,
feeling of the mountains around me again,
reminiscing and remembering the good times.
Our kids said we sounded like old people saying,
“Ohhh, remember that? Remember this?”
It just felt like coming home.


MD (10)
Saturday we drove down Blue Ribbon Road,
our old road we traveled so often.
Coming down the road and seeing this farm house
made me start singing,
“Country roads, take me home!”

MD (11)

Paul and Naomi lived across the road from us
and became our family while we lived in MD.
It was wonderful to see them for a little bit again.


We attended the beautiful wedding in the afternoon.
It was good to see friends of days gone by.
I don’t want to say, “Old friends” because what does that make me?

MD (5)

Janell and I went to Bible school together back in the day
and everyone thought we looked so much alike.
She lives in the MD/PA area and when we lived out there,
people would see us together and
would always comment about us looking alike.
Now years later, people at the wedding were still staying the same thing.
Maybe it’s the actions as much as the looks. 🙂


One thing about MD  is the lovely summer weather.
It rarely gets hot, just nice and warm
and cools down again in the evening.
We enjoyed that evening air Saturday night on Jevon’s porch.

MD (6)

Tall tales being told.

MD (7)


MD (8)

Sunday was lunch with some more friends.
This group of people took us under their wing back in the day.
They showed true hospitality and welcomed us right in.
Don’t expect to leave after only a few hours spent with them,
“Just plan to stay all day!” they would say.
Sometimes we would come home from Sunday morning church
at 8 that evening.

MD (9)

We had such good times this weekend it makes me wonder
why we don’t go back to visit more often.

I was quite disappointed to realize
I had forgotten to take a picture of our host and hostess.
It was worth the trip, just to spend time with them.
Lots of good times and late nights laughing, while the kids ran wild.
Let’s do it again.



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