Wild Weeks of Summer

Sometimes summer life gets so crazy,
you just long for those boring days of winter.
Did I just say that?
No, I’m not wishing for winter by any means,
just a little less on my agenda
and a little longer summer.

This summer has just been knock-me-out busy!
I am not one that does well with this kind of life,
so after a few weeks of constantly running,
I am getting snappy, as my family can attest to.
Don’t stop in until I’ve had a few days to recuperate.

Once upon a time, a long time ago,
we manged to hit the beach for a day.
Cousins and friends and all kinds of good fun.

We stick Madison in her happy corner
any time we are home for a bit.
She is now taking donations for a Kitchen Aid.
I don’t know why she thinks she wants one,
we have a perfectly good Bosch.

Life takes unfair and unexpected twists sometimes
and we got the call one evening that Eric’s uncle had passed away.
Since we were heading West for this,
we made a pit stop at Mom’s to drop off the kids and help with corn day.
There were 3! Yes 3! trucks beds full of corn.
We thought we would never get done.
500 some bags later we finally did.

8-4 (3)
On the way home from MO, in the blazing heat,
something quit on the truck.
Thank you Jesus for Auto Zone and brothers that stop to help!

The day we arrived home,
our future brother-in-law’s Dad passed away.
One’s family should never be left to grieve alone,
so we made plans to head south.
We had a few days at home between trips to smash some things in.
8-4 (4)

Such as, tormenting small sisters.

Hitting the library.

A Dr visit for some out of control poison ivy!

The south gave us a warm welcome indeed
after many hours of sitting.

8-4 (5)
We may or may not have made more than one a pit stop here
in the 42 hours we were gone.

8-4 (6)
And these guys solved the worlds problems
while we drove and stopped and drove and waited,
stopped, drove, stopped and drove.
Suffice to say, until all the traffic jams were conquered on the way home,
the “two round fleshy parts that form the lower rear area of a human trunk”
were quite numb!

Thankfully Grandma was stopping in for the night
and rounded up the tribe before we got home.
8-4 (7)
Of course she brings things like chocolate cupcakes for kids.

8-4 (8)
She says it was quite good.
I will let her be the judge of that.

8-4 (9)
Mom also brought gorgeous flowers from the wedding they attended.
They were begging to be photographed.

8-4 (10)
Little One came by for a sniff test.
She said, “Deese smell nummy!”

8-4 (11)

So what do her hair remind you of? πŸ™‚
This morning the horns would have been quite appropriate.

8-4 (12)
Late at night, she ate popcorn to put off bedtime.
Of course the entire bag got dumped and I made her sweep it up.
That turned out to be quite a lot of fun she thought,
much more fun than sleeping.

Quote of the day:

“Oh my word, Mom, look!
A Mommy ice cube is gonna pop out a baby ice cube!”


2 thoughts on “Wild Weeks of Summer

  1. You make hectic sound fun, but I feel the tiredness with you. Kind of the same here. I hope August is quiet, but who am I kidding?

    Love the quote of the day. πŸ™‚
    Hope you can relax and breeeeaathe today.


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