In the Whirlwind of Life


Sometimes life feels like a merry-go-round,
the wheel spins and away we go,
whirling around with no way to stop, no way to get off.
We’re along for the ride whether we want to or not.

Scenery flies past our eyes, too many things happening,
swirling together, moving too swiftly.
We hold on tightly, fighting to stay in the game,
but swiftly losing ground.
And then, at what feels like our last second,
we look up.

We look up because up is seemingly
the only thing not spinning in our world.

And when we look,
we see a hand reaching down for ours,
to hold strong, to steady our world,
to calm the storm spinning out of control.
We reach and grasp that hand, clinging tightly.

He grips our outstretched hand and peace returns.
Though the world spins on around us,
a calm reigns,
knowing with our hand tucked in his,
come what may,
He is our steady rock, holding us strong.

Roses 2

Tonight, especially to those fighting the whirlwind of grief,
may Jesus be your strong tower!


5 thoughts on “In the Whirlwind of Life

  1. Life is so like that way too often, a spin that leaves us panicking. Without that strong arm to steady us, we would be hopelessly dizzy.
    Sorry about your uncle…when I think of the good times with their family, it doesn’t make sense. But God understands, our spinning, our questioning, our sadness. And when we reach up, He steadies our world.

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  2. Thanks, this says ‘it’ very well; and its encouraging! What would life be like without our Father?
    I thought the last picture looked like the mound over a casket- oh, my! So, it was your uncle? My sympathies to you and the family.

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  3. I haven’t just lost a dear uncle, but I have gone through things where I was along for the ride whether I wanted to be or not. And where looking up seemed to be the only thing that wasn’t spinning. Love this post. Thanks for the breath of fresh air. You’re such a good writer.

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