Ez & Edith and girls

Early this Spring, I received a message on Facebook.
“Would you consider doing a special kind of photo shoot?”
After hearing the details, there was no way I could turn it down.

A young family,
two beautiful little girls,
a sweet young Mama
and a Daddy fighting cancer.

ET (4)
After spending an evening with them,
I haven’t been able to get them off my mind.

ET (30)

ET (34)

ET (36)

ET (199)

ET (121)

ET (150)

ET (153)

ET (193)

ET (231)

ET (9)

ET (168)

ET (41)

ET (14)

ET (96)

ET (111)
Just watching them, you know they are making every moment count.
I was playing with the girls and taking some photos of them,
I looked over and saw this!

ET (61)

ET (133)

ET (92)

ET (47)

ET (211)

ET (157)

ET (163)

Whisper a prayer for them.
He’s been in and out of the hospital lately,
and life feels tough, I’m sure.


6 thoughts on “Ez & Edith and girls

  1. Oh dear Jesus , be close to this family. Comfort and give them strength. Help us to learn from their example to make every moment count.
    Bless them and surround them with Your love. Amen.

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    • Shannon, these lovely photos were displayed everywhere at his funeral over the weekend. Thank you so much for doing this for them! They will be a priceless memory for them.


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