$2 Water

Once upon a time,
a girl set up shop outside the back door.
She carried out her chairs, a board
and many, many other things.
She made her signs, taped them with care,
and then sat down to wait on customers.

R drinks (1)
Along came the first customer.
He needed a drink of fresh cold water,
“How much for a cup?” he asked.
“That will be $2.” said she.
“But I don’t have $2.” he countered.
She was quite firm on her price,
“You have a wallet don’t you?
I know you have more than $2 in there.”
“But I don’t want to spend my real money for water!”
“Well, then you don’t get any because I only take real money. I need $2!”

R drinks (2)
It was sometime during this exchange
that their mother came upon the scene
and overheard this conversation.
She had a little chat with the seller of water
and convinced her that payment of leaves would work just as well.
A bit disgruntled, she agreed to sell for leaves,
but they must be big ones!

R drinks (3)
And so it was that they brought their “money”
and gave to the seller in exchange for a drink.

R drinks (5)
These sips of water were ever so much tastier
than water which ones does not need to pay for.

R drinks (4)
Checking the size of the money to insure proper payment.
One can never be too careful,
siblings are known to take advantage of you.

R drinks (6)
The buying and selling continued peacefully for a time
and many, many sips of water were consumed.

R drinks (7)
While accumulating more money I heard,
“Mother, you’ve always said money does not grow on trees.
I have just proved you wrong!”

R drinks (8)
The seller of water soon grew weary of her limited selection
and begin to add to her market stand.
You will now find a wide variety of items for sale
just outside the back door,
all for only a few big leaves.


3 thoughts on “$2 Water

    • Love reading your blog!!! This ” seller of water” reminds me of my one daughter!!! Its encouraging to me the way you “handle” the everyday situations that arise!!


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